Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is veterans day.A day to give thanks to every soldier,sailor,marine,airman(and women) and all those who served in any branch of the military.
Being a veteran is something to be proud of.These are the men and women who gave up there daily pursuits to give 3 or more years to the service to keep the rest of us safe.
No words of gratitude can ever repay those brave people who thought more of this country then most people do.
They have met the challenge,stood up to the enemy and never backed down even to the last breath.
People may say this country is a war monger but most of our critics live in countries that we helped attain and keep their freedom.These people do not understand that when we go to war it is not for our own personal gain but for the good of the oppressed.
We may not be perfect but our military is brave and will give it all in times of trouble.
So thank a vet when you see one because if it where not for our militery we would still be part of England or maybe part of germany.Makes you think doesn't it.

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