Friday, December 18, 2009

What Is Christmas ?

It seems every year I always deal with issues at Christmas.This year was the loss of a friend Michelle Merrier.She was 35 years old married for 13 years and had a ten year old daughter.
Last Saturday she passed away from her two year battle with pancreatic cancer.
Michelle was one of the happiest people I know.Always laughing always happy,even when upset and forever caring of others.
It was not an unexpected loss but not an easy one either no one at 35 should die.
When my sister and I were in her car driving to the wake,Tuesday night,she said "you know I real hate Christmas this year."
"We have lost so many relatives and friends in the past 5 years I don't see any real need for this holiday and now with Michelle's' death it seems even darker to me."
I told her "Christmas is suppose to be to embrace and love those around you who are still here and yes things change but you have to be able to change with them."
I,on the other hand have always loved Christmas and still do.I enjoy the decorations and the music and everything.
Last night we had our community meal.Fr.Peter put up the tree,played music and everything seemed right.
We had color books and crayons for the kids,Gingerbread men at every table,macaroni and cheese for the meal.People talked and had a good time,some one celebrated a birthday and we raffled off 3 gift cards to some happy recipients.
When I get sad during the holidays I always think of a song from the movie "Scrooge The Musical" its goes "Happiness is whatever you want it to be."
God gave us his only son Jesus Christ he was his Christmas gift to us and in return we need to be the Christmas gift to others.
You are what the good news is all about.You and I are asked by God to give to our neighbors, brothers and sisters even just a smile something to make people feel they are not alone in this world.
There is a story about "a giving jar" and you and your family can do it.At the beginning of each new year take a jar and every one in the family throws their change in it.On Christmas eve you take the jar and put it on a needy persons door step.
You can ring the door bell and hide if you want to see the reaction of the recipient or you can discretely walk away and let them find it in the morning.
This is Christmas its not how much we get its what we give.
Life is not fair but we are here as Christians to love our brothers because in them is Jesus and as St.Theresa said "We are Jesus hands and feet,he is not walking the earth but we are."

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