Saturday, October 31, 2009

Turkey Party

Last night was our annual Turkey Party with spaghetti and fun chances to win a turkey,fruit basket and possibly money.
On the surface this might seem like just a way for our church to make some much needed cash but it is really more then that.It is an opportunity for our church to invite the community to what some may see has a closed society of old.
These events allow us to also fellowship with others and help spread the word of who we are,why were here and how much we care.
In the 5 years that our Fr.Peter has been with us he has made it his commitment to help this small church on the hill to reach out to the community and the neighborhood.
We have been very fortunate that this year all our events seem to be very successful mostly to our dedicated priest and his many attempts to be part of the community at large,both in our town of southbridge and out to other parts of the state and country.
Every opportunity we have with people not from our church is our chance to touch the unchurched and help them realize we like people and are here for them.
Last night I heard many compliments about our priest and his cooking and just how lucky we are to have someone so dedicated and personable.
We are a small group but most of us are very hard working and will sacrifice and give what ever in necessary to help promote our Orthodox Faith.
We still have many endeavors with the possible idea of a coffee cafe once a month with christian entertainment and another opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and friends.
I see this church taking steps to turn around and feel if most of us become dedicated to the cause we will help fulfill the great commission,bringing the word and actions of Christ to the world.
God blesses those who are there for others and this may be coming true for our church as well.
St.Francis of Assissi said preach to others and if necessary use words.

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