Friday, January 10, 2014

Punishing The People

Today it seems common place for politicians to get their programs through by punishing the people they are meant to serve.
Last summer when the government was shut down,the only people who got to suffer where the tax payers and tourist.
This week in New Jersey,Governor Christy found his own  officials decided to punish the mayor of the adjoining town,who did not choose to support Christy,to 3 days of traffic jams off the George Washington Bridge.
The Governor said he was not involved in this scandal,seems the premise has become,if we don't get our political way,we will hurt the little people,those paying our salary and just trying to live their daily lives.
This all reminds me of days in history like the British or Roman Empire,where the leaders felt they where chosen by God himself, and they had the right to meet all their selfish needs,and hurt the serfs.
I do have to hand it to Governor Christy that he decided to take decisive action and fire those who at present seem to be involved.
The next point that needs to be asked here,is why have we become a nation of wimps?
People almost feel as if these politicians have the right to treat us badly and we just accept it.
We are the bosses and the politicians are the employees.
We give them the power to govern us,not to rule over us,like we are children.
The time has come for we the people, to enlighten our selves to the fact that we are to be treated with respect,we are not sheep to be lead to slaughter.
These 5 years, with Obama as president,has taught me,how people like Adolph Hitler, get there power,and that's because we are complacent and allow them take advantage of us.
It was never clear to me how someone so evil as Hitler,was able to grab everything he did,but I see now that it was really very easy,because people just kept agreeing and sooner or later he was a dictator,not  a leader.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Whose to blame in the end?We are because we allow these people to mislead us and we pay no attention.
Proof of this,is the whole health care debacle we now face,its an  embarrassment,and we are allowing it to happen, because we are more concerned about how much we can get for free.
Free is never really free,and we all pay the price in the end.
But how big of a price are we willing to pay?