Thursday, December 31, 2009


Now the problem with living in New England is it requires you to not so much like snow but to at least come to a mutual understanding with it.It will snow and we just have to bear with it until spring arrives.
Today is December the 31st and New Years is just around the corner,so close you can almost touch it.The snow has been falling since this morning and although the accumulation at present is not allot,in my mind even a little snow is to much.
This morning started out with me heading to work to pick up my check and file a paper required by my employer,the federal and state government,on my knowledge of medicare and medicaid fraud.I had to watch a movie on line then vow I truly did watch it,so help me God. Now there's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Then it was off to pick up a prescription and to the grocery store to buy food for a party at work tomorrow. Now what fool thought up this silliness of a party? Oh yeah me...
Next on my travels I went to the gas station and off to the bank,slipping and sliding now and then on the slick roads.
Happiness came to me when I stopped in Dudley at the local Honey Dew Donuts shop and got some hot coffee and roll,oh yes there is a God and he is good....
My drive home was uneventful and when I got to my yard I decided to park near the driveway and shovel before the snow gets to deep.Now As I was walking into the driveway,kapow on the ground I found myself,caused by some ice which I forgot about that had not melted in over a week,due to the exceptionally cold days we have been having,welcome to a taste of Alaska.
Can you point me in the direction of say Florida,please?
After Righting myself and realizing no one saw me take my digger I grabbed a shovel and moved the very light,powdery white stuff to the grassy areas and yes there is grass down there somewhere,I remember mowing it two months ago.
Finishing my snowy project it was into the house for a pair of scissors to open a new bag of bird food.Much to the delight of those feathery creatures I filled both their feeders.
Next I started a load of laundry then began to pack a bag for my husband who will be going with his sister and brother to Pennsylvania for his cousins funeral on Saturday.An eight hour drive is ahead of them and I do not envy them their trek.
It seems my life is always super busy.So much to do and so little time but I think while I'm doing dishes I will open the curtains and watch the birds as they pick at the feeder and realize just how lucky I am to have so much to do.there are many people out there who wish they could fill their lives with much but instead are sad and lonely.
So let it snow,let the birds eat and sing and let life go on.
This year I am happy that I am surrounded by dear friends whom we will spend time with this evening.First its off to service,then drinks and later some food.So many things and people to see and so fortunate am I to have each and every one in my life
Happy and safe New Year to all...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what is love?

What is love? many people now days think love is only worth wild when it is convenient.
They feel love is a 50-50,give and take kind of thing and its all about how much do you please me and how much will you do for me.
Any one who has been in either a marriage or committed relationship understands that love is nothing like the above.
Love is selfless it requires patience when your tired,forgiveness when your angry,and kindness when your not in the mood to be nice.
My mother used to tell me a story when she and my father where on their honeymoon they met an older man who told them "Never go to bed angry,try to work out you differences or agree to disagree,you don't always have to be right and watch what you say to each other because you can never fully take back what you say in anger that has wounded another person."
We live in a very self centered world,its all about my pleasures.Vows and promises seem to mean nothing any more.It's me and my happiness and it doesn't matter who gets thrown under the bus,even innocent children.With this attitude its no wonder people like Tiger Woods don't feel a whole lot of remorse when thy cheat on those they profess to love
Love requires faith,the two just seem to go hand in hand.Each day I have faith that my spouse loves me and in return I love him.
Faith makes it possible to see the good for the bad,the bigger picture for the confusion of day to day life and the hope for the future we two have together.
Love also requires work,daily affirmations and most important prayer for the strength needed when the worlds temptations arrive.
We need to stop each day and see just how important the person standing next to us truly is.Why we made the choice to be with this person and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.
No one person is perfect and no one person can ever hope to meet all our needs.
Newness is nice but the fire felt from and an old flame can be more warming and inviting then that felt from a spark which comes and goes then burns out to nothingness.

Friday, December 18, 2009

What Is Christmas ?

It seems every year I always deal with issues at Christmas.This year was the loss of a friend Michelle Merrier.She was 35 years old married for 13 years and had a ten year old daughter.
Last Saturday she passed away from her two year battle with pancreatic cancer.
Michelle was one of the happiest people I know.Always laughing always happy,even when upset and forever caring of others.
It was not an unexpected loss but not an easy one either no one at 35 should die.
When my sister and I were in her car driving to the wake,Tuesday night,she said "you know I real hate Christmas this year."
"We have lost so many relatives and friends in the past 5 years I don't see any real need for this holiday and now with Michelle's' death it seems even darker to me."
I told her "Christmas is suppose to be to embrace and love those around you who are still here and yes things change but you have to be able to change with them."
I,on the other hand have always loved Christmas and still do.I enjoy the decorations and the music and everything.
Last night we had our community meal.Fr.Peter put up the tree,played music and everything seemed right.
We had color books and crayons for the kids,Gingerbread men at every table,macaroni and cheese for the meal.People talked and had a good time,some one celebrated a birthday and we raffled off 3 gift cards to some happy recipients.
When I get sad during the holidays I always think of a song from the movie "Scrooge The Musical" its goes "Happiness is whatever you want it to be."
God gave us his only son Jesus Christ he was his Christmas gift to us and in return we need to be the Christmas gift to others.
You are what the good news is all about.You and I are asked by God to give to our neighbors, brothers and sisters even just a smile something to make people feel they are not alone in this world.
There is a story about "a giving jar" and you and your family can do it.At the beginning of each new year take a jar and every one in the family throws their change in it.On Christmas eve you take the jar and put it on a needy persons door step.
You can ring the door bell and hide if you want to see the reaction of the recipient or you can discretely walk away and let them find it in the morning.
This is Christmas its not how much we get its what we give.
Life is not fair but we are here as Christians to love our brothers because in them is Jesus and as St.Theresa said "We are Jesus hands and feet,he is not walking the earth but we are."

Turkey Shopping

I had today off and decided it was time to get our Christmas Turkey.Now this,to most people,would seem like a simple and easy thing to do,after all I was going grocery shopping anyways and there is still 7 more days til Christmas.
Now I have certain turkey priorities that need to be met in order to pick just the right fowl.
First I wanted something frozen,since I'm working this week end,I don't want my bird sitting in the fridge for one whole week until Christmas day.
Now having a standard rather small freezer full of stuff the decision had to be made if there was room enough in it or if Vic,my husband, needed to go to one of his empty apartments to start a freezer up to hold this bird over til Monday when it would make its visit back to us to start the defrosting process in our refrigerator.
So much needed freezer measurements were taken and it seems it will be staying at our house from start to finish.
Second it must be organic with no processed broth in it only pure and natural will do.Ever since my mother died from colon cancer I buy only organic meat with no hormones or anti biotic.I know,I know but it makes me feel proactive,even if it were to make little or no difference at all to my future cancer prospects.
Third it must be a certain weight.Since we like our turkey done by rotisserie it can be no heavier then 16 pounds in order to turn effectively and not be off balance.
With all this in mind I started my journey in Putnam Price Choppers and was overjoyed to find the brand I wanted, but not the size.
So with a heavy heart it was off to Park and Shop in Dudley,Mass.there I found the right size but wrong brand and it wasn't frozen.
At this point I began to think ham might be our Christmas fare but my poor darling, Vic would be greatly disappointed at this change in menu and we can't have that on Christmas day,now can we?
Next to Webster,Mass.I went to end up at Shaw's,which has all sorts of organic things.Maybe,I hoped,my prized poultry would be found.
After searching the store for what seemed much longer then the 10 minutes it really was,low and behold an organic turkey.It was the right weight,the right size,frozen like a rock and all natural. "hip hip hurray another prayer answered!"
As I put my new 14 pound friend into the shopping cart and looked down lovely I began to laugh.Stamped on the front of its wrapper were the words "kosher."
I thought to myself "Does something about a Kosher Turkey being served at Christmas Dinner by an Orthodox family to their Catholic relatives seem appropriate to you?" I'm not so sure this is what the Rabi who pronounced it "Kosher" truly had in mind.
Oh well welcome to America the melting pot or should I say Turkey pan of the world.
....Shalom you all...or.... Merry Christmas...Which ever you prefer...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Men

Several days ago I decided to make gingerbread men,something I have never done.But Thursday is our community meal and I though how fun it would be to have a gingerbread man for everyone at their place setting.
Now just because I have never done something before does not mean I won't try it at least once.
My first 12 men came out pretty well and by the next dozen I thought I had it down,except I ended up burning their little bottoms,"ouch".So in the garbage can they went.
After I finished my first batch,mended some with a little emergency surgery with icing, then decorated them,I was pretty proud of my self,first for not giving up in tears then for how cute they looked. I then decided to move on to the next batch,which at present is sitting in the fridge until I can start in on cooking those little brown spicy men tonight.
Why it seems so important for me to do this is because the world is a hard place and if I can bring a little comfort and smile to someones face at Christmas it makes it all worth the frustration.
Besides by the time I get the next two batches done I should be an old pro at it and can honestly say I may never do this again,at least not this year.
You know never say never because you doom yourself to repeating past mistakes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well here I am all fired up after reading,and agreeing with,Fr.Peter-Michael Preble blog entitled "Morality and Tiger Woods.
What was it about? "Adultery".
This subject just makes me angry.Most people now days supposedly marry out of love,not arrangement or mail order.but because they want to.
I have never been able to tolerate people who cheat,not only once but multiple times,Sort of serial adulterers.
Why do people feel the need to be married if they know in their personal nature they like to be with multiple partners.For some reason we now live in a country that feels to be married and cheat is no big deal.In my mind it is.
When you cheat on someone you make them a fool and you embarrass your children.Just because you feel no one knows,your wrong.
Understand that the way you treat your spouse and family says volumes about you has a person.
When someone marries they vow to love,honor and cherish the person they are with.Your suppose to be there for the good and the bad times.not just the fun parts.
Everyone makes mistakes and if your in a marriage that's a mistake then get help or get out.There is no reason to cheat on your spouse.
We in this country never want to use the word Adultery we like to say having an affair or cheating but you know it is what it is so call it by name "Adultery".
Before my husband and I were married we lived together,we were committed and monogamous to each other.I had several friends who not only thought,but told me to my face that our living together was sinful.Yet these same women had no problem openly cheating on their husbands.
Every one has to lead their own life but when your life infects another person then its time to rethink your situation and make some unselfish decisions about your future.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decotations

Christmas is once again upon us and with it comes the shopping and decorating.
Friday I started by putting up my wreath in the kitchen window and am hoping to get my entertainment center cleaned off and my manger put up.
I enjoy my manger as much as my Christmas Tree and love to set my white light around it then turn the parlor lights off and just look at it.
This has got to be one of the more peaceful things I do and it makes Christmas seem all the more lovely and precious.
Has I have gotten older Christmas now takes on a much different meaning.No longer are there small children around and fewer gifts are given.So the emphasis is more on the food and social aspects,not on toys and gifts.
We take the time to enjoy each others company and tell stories of the year that is almost over.
When I was a Catholic Mid Night Mass was always a favorite.I waited for my favorite song "Oh Holy Night" to be sung.The church just echoed with the words reverberating off the walls and ceiling and made me feel that falling on my knees for Christ was an honor not a burden.
It's important to remember why we celebrate this Holiday,it is about the birth of Christ in a stable here to make us whole with our father,God.
Every year there is always some town or store who feels the words "Merry Christmas" are offensive.But to me not saying and acknowledging Christmas to others is equally offensive.
For many people this is one of the only times through out the year that they step into a church or have good and caring feelings about their fellow men.
We need to get passed the nay Sayer,they are few and far between and get back to the reason we celebrate this Holiday.It is for that small child born in a manger who came to save us and unit us to God.
How can you be angry when this small baby is in your midst and is has real today has he was over 2,000 years ago.
So don't be afraid to say Merry Christmas to all...And mean it...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Moses The Law Giver

For several weeks now I have been reading the Old Testament.
At present I am up to Moses and how he went up to Mt.Sinai to received the Ten Commandments.
Moses was kind of our first judge and legal system.Seems he is always dealing with laws whether God is handing him commandments or his followers are expecting him to settle their daily disputes.
One day while Moses was near Mt.Sinai his father in law,Jethro,came by to bring him his wife and children,whom he had not seen since he left for Egypt to free the chosen people.
While his father in law was visiting he noticed Moses daily had to deal with long lines of people,settling their deputes and handing down judgements.
Being observant,Jethro pointed out that Moses was wasting allot of his time by being the only person able to settle issues.He pointed out Moses needed to share the load, By setting up several just men who could take over groups of peoples problems allowing them to settle small issues then Moses could deal with the really big problems.
Jethro pointed out that 1 just man could deal with 50 people,1 could deal with 100,1 with 500 people and so on,Kind of like a court of appeals.
Moses wrote all sorts of rules to help his people understand how to run their communities and be fair with each other.
Today we struggle with capital punishment,should we kill some one who takes anothers life? In Moses time he said if you accidentally killed someone you were punished and had to make amends to your victims family but if you premeditated and murdered your neighbor you were stoned to death.Even your animals could be stoned.Seems like they had issues with rocks back then.
So the next time you pass a court house remember who the original judge was,After God of course,and how our Judaical system started out.
Tough job Moses had,pretty stressful from day one.I'll bet there where days he wished he stayed off the mountain and away from the burning bush.Being a sheep herder isn't such a bad job...At least its quiet...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today was mammogram day for me, which I must admit is the one test I wish I could do with out.
There has been so much controversy lately.Do I have one? How often do I need one? and What if they find something,is my life over?
Up until this year the standard was once a year whether you needed it or not.Now they say every several years up to a certan age then every year after that unless you have a history of breast cancer.It's all so confusing isn't it.
Some times being a patient means being a good consumer.If you and your doctor agree that once a year is right for you,then go with that,even if you have to pay for it yourself.Better safe then sorry.
I know every time I have it done fear of cancer always grips me.What do I do if they say I have it? what if they miss it? how do I tell my family? what are the steps I need to do next?
I had mine done at Hubbard Regional Hospital,which is just down the road from where I work and has such I know allot of people who work there.Doctors,Nurse Practitioners,Secretaries and Aides.
Today on my way up to the test site I ran into my sisters' husband,Bill, and a secretary that was an Aid with me many years ago.
When I had my test done they decided to do a Sonar Gram related to several cyst I have had for many years.I felt somewhat confident because the person reading the xrays and Sonar Grams was a doctor from Beth Israel. His A-OK put me at ease.
But before we got all the way to the "your ok" part we had to straighten out some in correct paper work which went something like this... No I do not have a history of breast cancer,as your paper says and no Thats not the side with the cyst its the other side...of course I'm sure...they belong to me and I'm very aware of what is where...
Things like this misinformation have given me the feeling of I know why I hate doing these things.Its not the test, well yes it is, its also the mistakes.imagine if I were not so up on my history I would have been even more scared then I was..
Anyways one more year down and maybe they won't call me with something they've missed.I understand why people hate having these things done.the misinformation could scare you to death...But then so can the cancer...

Tiger Woods

When does privacy become public and what does the public have a right to know?
For the past week it seems like all I hear on the news is Tiger Woods.Not because of his golfing ability but because of a minor car accident and possible family fight.
I don't know about you but I feel like there is certain things that are really none of my affairs.
The media is a buzz about his hitting a fire hydrant and tree while speeding out of his driveway.Could it be marital problems? Did his wife smash his car window before or after the accident? Does he have a girlfriend on the side?
I just feel like it is really none of my business.The man has a right to settle his alleged family quarrels with his family.
Marriage can bring out the best and the worst in people and has such we all do and say stupid things in anger.
Who has not gotten into a argument with a spouse and drove out of the yard in anger? I know I have.Sometimes its important to just get away and clear your brain.Better to leave then say or do something bad out of frustration.
We tend to spend to much time worrying about how good or bad famous people are rather then understanding that they are people and need space,We don't need to know everything about every body.
I hope if this was an argument they can work it out together.The whole world doesn't need to play fortuneteller.
We need to all get a life and deal with our own issues.We are not perfect and neither our our marriages.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Plowing Through The Old Testament

For years now I have had a desire to find a good version of the Old Testament.
Several weeks ago my husband bought me an Orthodox Christian Study Bible,for an early birthday gift.
Each night I try to spend about 15 to 30 minutes reading this book.
After 75 pages I have learned about creationism,envy,anger,murder,likening one self to God,polygamy,slavery,circumcision,brotherly loath,destruction and incest.(Now I know where the 10 commandments come from,I think those people broke them all at least once.)
I also learned that Moses is the author of both Genesis and Exodus.Funny I never really thought about who wrote these books before.
I have read through the New Testament at least 6 times and it all seemed understandable and familiar to me,I have read allot about the Roman Empire,but this is different and alien.
In the past year, for whatever reason,I have suddenly connected the fact that in order to understand the New Testament fully,its important to understand the old.A connection has been made in my mind that we are one.Its like our family tree,we can live a good life understanding our parents and grandparents but its kind of nice to find out where we started and why we are who we are,how we got to this point,so to speak.
Fr.Peter tells us "we are reformed Jews".I guess we complete the full circle.
So day by day I plow along and I must say once I got to Joseph I decided that reading the genealogy of each family,at this point,is a waste of my time,it just overwhelms me trying to remember who is whose child and to top it all off God likes to give people new names.
My plan,for now,is I will just read through The Old Testament,then I will start over and try to get it some what straightened out.
I now understand why Jewish Scholars spend a life time reading and rereading these stories it is certainly challenging.Not being a quitter I plan to just keep reading until I finish.Hopefully in the end I will learn something and it will help me connect better to the New Testament.....we'll see....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Clean Day

Today is clean day,or at least try to clean day.
Since I had to work yesterday I spent most of Wednesday making supper for Thursday.
My husband and son where in charge of getting the turkey cooked on Thursday for my arrival.
When I got home it was take everything out of the fridge and heat it up for supper.Vic and Bobby did a great job on the turkey,has a matter of fact I could smell it when I got home,even before I opened the door.
We latter went to Vic brother Bills' house where we had desert with he and Mary.
Today when I awoke a pile of dishes sat in the kitchen sink so I put on some upbeat rock and roll music and got to them.Its hard sit still while listening to the doors.
Slowly I will start to take down and put away what few Thanksgiving decorations I have laying around.I have come to the conclusion I have way to much stuff and it is time to purge.What better time to do this then when most of the dishes are out of the cupboard.
The things I no longer want are headed to Danielson,Ct.The Salvation Army store.This way I can clean house,help a non profit make money and give some one something they can admire for a low price.Its kind of a win win situation.
So I hope every one found at least one thing to be Thankful for,I have many.
Today I read that even things that do not work out right for us are experiences to be thankful for because it allowed us to learn and grow.Kind of an optimistic way of looking at things and I'm all for optimism.There are way to many cranky people in this world.Happy is good.So is Grateful and Thankful.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Pure Evil

Several weeks ago Ft.Hood was attacked by a crazed gunman spewing the words of Allah.
What would make any person pick up a gun and shoot innocent people for an ideal?
Saturday night while watching Mike Huckabee he had a woman on whose daughter was a reporter for the Little Rock local news station.
Because of her daughters new work hours she asked her mother to call at 5am to make sure she was up.
When the mother called no one answered after several more attempts she drove to the daughters house and found the back door opened.When she entered the daughters bedroom she found her on the bed bleeding from the neck unable to speak.
The mother called 911 to get help and went back to sit with her dying daughter.
The rescue team came into the room,the mother,who felt helpless decided to pray,as she tilted her head up she saw blood splatter all over the ceiling.
She said at that moment I thought to my self "This is pure evil".
Her 26 year old daughter died as a result of her blood loss and injuries,caused from her desperate attempt to fight off her attacker.
The mother said has she was going through her daughters computer she found bible verses every where.Her daughter was truly a good christian who shined out Gods' peace and love and because of this everyone wanted to be near her.
This mother was right maybe we face good and evil all the time.The better a person is the closer evil tries to come near them eventually trying to destroy them.
I think evil is like a drug.The more you use it the bigger the thrill and excitement is but also the bigger the guilt that follows.
Drug addicts start out liking the drug then for the rest of their lives they try to chase the dragon to get that same first thrill.The deeper an addict gets the more the thrill turns into an agony.Never able to recapture that first innocent high.It just becomes a need not an excitement.
Evil is probably the same way.You no longer need the high you need the fix.
Nothing you do can be bad enough until you take some one out with you.
The Our Father prayer,which is pretty universal to most christian religions, has a line that says "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one."
Most people do not understand the difference between God and the devil.
God loves us, he cares about us and strives to help us.He is ever reaching out to us and ever forgiving us ever calling us to him for our own good.
The Evil one,has we Orthodox Christians call him,has no real personal attachment with us nor does he desire one.His aim is only to steal us away from God.He is not there to help make things better for us nor does he even know us but he does know God and he does have a personal grudge against him.So we become his pawn in what he sees as an ultimate game of domination.
Evil is always all around us and is used to try to pull us away from God.No matter how long you have or have not been a Christian you are always up for grabs.
I tend to think the Evil One knows our weaknesses and tries to play on them.If were religious he tries to turn things making us feel we need to be zealots for the cause.
Some one like the shooter at Ft. Hood or the man who killed Dr.tiller the abortion doctor in his church lobby have this mind set.They become so deluded they miss the point of what being a Christian or Muslim is all about.
Fr.Peter once told me if you feel guilt,anger,or any thing but peace and love it is probably not from God but from the other guy.
There is a reason why in the Our Father prayer we ask God to lead not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
This is a lesson we need to learn if we leave it to our selves we lose our path.We always need Gods' presence to remind us when where veering toward the gutter.We are never with out temptations and we always need a firm,loving and guiding hand to keep us on the right path.

Friday, November 20, 2009

zoo channel

While listening to the news tonight,they showed a hospital in the Midwest,Sioux falls, who has combined with their local zoo to make the zoo channel.The idea is they have some closed circuit pictures taken at the zoos animal pens and baby enclosures and they air it to the children's hospital wards for the kids to watch while they are in their room or having procedures done.
The kids just love them.What a wonderful idea.Who ever though of this idea should be patted on the back.
There are lots of great people out there with great ideas.Some times thinking out of the box pays off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Care Givers Responsiblity

Friday while at my doctors' office,having my yearly physical,he and I got to talking about our responsibility has health care workers among the sick,even those who may have a disease that can be spread thus putting our own safety at risk.
My doctor talked to me about being an intern in New York City in the 80's and how he was put in the position of treating those with aids.He told me the older doctors did not want to go into their own patients rooms so they sent the interns in instead.
Although I do not deal with many people with contagious diseases I have worked with a gentleman with aids.
At first I was very nervous working with this gentleman but once I got to know him I realized that as long as I took the needed precautions I could still enjoy being with this man.Seeing him has a worth wild,highly intelligent man who still had allot to offer to the world around him.
We as health care workers have to come to a point in our career of why we got into this field.
Most of us have taken vows to do no harm and be their for the needs of others.Can we honestly turn our backs on people who may in turn make us sick or put our lives in jeopardy?
Many doctors and nurses through out history have put themselves in harms way to do something for those who are sick or dying.Our own fears have to take second place.We can not deny the gift God has given to us to help comfort and possible heal others.
We all face this fear but this fear can not hold us back.Yes we need to take precautions but we also need to understand why we are in the field we have chosen. If we fear being among the sick then how can we be effective at our craft?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who Is My Brother

Monday was a very busy day at work and when I left at 4:30pm I could hardly wait to get home,sit down,eat and have a cup of tea.Unfortunately it occurred to me that I needed to stop at Rite Aid in Dudley for something that could not wait until the next day.
Reluctantly I turned my car around and headed for the Drug Store.The lot was very crowded and I dragged myself out of the car.As I walked to the front door a very sad man standing by a garbage can said "please can you give me some spare change?" to which I shot back an angry glance of annoyance.He answered with "thank you anyways and Merry Christmas to you".
As I preceded into the store everything that had just happened replayed in my mind.
The worse part was that I looked into his eyes and saw sadness,almost tears.
I could not believe I had treated this poor man so badly and being tired and cranky was not an excuse.
When I found what I was looking for I went to the register,paid for my item and decided on my way out to give the man $5.00.But alas he was gone.
I checked around the store grounds and up and down the street but he was no where to be found.
On my drive drive home I thought about the Gospel reading form Sunday it was the story of the good Samaritan,which I definitely felt I had not been.
I began to think about this poor mans' near weeping eyes.His clothes neat and clean
and his reluctance to ask me for money.He spoke almost in a whisper.
I tried to put myself in his place and thought what must it be like to have to beg someone for food or money and how easy it is to be on the side that gets to say no and make judgements about whether or not you are a bum,alcoholic or drug user.
How much power a small amount of coins was too hold over another human beings despair.
Most people do not choose to be poor just as most do not choose to be out of work.I am lucky I have a job and we have a house and food.My child has never gone for want.
We live in one of the richest nations on earth and yet still some go with out the basics,be it for lack of desire or lack of luck.
This economy is bad and no matter how Rosy the government tries to make it sound we are going to see more and more people asking for change.
This has taught me that when some one is in need it is our place to help.
Today my friend told me she once had a priest say to her "it is not our place to judge why someone is asking for our help it is our place as Christians to help them.What they do with what we have given them is for them to worry about not for us."
So this holiday season take the time to help another who is in need even if it only cost you some pocket change.
My resolution is to try to give and not to judge and maybe next time some one ask for help I will not have to think about it but will just do it.
In the end I can not help but believe God knocked on my door and I turned away his call for help.How sad.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is veterans day.A day to give thanks to every soldier,sailor,marine,airman(and women) and all those who served in any branch of the military.
Being a veteran is something to be proud of.These are the men and women who gave up there daily pursuits to give 3 or more years to the service to keep the rest of us safe.
No words of gratitude can ever repay those brave people who thought more of this country then most people do.
They have met the challenge,stood up to the enemy and never backed down even to the last breath.
People may say this country is a war monger but most of our critics live in countries that we helped attain and keep their freedom.These people do not understand that when we go to war it is not for our own personal gain but for the good of the oppressed.
We may not be perfect but our military is brave and will give it all in times of trouble.
So thank a vet when you see one because if it where not for our militery we would still be part of England or maybe part of germany.Makes you think doesn't it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day For A Walk

Today seemed like one of those beautiful days to take a walk.Now living in New England and it being November you must embrace the good days because soon they will be few and far between.
I started from my house walked down to St.Joseph Church then decided to walk through the cemetery.Has I was strolling I noticed a large flat bed truck with a gold cement vault on it.Ropes and straps being tied into place in order to help the crane arm attached to the truck ,lift and place it firmly on the ground near the hole to be someones resting place.
I thought to myself how final this all is,steering into a 6 foot black hole with a cement vault waiting for its future occupant.Life on life off.
As all these things raced through my mind I looked up to realize that I was standing in front of the statue of Christ on the cross with the women and angles around him weeping.
Walking closer to where the vault was being readied,I heard a rooster crow several times and thought of St.Peter and how when Jesus was arrested he denied him three times,then the cock crowed as an omen.
Thinking how sad and final this whole scene being played out in front of me was.The words of St.Paul came to mind "if not for the resurrection what would it matter to us how we lived our lives if all there is for us is eternal death."
You know this all became so clear to me the cross,the death and the third day resurrection,all in front of me.
It always amazes me how people can not believe in a God.How sad it must be to know that once you are dead there is no more.Its no wonder so many people are so concerned about being remembered after they are gone.They need to have their names placed on everything so the world knows they were here and a legacy can be erected for them.
In my mind its not who remembers us its about the good we do for others.We are on this earth a short time,just ask the 13 who were killed last week at Ft. Hood and as such need to realize its not all about us.Its all about the greater good we have done,its God's glory not ours.
We are God's legacy not our own.

Monday, November 9, 2009

East/West--Tear Down This Wall

"President Gorbachev,Tear Down This Wall!"
Do you remember Ronald Reagan saying these words? I do.
I am part of the baby boomer generation,although not the first part but more to the middle,I was born in 1957,but lets keep that part to ourselves,anyways I can remember quite clearly the divide between East and West Germany.
How truly sad it was growing up has a young girl watching the news on t.v and seeing people trying to cross the barbed wire fences,some making it over to freedom,many being machine gunned and dragged away.
When I was in grammar school the map of the world,which hung on the wall,Had all its continents colored in red or blue.Red for the communist nations and blue for the free nations.We always feared the "Reds" invading us and as such needed to be very strong Americans,We did not want to end up like Germany with a wall.
My father and uncles all fought in WW2, most in Japan but some in Germany and France.
All this trouble because of a leader named Adolf Hitler who wanted to dominate the world.When the war ended the Russian army drove their tanks and marched their soldiers into Germany then slowly closed the East from the West.One side free and one side imprisoned like criminals.
The sadness of people trying to escape to be free.It was terrible times in Europe many countries being made communist and others trying to get by as best they could after ww2 had devastated their homes and killed off many of their friends and relatives.
One of the happiest days of my life was watching the German wall be torn down and relatives being able to see family they had not seen for to many years.
This is probably when the after effects of the war finally settled down and democracy became reality for everyone,being free is always much better then being under someones' thumb.
Today many of the people in our new Presidents government,his so called Czars,talk about how they feel people like Chairman Mao,Castro and Stalin were such great reformers,well all I can tell you is these dictators ideals on reform benefited only themselves and not their citizens.Many Innocent,hard working people were left to speak in whispers to remain free in their hearts and minds but not in their day to day lives.
Walls are never a good idea, especially when it means some people have rights and others do not.When families are torn apart from each other and religious rights are all but gone,when just speaking the name of God can have you imprisoned or worse yet killed.This is not right,this is not free.
Thank you Ronald Reagan for having the courage to stand up and order that Germany tear down its wall.We as people are entitled to be free.All men and women,rich and poor,young and old.No leader has the right to make us second class citizens or enslave us at their whim.
We are free people and the rest of the world deserves these same God given rights.Freedom comes from God,but enslavement comes from man.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun Day

Today my friend Laura and I went to Dayville, check out a new Michael's craft store.
Both of us excited about buying things on sale for our Community Thanksgiving Dinner and up coming Adult Christmas party .
Laura and I seem to have a good time doing most things together,although we are very different we are also very much alike.We are the two most driven people you can imagine when it comes to a project,especially for our church.
We have very similar back grounds both ex catholics,both have a French Canadian backgrounds,like values and a need to keep busy.
Its nice to have someone with whom to share our life experiences,marriages and children stories.
Last night during bible study we talked about love,its importance and how God expects us to love one another.
We belong to a church that most people,including our priest,care about each other and try to go out of our way to do for each other.I don't really know anyone in our church who would not give to someone in need.Trying to like each other is the key to running a church,not that we don't have our challenges from time to time.
Fr.Peter always says that the trouble with the English language is that we only have one word for love and we use the word to often for things its not intended for so it diminishes the value of the word.
In the Greek language their are many different words for love.
When we talk about loving one another we do not mean Eros we mean friendship and brotherly love.
So because of our church Vic and I got to meet Laura and her husband John and we have learned to care for each other in a very special sort of way.
When Jesus sent his apostles out he sent them by twos not only for support but to help each other because each had their own personality.where one was weak the other was strong.I tend to think this is the type of friendship Laura and I have,we tend to compliment each other and fill in the gaps where each of us falls short.
We always joke and say we are like Mary and Martha trying to decide when were together which is which that day.
In any event we do pretty well together ever looking for new projects and I can tell you right now watch out cause we've got new plans come January.God help us!thank godness I know he will.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Turkey Party

Last night was our annual Turkey Party with spaghetti and fun chances to win a turkey,fruit basket and possibly money.
On the surface this might seem like just a way for our church to make some much needed cash but it is really more then that.It is an opportunity for our church to invite the community to what some may see has a closed society of old.
These events allow us to also fellowship with others and help spread the word of who we are,why were here and how much we care.
In the 5 years that our Fr.Peter has been with us he has made it his commitment to help this small church on the hill to reach out to the community and the neighborhood.
We have been very fortunate that this year all our events seem to be very successful mostly to our dedicated priest and his many attempts to be part of the community at large,both in our town of southbridge and out to other parts of the state and country.
Every opportunity we have with people not from our church is our chance to touch the unchurched and help them realize we like people and are here for them.
Last night I heard many compliments about our priest and his cooking and just how lucky we are to have someone so dedicated and personable.
We are a small group but most of us are very hard working and will sacrifice and give what ever in necessary to help promote our Orthodox Faith.
We still have many endeavors with the possible idea of a coffee cafe once a month with christian entertainment and another opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and friends.
I see this church taking steps to turn around and feel if most of us become dedicated to the cause we will help fulfill the great commission,bringing the word and actions of Christ to the world.
God blesses those who are there for others and this may be coming true for our church as well.
St.Francis of Assissi said preach to others and if necessary use words.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Next Generation

This morning I had the sad duty of attending my fathers' sister funeral.What makes this truly sad is she is the last sibling of a family of 10 children.
My aunt Deloris,who had just turned 80, was mentally retarded and for most of her life lived as a 7 year old,but with less language skills.
Today while sitting in my pew at St Mary,looking at her small black box,she had been cremated, I noticed that her family picture was sitting behind her.
All the children as one no one married yet but several in nun uniforms,it reminded me of how truly sad it was that each of those young people were now gone to the ages.We few cousins who made it now represented what was left of my fathers side of the family and how sad it was that we were all the next generation,alone as orphans.
My grandparents were poor French Canadian people.They owned nothing not even their home.They raised 10 children with what they grew on the farm,they rented and the money my grandfather earned working nights in a factory.
My grandfather was a very stern strick person and demanded his family be respectful and hard working.
My Grandmother was a very religious person who helped raise her children with religious values which they in turn passed on to us.
After the service we went to the cemetery,my aunt in her little black box waiting to be in turned,we gazed upon the grave site of my grandparents and now two of their daughters,their names etched in grey marble.
One of my cousins remarked, as we looked down on the head stone, that my grandfather gave up smoking his pipe and saved his weekly allotment he would have spent on tobacco to buy this lovely headstone for his wife and daughters.That's the kind of man he was he cared very much for his family.
Its funny when I think of my grandfather the thing I remember most about him is his smoking a pipe and the smell of his cherry tobacco.
To this day when every I smell pipe tobacco it always gives me that warm feeling that he is around me.I always wished I could have had one of his pipes for a keep sake.
As we stood by awaiting prayer for my aunt I mentioned how much my Grandfather loved modern technology,he was born in 1890 and just marvelled at all the new gagets he could find.No sooner did I say those words and my cousin cell phone rang.
If I do say so my self this next generation has turned out pretty well.We own homes,cars,have families and are still pretty close to each other.Each of us ready to assist the others in times of need.So I guess my grandparents did a pretty good job with their children and we in turn are spreading what we were taught from our parents and grandparents on to our children and that is our legacy to them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chronicle on channel 5

Sometime when there is not much on TV. at 7:30pm. my husband and I will watch Chronicle.Shown on channel five, the wbz station out of Boston.
Last night their entire show was on atheism and how wonderful these people think it is to be Godless.
I say well and good for you,if you choose to live your life with no belief in God that is your prerogative and has such more power to you.
I resent the fact that a television show which is suppose to be a simple magazine is taking the time to put forth such things as this.
This show basically is about restaurants in Boston,clothing stores and trips to multiple New England states.Things to do and places to visit.
When did this become about or not about God?
They talked with the Harvard Chaplin who is humanist,to which I say I thought a chaplains job was to be spiritual not atheistic.I don't know sometimes I feel as if I've just fell into a time warp.I think of that song "The World Turned Upside Down" played when the british surrendered to the Americans after the revolution.
Today I decided to go to the web site of the show "Chronicle" and voice my concern over such things being put on TV. but low and behold I was unable to sign in.
I checked out their poll and it seems of the over 400 people who took there poll 138 were pro religion the rest were atheistic.
I must say this does sadden me.
I feel like a minority especially when Christians will not stand up and voice their outrage over such a show.
I have decided that although "Chronicle" has had interesting things on in the past it is now up to me to move on and try other more favorable things to do with my time.


While reading the newspaper I came across "Dear Anne".Seems some lady wrote about how she works and her husband,who is laid off,is now a house husband.He does a wonderful job of keeping the house clean, but becomes very annoyed when on her days off she gets up early,feeds one of her cats then takes the other dirty cats plates and lets them soak in the sink,to wash later in the morning.He is annoyed because he feels she is putting them there to remind him to wash them and feels used, unappreciated and criticized.
I also have a similar pet peeve,since I do not like to do dishes,I hate it when I'm almost done and someone puts dirty dishes near me that they just happened to find.
I know this sounds ridiculous and I know they are not doing this to get my goat but to be helpful but something deep inside of me feels used.
Its funny how we misinterpret innocent things,we take what is bothering us and make it into something it has nothing to do with.
I think if nothing else marriage is like that we don't see the little offenses that affect the other person.Mostly I think this all comes down to one person feeling overwhelmed or under appreciated by another person.
It has nothing to do with the dishes it has to do with the frustration of feeling not thanked enough.
Now I'll bet if this same woman came home one night and said "I love you and I want to give you a great evening go watch TV and I'll do the dishes" this same man would be less sensitive about the cat bowls sitting in the sink.
We tend to forget that what is done for another is done out of love and must be reciprocated for to fulfill the others needs.
I always say its the little things that will get you not the big things and this includes being married and staying together.
Its better to say thank you even when you don't realy feel like it then be alone with no one to thank and no one to do for you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Community Meal

For over 6 months now our church has sponsored a free community meal on the fourth Thursday of each month.
Of all the things we do at our church this is my favorite.
Normally we get around 35 to 40 people but last night we were truly blessed with over 50.
Meat loaf was on the menu along with mashed potatoes,mixed vegetables and desert.
Our Fr.Peter is quite the cook and as is the case rounds of thanks for such a well prepared meal was given out by every one in attendance.
This day we had about 8 people to lend a helping hand serving which was greatly appreciated by those of us who normally do this meal with only 4,not counting our chef the priest,who is tied to the stove preparing such enticingly good food.
Although last night got hairy,with Fr. having to leave to do last rights,we carried on and served our meal slightly on the later side.
While waiting with great anticipation,our servers became concerned about the amount of wait time,Fr. assuring us all it would be better to serve a meal well cooked then allow some one to get sick from under cooked meat.I must admit I felt sorry for our poor Fr.Peter and thought about Moses leading the people through the desert and how they constantly complained and questioned,oh yee of little faith.
But soon all was ready and our meal was serve able with so much help we were able to serve very rapidly and to our delight we had only one serving of meat loaf left.
My husband and I took our plates and went and sat near this nice elderly woman named Helen,who was eating alone, and had a very nice conversation with her.
When we were done and Helen left us a nice elderly man asked if we still had food,seems he was unable to come sooner.
I went into the kitchen and low and behold we had just enough meat loaf for him.
Fr.Peter mentioned several time how we always seem to have enough for everyone like the bread and fish in the bible,we also had enough food for all our welcomed guest.
So if you happen to be in Southbridge and are looking for a good meal on Nov.19th please stop by,St. Michael Orthodox church on Romanian Ave. we will be having turkey and all are welcome and as always God will help us provide.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Noon Time Prayer

Tuesday night during bible study Fr. Peter asked "how many of you when you get into your car sign yourself and say a small prayer?".He went on to add that we as Orthodox Christians believe that we can do nothing with out the grace of God.
This brought to mind how many times I had tried,unsuccessfully, to remind myself to do afternoon prayer but alas never can.
Someone suggested that I pray every noon as I sit down to eat my lunch.To which Fr. and I both answered when I'm at work I eat if and when I can and most times sitting at the desk trying to write my notes.
I mentioned that I have tried to wear a small prayer rope but ended up with a very soggy cloth bracelet from multiple hand washings.
So Fr.Peter suggested that I try to wear an elastic band on my watch wrist then when I had a moment to stop and pray,switch the band to the opposite arm,to do this for one month and it should become a habit,but if I miss one day then I need to restart at day one.
Wednesday while at work I tried this and to my delight at noon time said several short prayers then switched the band.The problem became that as soon as I switched wrist I suddenly got into an angry mood for a good 30 minutes,I even snapped at the pharmacy delivery man,which is so unlike me.
After I had time to think about this I decide that maybe some one did not like the fact that I took a moment to thank and praise God,this individual feels I do not need to be so close to the creator.He's not happy about my attempt at a good habit.
Anyways not one to let this detour me today at noon time I stopped and prayed.It seemed much easier to remember and I am hoping this habit will continue.I have also resolved in my mind that no matter how much I try there is always going to be that someone trying to drive a wedge to keep you as far away from God as possible.The problem is realizing this and accepting it but doing the right thing anyways.Jesus said we will never be tempted beyond our indurance.
So tomorrow I'm hoping to make prayer day number three and maybe before I know it it will be day 30.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Being a nurse there are many times when it just amazes me how trusting people truly are.This is not a put down it is an eye opener when you think about it.
I give medications,shots and do procedures and most people trust with blind faith that I know what I'm doing.
Luckily I am the kind of nurse who never gives anything I don't understand or does a procedure with out knowing exactly what it is I'm doing.But if I were not the questioning kind of person who does not rely on blind trust I could be dangerous.
To many people accept at face value what a medical professional is doing and never questions why.It is your right as a consumer to know why and never feel afraid or embarrassed to ask What are you doing? and why are you doing it?
If the nurse,doctor or medical professional is irritated by your questions then find someone else.This is your body and you have every right to know what is going on,what the effects will be and why this needs to be done.
Never give blind faith to just any one always feel assured that you are making the right medical decisions for your self and your family.


Sunday morning I got to catch Rev.Price do his sermon,most Sundays I forget or tune in to late.He always has some interesting topics and most of the time when I start watching him I just can't seem to change the channel
Sunday he was talking about forgiveness.
Seems when he was a child he climbed a neighbors fence and while walking through the yard a dog came out and bit him.He jumped the fence and ran home.He said he learned a very valuable lesson,he didn't call the cops or sue the guy he just never went back in that persons yard again.
He said forgiveness is the same way,you may not be able to change the person you've forgiven but you need to stay out of his yard.
Forgiveness he said is making it clear in your mind that you will forgive and not listen to your feeling.Feelings,he said, come and go like the wind and how you feel one minute is not how you will feel the next.
So determine that you will forgive then stay out of their backyard especially if they are unchanging in behavior.If they are not a nice person you will be dragged down into their issues and demons.
This is very interesting to me In my mind I have always thought if you forgive someone you needed to also feel good about them and work toward helping them but I think this Reverend has a valid point.forgiveness does not equal being stupid or walked all over,it means doing no malice toward that person.
So the next time you have determined to forgive someone but feel that they are not the type of person you need to be near at this present time,then resolve to stay out of their yard until they tie their dog up.Then maybe you can start by talking over the fence until its safe enough to join them in their yard.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We live in a very self centered world.Everyone has many things and take great pride in what they own.They like to "ring their own bell" so to speak and make sure all present know that they made this or did that or own something special.
But I think pride sometimes gets a bad rap,especially in the religious community.
As I have told you before I have been a follower of St.Francias of Assisi teaching for many years,by the way his feast day was the beginning of this month.
He felt that we are nothing.All we do,talent wise, is a gift from God.He talks about the wood that an icon is painted on can take no glory for the picture and in his view we are the wood and the glory of God that emulates from us is the glory of God not ours.
Now with that said lets talk about what pride should be to we Christians.
Fr.Peter and I had a discussion of this last night after bible study.To many people who are religious feel they can take no pride in the work they do or the accomplishments they achieve.This is not so.God has given us certain gifts and talents and as such you have the right to be proud and happy for what you have done.If you are a musician your music was given to you to not only bring joy to others but to bring joy to your self.It is not boastful to show someone your talent pridefulness comes when you label it and want every one to see your talent as something special.
For example if you build something and drag everyone off the street to view it then say "see what I did I made this,see how wonderful this is, aren't I just the best.Here let me hang a sign on it so the whole world knows that I, the great one, did this." That's prideful you have just stepped past see what I made to see how wonderful I am.
The Lord says you should bring forth your talents to the world,that's what the story of the 4 servants and the coins are about.Each servant was given an equal number of coins and when the master was away they were to do something with them.One servant took his coins and made 100 fold of profit and one 50 fold and so on until the last servant made no profit at all.When the master came back he blessed each according to his profit the last,who had made no profit, was told to give his coins to the others and be gone.
We are given talents to give back to God but we also have talent to give back to ourselves.If you see no worth or value in what you are able to do and can take no pride in it then why would you want to continue doing things,you go from a freeman to a slave.
God put us here to be happy and useful,just has we would not want our children to be sad so God would want none of us to be sad either.
St.Francias did many things with his talents he made music,painted pictures,made pottery, wrote prayers and poetry.He found these talents has he tried them out but in the same respect he did not allow these gifts to overshadow the fact that God was number one in his life.
Francias tells a story of making a pot and while in deep prayer he began to notice he was being distracted by the sight of his creation so he took the pot and threw it in the fire. He felt what he had made was putting God and prayer second instead of first.
Some religious people do not understand that being to humble can also make you to prideful,when your humility stands in the way of being thanked or congratulated this can also be an offence to not only your brother but to God.Its a slippery slope to walk but if you can keep your eye on what the real prize is then the journey becomes a little less slippery.So relax and thank God for you ability to use your talents and while your at it try out a few more and learn the full realm of who you are and you might be pleasantly surprised at what you can do.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cornucopia Weekend at UCONN

After church on Sunday, Oct.4th. Vic and I decided to go to the University of Conn. 5th annual Cornucopia Weekend.
Now for anyone who doesn't know, UCONN was originally a school for agriculture so they pride themselves on the fact that they still deal with agriculture,flowers,
plants soil,wildlife and live stock.
Each year this weekend allows the school to showcase all their agriculture related items not to mention police dog agility and polo matches.
We got there on Sunday near closing time but still had a good time.There were students there who would test your garden soil,sell you fall plants,help you with you ill plants or trees not to mention all weekend they have talks and demonstrations on how to take care of all out door and indoor plant concerns.
They had a rescue society that brought some small birds,and to my husbands delight had a small one eyed owl,my husband is an owl lover,so he got to see one up close.
For me there were baby pony's with fur so soft I could have petted them all day.
They had an electric boats used to give fish mild shocks in order to study them in a pond with out hurting them,so I'm told.
They had several old surreys,liveries and tractors from back in the late 1800's and let me tell you those things were very tiny on the inside,Its a good thing people were shorter in those days.
While there I bought some homemade pumpkin ice cream which they make fresh at their ice cream house, from the cows raised on the schools' farm.They have done this for many years and my husband tells me when he was a student there every night he would walk from his dorm to the ice cream shop,near the cow pastures,to buy their goods.
We had a wonderful time on a wonderful fall day just walking around the school ending up at the duck pond then stopping at the student union.
UCONN is a wonderful country college and although very modern it still retains some of its old flavor and charm.
Sitting in the quite corner of Storrs' it is a wonderful place to go on a Sunday to enjoy the quietness of the country,walk your dog or maybe catch the students practicing or playing soccer,basket ball and base ball both on the fields or by their dorms.
So if you get a chance and your ever in Storrs conn.stop at UCONN and if you like you can walk the back road by the barns and check out the cows,horses,sheep and multiple other farm animals that you can pet and feed grass to.It certainly makes for a wonderful afternoon,oh yeah and if its windy have the kids bring a kite because their are many wonderful hills to fly them at.

Friday, October 9, 2009

License Time

I have been lucky having had most of this week off,due to to many nurses and not enough hours.Since I have worked for this company for so many years I have lots of vacation time so I'm also getting paid to be home,has it were.
But true to form I never usually just sit around.For the past three days I have been trying to catch up on getting all of my ceus'(continual education units)before I renew my Nursing license in November(due on my birthday,now theres something to celebrate).
I go to a web site and for $14.99 I can take all the credits I need and if called by the license board can prove I really did these test.
Each test with reading material and test takes me 45 minutes to an hour to complete and you can retake the test several times if you don't like your grade or want to find out what you did not do well on.
With that said I can usually do 2 test a day and by the time I finish the second test my brain is DONE..
Every two years I'm required to renew my license and this year I got the added pleasure of giving the good gov.of mass. about $40.00 more.What makes it even better is it was a surprise,no one sent me a letter before hand to cushion the blow...
Now I plan on getting down to doing some laundry,dishes,house cleaning and maybe throw together a stew for supper.
Since its raining out and dreary it will be a good day to finish all this up.Maybe I'll play some music and make the best of the silence of it all, because that, like everything else in my life dosen't last long.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I was a child I was taught that if you did the wrong thing you got "In trouble" for it.My parents,although fair,wanted their children to know right from wrong and be able to follow through to become good members of society.
Back in those "Old days",as it were,You were not expected to know why what you did was wrong no one explained things to you,they just said you don't steal its wrong and if you do you will in some way be punished.
Now being a parent myself I must admit I used this same fear tactic on my son,though now that I'm older and more patient I would hope to be able to explain why something is wrong and why you should not do it.
I remember when my son was about 3 years old going to the drug store.While paying a bill,my son decided to take a piece of candy.When we got into the car I scolded him,told him what he did was stealing,brought him into the store and we returned what he had taken.
Now that I'm older I realize all he learned was stealing was wrong and he feared getting into trouble if he was caught doing so.What he did not learn was why it was wrong and how stealing hurts the person your taking from plus it also hurts your inner worth because God wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves and were not loving another person when were taking their things.
When I'm at work and I need people to follow through with what I've asked them to do I find it always works better to explain why I want something done not just because I said so.People become more empathetic and understanding when they know what they do is part of a common good.In most cases I don't even need to remind them the next day to repeat the task.
Religion is allot like this.When God gave Moses the 10 commandments he wanted them to be used to guide the Hebrew community in good ways.You should not just fear the laws because they were handed down by God you should also understand why God wants us to follow his laws.
These laws have a purpose behind them the first 2 deal with not offending or hurting God and the next 8 deal with your neighbor.God wants us to learn to respect and love not just him but our neighbor,who is in the his image, when we offend each other we also hurt and offend God.
Some religions have come to the point where they try to frighten their followers by saying follow these laws or you will go to hell,never mind why just do it and while your at it here are some sub categories to go along with these rules so don't mess up or its going to get mighty hot in the after life for you.
The Jews, during the time of Jesus, were dealing with this sort of issue.They were so over burdened with both God and man made rules that they could not live freely.
Jesus came to lift this burden.He said if you love God and you do good and you try daily to be a fair person these rules will come easily.You will not want to hurt or offend anyone so you will not only follow what you are asked to do but will understand why its wrong to do things like seal,commit adultery,not respect your parents and not keep Sunday holy.You will no longer fear the letter of the law you will understand the law is there for your benefit.
Rules are always a good thing it helps keep order in a society,but rules followed through fear and ignorance or in an attempt for a church to control people is never a good thing.These sorts of rules are like chains they bind you rather then set you free.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Science and Species

Sunday after work I went to my brother-in-law Nicks' house,several weeks ago he had knee replacement surgery and needed to have an injection of his blood thinner given.Since his visiting nurse was not coming that day I stopped to do the deed and visit for an hour or so,the poor man is going stir crazy and making his wife a very tired person.
After my visit,while driving home,I decided to take the back roads to admire the scenery.suddenly I came across two very plump white ducks waddling up a driveway.I chuckled as they made their fat little bodies go side to side and up and down trying to get up this driveway,which to them must have seemed like a great mountain.
Has I continued on my way I began to think how much I have always found ducks on a pond to be rather stately creatures.Their little upper bodies just effortlessly moving forward with out a care in the world.The funny part is if you were to look under the water you would see just how much work those webbed feet are doing to keep their upper body moving.
Its strange just how many different varieties of ducks there are in world.Ranging in color,shape and sizes but all basically a duck doing duck things.
I began to think about Noah and his ark.Gathering all of the animals two by two to save them from the flood.I have always assumed that basically there were only so many types of species in the world and Noah did not take every variety into the ark,he took only one main variety.For example he did not take 5oo different breeds of dogs with him,he brought one basic variety that later would spread through out the world and become different breeds.Like the Adam and Eve of the dog species.
I think Darwin had this idea when he wrote about natural selection.He felt that when an animal came to an area the things that were needed to help with this animals survival were basically encouraged in its heirs.nature helped encourage what was needed and allowed the future heirs to adapt and continue.
I have never had a problem with most of Darwin's ideas and understand that you can not dispute what is in your face.Science and religion always tend to give friction to each other and this is a good thing because it helps keep each in checks and balances.Science is faced with ethics the church brings to them and religion with the fact that just because science can explain something does not mean its unGod like thinking.
Science and Religion have given us great things.Take for example knee replacement surgery,Which is now a very common procedure.Drugs like blood thinners used to avoid blood clots,are every day marvels.
But with this said we must always remember who gave us the mind to be able to bring great science to the world and that is God.We can do all things through him and he wants us to, has long as we remain ethical and honest and not begin to think we are smarter or greater then him.
Just because something is discovered does not mean its ethical or right and religions have to step in and make known their beliefs but in the same respects just because something is cutting edge in science and may upset the religious community does not mean it is wrong,If this was so we would have no discoveies and I would be sitting by candle light writting with a quil pen on parchment,if I was lucky enough to have survived childhood diseases or child birth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Saturday afternoon Vic and I went to visit our brother in law Nick,who just had knee replacement surgery.After the visit we went to our favorite restaurant The Golden Greek in Webster Mass.They make all sorts of foods but mostly Italian.
While waiting for our meal an older couple and their very young granddaughter came in and sat at the table near us.
The little girl began to sneeze and her grandmother said "Honey you need to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze."to which the child answered "OK."
A little later she sneezed again.Once again grandma reminded her of the importance of covering her mouth.Trying to inject some excitement Grandmother added "You know when you sneeze or cough you should try to either cover you mouth with your hand or you could try this new thing everyone is doing and that is cough and sneeze in your sleeve." The little girl said "grandmaaaa" and grandma said "No really,its all the rage" to which the little girl looked her in the eye and said "grandma that's just plain silly." Sensing defeat grandma changed the subject.
Sunday Morning while drinking coffee I was watching a minister who relayed this story from his childhood.When he and his sister were very young,he 3 and she 5 their next door neighbor got into a car accident.Tragically the entire family was killed including the 5 year old daughter.
When the time came for the funeral the ministers' parents decided that being so young the children would not attend the funeral.
The next Sunday after Church Service his family was in the car driving home when the 5 year old girl asked her father what had happened to her friend Sally.The father said "She's gone to see Jesus." "Well when will she be back?" the child asked.Father said "She is not coming back but because we are Christians we know that someday we will die and go to heaven and at that time you will see your friend Sally and Jesus"
The little girl thought for a minute and decided she did not like the thought of dying and said "Daddy I don't want to go to heaven." "I want to stay with you." and she began to cry.
Suddenly the 3 year old brother threw his arms around his sister and said "Don't worry Daddy is a Christian and he will go to heaven to see Jesus,but you and I were Mexican like mommy and we will never die." to which the little girl became very happy and went on playing with her doll.
Its funny how kids see the world.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday,while at work,I was talking to the nurse who works the opposite end of the hall.She seemed sad and I asked her what was wrong.She told me this weekend she was going to have to put her horse,Sundance,down and could not bear the thought of it.Seems her horse started with a grass cough which ended up causing an infection in his lungs and now he has an almost emphysema like sickness which,even with anti biotic and breathing treatments,he is unable to shake off.
She told me how awful he looks in the field being hunched over,wheezing and mouth breathing.
Sundance has been with her since he was young and now at age 19 it is time for him to suffer no more.
I spoke with her for awhile and reassured her that what she is choosing to do is probably the best for him and she should feel no guilt.
She told me that her friend up the road will dig the pit for him and get the vet to do the injection and she in turn will walk him to the friends house to have him put to sleep.
Now being the nosey person I am I asked her exactly how do you put a horse to sleep, its not like a dog or cat that you lay on a table and they inject into a vein in the leg.
She explained to me that they dig the pit to bury him in and grade it so the horse can be walked into it.The vet then injects the horse in the neck and in seconds he falls asleep then passes on. After he's pronounce dead,by the vet, they bury him in the pit.
I must admit this seemed unsettling to me,I had visions of old ww2 films of the Germans shooting people and the bodies falling into the pits.But Deb explained that this horses head alone weighs 50 pounds and that she will be in the pit with him and he can rest his head on her shoulder while the injection is being given and he passes.
The only thing I can say is I have had many cats and dogs and have had to be present several times to have them put to sleep,its always a tragic experience to lose a friend who trust you fully.
But part of being a responsible pet owner is not allowing your friend to suffer.What is done is done in love and with great thought.
The next time I see a horse in a field I will think of Sundance,a good friend and companion,and will feel grateful that God gave humanity the ability to be loved unconditionally by such a beautiful and stately animal.We are truly blessed by such has these the creatures of the earth both great and small.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night was our first bible study and it felt good to get back into it.We are discussing Corinthians,the letters of Paul to the church.I like Paul and although he's very rule oriented he was also very clear minded and responsible for the spreading of the faith and the set up of the church as we know it.
Paul was not with Jesus during his life time but he probably knew of Jesus.During the time before his conversion,He was a great persecutor of the new christian movement and those who belonged to it,not killing these new disciples but helping point them out so others could do the dirty work.
Paul allowed for the Gentiles to enter the christian faith but always hoped that the Jews would realize Jesus was the true Messiah and complete the circle of faith.
Many times in our Orthodox Icons Paul and Peter are seen either jointly holding a church in their hands or hugging each other.Peter and Paul knew each other.They were both friends and opponents.Paul calling Peter out when he refused to eat with the Gentiles at a meal that both Jews and Gentiles attended.
Paul understood the importance of the unity between Jew and Gentile.He felt that the Gentiles would help lead the Jews to the Messiah.
Belong to a small old church I have come to understand the importance of unity and tolerance.We could all use a little bit of Paul in all our churches welcoming the new people into the church but also encouraging the older members both together equals growth.We should not be an exclusive club but an inclusive faith.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week my sisters' husband,Bill asked if Vic and I would be interested in seeing his play called "Doubt".It was to be a charity event held for two nights and he said we would like it and leave the play not sure of anything.
Knowing our friends Laura and John were finishing up their vacation I took the chance of mentioning to them about this play.They consented and also mentioned we should go out to eat first then attended,since the performance did not begin until 8pm.
The play was very interesting and the sort of thing I like since Iam into mind teasers and this was truly one.
Basically the play is about a young priest who comes to St.Nicholas school,church and rectory.It is set in the 1960's after the shooting of President Kennedy.The Mother Superior feels that this priest may have a past has a deviant.She questions why he is so close to the boys in the class,playing basketball and inviting then for cookies and kool aid after practices,singling out one boy in particular.
The younger nun gets shoved into the Superiors mess and although she is a kindly person she is very young and innocent and wants to see the good in every thing and everybody.
The whole play is based on innuendo and speculation.Even the boy in questions mother leads you to believe her son is not just lonely but "That Way".
Nothing is ever clear even in the end you are never sure if this priest is messing with children or,has my brother in law later pointed out to me,was having an affair with another nun in his last assignment and now making passes at this young nun.
Anyways this is what gossip is, its words and innuendos that can be passed from one person to another causing doubt about anthers' character.Inability to confront the person openly causes a great deal of drama and pain and in the end all that is left is the question "Is what I passed on to others the truth or my version of the truth? "Was it worth destroying anthers reputation if I was wrong?"
In the play the priest talks of a lady who went to confession because she was upset about gossip she had passed.The old priest in the story tells her to go to her room get a feather pillow go up to the roof and cut it open,then come back and see him the next day.When she does he tells her now I want you to go and collect all those feathers that fell to the ground and bring them back to me.She says Father I can not do this for they are scattered everywhere.The priest said my child that is what gossip is like.
In the end there will always be doubt left in someones mind.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This week has been a time of reflection of opposites.
Saturday my husband and I decided to go to Boston for the day.It was a beautiful summer day to walk and walk we did,three hours worth.We started out at government center and ended up at the Boston Common walking by way of The Museum of Science and along the Charles River.
When we got to the Boston Common we crossed the street where St.Johns church was.It's lovely huge banners hanging from its columns proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" Unfortunately the front steps had yellow tape and signs which said "no trespassing police take notice". Kind of gave us that we love you but not that much feeling.
We then proceeded down several side streets and came to St. Anthony's' a multiple storied building with giant banners hanging from its building proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" their doors we opened to all.This building is run by the Franciscans they provide food,clothing,medical care,counseling and spiritual prayer.A little more welcoming I must admit.
On Sunday night while watching T.V.Dr.Jack Kevorkian was on.He was talking about his lack of belief in God stating he had been raised in a country were you were not allowed to practice religion and to this day does not believe in a God.He talked of how Christians claim that their bodies are so precious but if this is so why are limbs and body parts taken after surgery's and thrown into garbage cans.How much in the image of God can our bodies truly be if we treat limbs and organs this way?
To which I told my husband I think he misses the point our body is a vessel but in us is the breath of God. A limb is a part of our vessel not our whole being.
Today EWTN showed the life of Mother Theresa in remembrance of her death,she passed in Sept. of 1997 at age 87.They showed clips on mothers' teachings and her belief that we are all one family and every life is precious no matter who we are or what our make up and belief systems are.She said we are an extension of God and even one small act of kindness is like a pebble in a pond and radiates the light of God to the world.
She added we live in a world were people feel unloved.That we are more involved with our selves then with the people around us.We surround our selves with modern technologies and even when we're in the presence of another person,We are more involved with our phones and inner worries then the people in front of us,who are our brothers,the image of God,for he said "what ever you do for the least of my brothers you have done it for me."
How true.Many is the time I have gone to restaurants and watched has peopled talked on their cell phones or checked their personal messages,in spite of the fact that they have a live person in need of their company right in front of them.To be made second to a device that did not take the personal time to be with them is an insult.
We are here for each other and has such must take the time to love and care for each other.Mother said people are made to love and be loved that is why we crave and need to be touched,listened to and cared for.To do less is to turn ones back on God.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Susan Atkins

Do you remember Sharon Tate and the Manson murders? Susan Atkins,the girl who ruthlessly slashed Sharon and her baby to death and denied her the opportunity to allow her unborn child to live now wants mercy herself.
Seems Susan Atkins is dying she is unable to move over 80% of her body and is terribly blotted from the medication she has to take.They say she has about 1 month to live and she and her lawyer husband would like her to be released into the world so she can die with dignity,the dignity she refused to show Sharon and her unborn child.
The victims families see no reason for her release nor do they care much about her new found religion.
What a sad tale but you know I believe what goes around comes around.Does she deserve the right to die with dignity?I feel in the state she is in maybe she does.Maybe we should give her the one thing she is asking for her freedom.Maybe we should be more loving and allow when her time is up on this earth for the God we profess to believe in to be the judge.God says "vengeance is mine" so maybe we should let him deal with this mess.Because he truly knows what happened and what needs to be done.
Maybe I'm wrong be there is no one left to hurt here,she can't move from her bed.It seems old age and death is the great equalizer and God the great judge.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sen.Ted Kennedy

I didn't really get to see much of Ted Kennedy's funeral last week and although I'm no great lover of the Kennedy's I believe credit should be given where credit is due.
Although I thought the funeral was a little over the top,and chances are good we has the tax payers, probably helped fund a good portion of it.
40 years of public service is something to be commended and standing up for ones beliefs is also a good thing,even if most of his beliefs were not mine.
A life lived well is a good thing and although,like most of us,we all have bad and good in our lives and some peoples bads are worse then others,none of us can cast stones when we all live in glass houses.
So may Senator Kennedy rest in peace and may his family feel comfort in knowing he is with his beloved family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town Hall Debates

I have listened with some interest to the town hall debates across the country and have come to the conclusion that most of our elected officials are a bunch of elitist.
I have heard no politician take the time to be engaging or even nice to the people he /she has been speaking to.
They seem to feel we, as the majority of people, are ignorant and uninformed and the only ones who know any thing are them.
Freedom is a right and we in this country have the right to stand up and be heard.Granted we need to be civil,but no one,not even the president has the right to tell the constituents to sit down,shut up and get out of their way.So they,the elected can ram things down our throat.
This is not Chicago this is the United States of America,home of the free.The politicians,yes even the one at the top,has to understand they work for us we do not work for them.
The representatives feel we are nothing but an angry mob,well who made us angry? How much can we take before we step forward and say "no more you have lied to us enough".
Thomas Jefferson urged us to never believe anything at face value to always be questioning and suspicious.
Our founding fathers yelled give us liberty not tyranny.These men lived under an oppressive society and under stood the importance of freedom.
If we are called an angry mob we stand in good company,Sam Adams and his tea party men,George Washington and the colonialist,Thomas Jefferson who wrote the deceleration,Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.All these people stood up when they needed to.
Do not be discouraged the time is here to stand up when necessary.Be polite,be brave and say what you feel needs to be said.We are not lambs to lead around mindlessly at the governments whim we are eagles to be free and chose our destiny.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

health care

I don't know about you but personally I have come to the point where I can not listen to the health care debate any more.
We live in one of the richest countries in the world,have more political leaders then we need and still can not come up with a plan that most Americans can agree on.
Our president has a need to pass things through the house and senate has quickly as possible.A take it or leave it "now" attitude
We all know we need reform.A person with no insurance can not possibly begin to pay for a medical debt.Every thing is to expensive and no matter if the government pays for it or we pay for it in the end no one can afford it.
Doctors spend many years going to school,not only to help the sick but make money.They send tens of thousands of dollars in medical school and educating themselves before and after becoming a doctor.
Hospitals have new machines to make our health better and once a machine is in use someone needs to know how to run it properly and safely then a doctor needs to read these results.We have the best medical teams that are efficient and ready to work on your problem at a moments notice.
Unfortunately all this cost money and most people do not have that kind of money.I am against government health care,since I deal with medicare which is one of the most inefficient payment system you can imagine,They tell the doctors what to prescribe and how much they will pay for everyone services from nurses to doctors to pharmacy.
So what do we do? Any time any one gets anything free it is abused.But people should also feel secure in the fact that when a medical emergency comes along it should not cost you years of servitude in payments,especially when money in your house hold is a premium.
It's going to be a tough row to hoe.We can't sell our health care out but then again we can not allow people to fall by the way side.Maybe we need more free clinics, charge people who use it a minimal fee and not make people wait for 6 hours to see a doctor.They may need to be run more like a regular doctors office with incentives for doctors to want to work in these places.
I don't know about you but when I'm sick I want to know my doctor knows how to make me feel better and at that point he deserves his paycheck.No matter what it cost.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Fr. Peter sermon today was about gossip,unfortunately a never ending need to be repeated.Its funny this subject should come up today because last night I listened to Mother Angelica Live,aired in 1998 and she also was talking about gossip.
Both she and Fr. Peter brought up that fact that 9 times out of 10 what you hear as gossip and pass on is incorrect.Human nature wants us to add to the facts in areas that we also have been injured allowing for false information to be spread.
To pass gossip is to cause injury to another human being and to bear false witness against our brothers according to the 10 commandments,which by the way are commandments not suggestions so they are not up for dispute.
Human beings balance between goodness and badness and because of this it's sometimes hard for us to realize that we are doing something wrong,we tend to dilute the truth so we lose sight of when we are stepping over the line.Of course sometimes we do gossip intentionally in order to hurt the victim,whom we see as less then ourselves and deserving of criticize.
Mother Angelica talked about how we live in a world were we dilute things by saying we are trying not to be judgemental of others.We excuse things that are wrong and lead ourselves to beleave in grey areas allowing our selves to lose sight of what is evil.
Its important to hear these things in church our clergy must repeat to us were our failings are so that we may understand what is acceptable by church standards.Like a parent correcting a child it must be said repeatedly especially living in a world were all things are considered alright no matter how evil or wrong they are.
The evil one is a sly one he does not push you to do the big no nos he pushes you to do the little ones hoping,at some point,you'll begin to think the big wrongs are alright too.
The world reinforces the bad things so the church needs to reinforce the good things and teach us to make corrections.If not we will begin to lose our sense of right and wrong.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is My Purpose ?

Back in the late 70s and early 80s Every one was looking for purpose and religious truth.People went to check out eastern philosophies and gurus.All in hopes of finding themselves and the reason for being here.
Why are we here? Why do we attend church? seek out God and truth?
I am told there are many atheist in New England it seems the South is having an increase in the Roman Catholics related to the increase of Hispanics while we,up north,are having a decrease.
I was recently looking through a book and the author talked about being raised with no religion.His father was a non practicing catholic who turned his back on his religion when his divorced mother was treated badly by the church, and the writers mother was a christian but promised her husband she would not instill or push her children into religion out of respect for the husbands wishes.
The author said he did not know anything about God or religion until he was 16 and his friend brought him to a baptist play about the passion,when he heard Jesus on the cross say "forgive them they know not what they do"he was hooked.He claimed he always knew their was a higher being he just had no word to describe him or name to call him.
I assume this must be that inner breath or spark that God gave us.We all know there is more to life then just living and dying.If there was not why would we have this drive or inner need to know and seek more? Why would we feel connected to each other if we had no relationship if we were not brother and sisters to each other?
Why are we here is a very large question.After reading The Purpose Driven Life I have come to understand that we are here to serve and worship God.He put us in this moment of time at this exact second because this is where he wants us to be.This is our destiny,this is why we are here and this is exactly where we are meant to be.
We were given certain gifts to use and give back to God in worship.Your gifts and talents are on loan to you and as long as you are on this earth you are expected not only to use them but to multiply them because this is you gift back to God.
There is a song that goes "Give it all back to me,I put you here to tell my story to give me glory so give it all back to me."
So basically we are not here for us but for God and each other.To strengthen our weaknesses and increase in graces.We are here to help each other climb the ladder and glorify our maker.We are the light in a world full of darkness and our mission is to help others relight their own spiritual candles.Jesus said "I must decrease in order for my father to increase".We too are ordered to follow this rule,in the end its not about us its about so much more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whats In A Uniform?

Whats in a uniform?
Many people who are in the working world understand the importance of being clean and well dressed.Uniforms when worn during working hours remind us that we are part of a system and it adds to our professionalism.But when our days are done and were on our own time we are free to be free.
No longer regulated by job rules but people able to enjoy our selves and the company of others.
Funny we have a joke where I work when ever some one comes in on a day off dressed in street or every day clothes we say "boy you look funny dressed like a real person."
When I was a kid in catholic school the nuns there always wore their habits and veils. On a very windy day one of the sisters' veils flew off and we as children were shocked that she had hair.We just couldn't believe she was a real person and not just an authority figure.She was a real woman.
Sometimes we forget that the people who wear uniforms are real people.The nurses,doctors,firemen,nuns and priest are all real people.They have families,cares,hobbies and friends.
During work hours they are our trusted professionals who know their jobs and carry them out but during their off time they are just normal people like you and me and are entitled to dress down and relax when out with friends or at a picnic.
Give the professional who makes your life better the same respect you expect and know that even when they are not in uniform they are still the people you can count on,Always ready to lend an ear but still an everyday person.We all have a right to be our selves even if those around us think we should dress and be someone else.
How fortunate we are that our priest is one of those real down to earth professionals.With or with out his collar he is still one of Gods chosen and aways there in our times of need.How blessed are we....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bring A Gun To Church

Seems a Reverend (I believe in Oklahoma)told his congregation one Sunday they we're allowed to bring an empty gun to church.
This,in his opinion,was a way to show the government that we have certain rights 1) the right to religious freedom and 2)the right to bear arms.After the service they raffled off a gun.
I know here in New England this seems all so ridiculous and unheard of but I have
relatives who live in Arkansas and about 10 years ago while we were visiting them they were raising money for their school and what do you suppose first prize was at their raffle? A shot gun.
Now where my aunt and uncle live,near the Ozark mountains,they have wild boars called razor backs,rattle snakes,cotton mouths and cougars.Not to mention other wild animals.A walk in the woods out there requires a shot gun,for protection.
Although I'm not so sure about bring a gun to church,especially at some of our
orthodox churches,But with the two shootings that took place in the past several years,one in a Colorado Mega church and Dr.Tillers killing it might not be such a bad idea.After all God helps those who help themselves,but then again people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or fire guns.
Something to think about isn't it?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Old Is To Old ?

Today while reading the paper I came across an article about a woman who died at age 68.It happens I know, but what makes this so strange is that she was also the mother of twin boys.Not so odd,true,what if I we're to tell you the twins we're not yet three years old and she gave birth to them.
An unmarried 66 year old woman from Barcelona Spain,sold her house so she could come to California and pay a fertility clinic $50, become impregnated and have these children.
She felt that everyone should become a mother when the time was right and after taking care of her mother,who lived to be over 100,she felt longevity was on her side.unfortunately it was not.
After the twins we're born it was discovered she had a tumor,possibly from the hormone injections given to her 2 times a day for 3 weeks,to rejuvenate her uterus and carry these babies.The doctor does not believe that these treatments increased the woman's cancer risk.(Now here's a doctor I want to go to, someone who gives you doses of hormones but does not think this causes cancer.Time for him to take some hormone refresher courses.)
The fertility clinic says that this woman showed false identification claiming to be 55 years of age not 66.The doctor claims he should not have to check passports,if she's lied and shown false dated birth certificates its not his fault.
Yes it is!!We are talking about childrens lives.Don't get me wrong many older people make good and loving parents but you have to realize we are not all guaranteed long and healthy lives and who suffers in the end when these parents pass away.
I am very totally against any one over age 50 going through the fertility clinics to have children.There comes a point in your life when you has adults have to realise that you can not have everything you want.There is a reason why God created young people to be parents and older folks to be grandchildren.
We have so many children in this world looking for loving foster parents.Children who are older and need loving older people to share their lives.Children are not puppies or kittens they need at least 20 years worth of parenting and anything less is not fair.
We do not live in the old days when children turned 13 and were thought of as adult.We are an educated country who believe our children need not only a grammar school and high school education but also a college degree in order to have a decent life style
these fertility clinics have no regulations to guide them.Most say they will not do treatments on anyone over the age of 50 but I'm sure if you have the money you can find a doctor to do what you want.
We need real laws.The government sticks it's nose in less important matters why do they not start regulating these clinics.
These are children and they need not only one parent but two and they deserve to have them for a long happy lifetime.Parenting is a life time job,it dosen't last for just the first 18 years.Ask anyone with adult children.