Monday, August 31, 2009

Sen.Ted Kennedy

I didn't really get to see much of Ted Kennedy's funeral last week and although I'm no great lover of the Kennedy's I believe credit should be given where credit is due.
Although I thought the funeral was a little over the top,and chances are good we has the tax payers, probably helped fund a good portion of it.
40 years of public service is something to be commended and standing up for ones beliefs is also a good thing,even if most of his beliefs were not mine.
A life lived well is a good thing and although,like most of us,we all have bad and good in our lives and some peoples bads are worse then others,none of us can cast stones when we all live in glass houses.
So may Senator Kennedy rest in peace and may his family feel comfort in knowing he is with his beloved family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town Hall Debates

I have listened with some interest to the town hall debates across the country and have come to the conclusion that most of our elected officials are a bunch of elitist.
I have heard no politician take the time to be engaging or even nice to the people he /she has been speaking to.
They seem to feel we, as the majority of people, are ignorant and uninformed and the only ones who know any thing are them.
Freedom is a right and we in this country have the right to stand up and be heard.Granted we need to be civil,but no one,not even the president has the right to tell the constituents to sit down,shut up and get out of their way.So they,the elected can ram things down our throat.
This is not Chicago this is the United States of America,home of the free.The politicians,yes even the one at the top,has to understand they work for us we do not work for them.
The representatives feel we are nothing but an angry mob,well who made us angry? How much can we take before we step forward and say "no more you have lied to us enough".
Thomas Jefferson urged us to never believe anything at face value to always be questioning and suspicious.
Our founding fathers yelled give us liberty not tyranny.These men lived under an oppressive society and under stood the importance of freedom.
If we are called an angry mob we stand in good company,Sam Adams and his tea party men,George Washington and the colonialist,Thomas Jefferson who wrote the deceleration,Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.All these people stood up when they needed to.
Do not be discouraged the time is here to stand up when necessary.Be polite,be brave and say what you feel needs to be said.We are not lambs to lead around mindlessly at the governments whim we are eagles to be free and chose our destiny.