Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decotations

Christmas is once again upon us and with it comes the shopping and decorating.
Friday I started by putting up my wreath in the kitchen window and am hoping to get my entertainment center cleaned off and my manger put up.
I enjoy my manger as much as my Christmas Tree and love to set my white light around it then turn the parlor lights off and just look at it.
This has got to be one of the more peaceful things I do and it makes Christmas seem all the more lovely and precious.
Has I have gotten older Christmas now takes on a much different meaning.No longer are there small children around and fewer gifts are given.So the emphasis is more on the food and social aspects,not on toys and gifts.
We take the time to enjoy each others company and tell stories of the year that is almost over.
When I was a Catholic Mid Night Mass was always a favorite.I waited for my favorite song "Oh Holy Night" to be sung.The church just echoed with the words reverberating off the walls and ceiling and made me feel that falling on my knees for Christ was an honor not a burden.
It's important to remember why we celebrate this Holiday,it is about the birth of Christ in a stable here to make us whole with our father,God.
Every year there is always some town or store who feels the words "Merry Christmas" are offensive.But to me not saying and acknowledging Christmas to others is equally offensive.
For many people this is one of the only times through out the year that they step into a church or have good and caring feelings about their fellow men.
We need to get passed the nay Sayer,they are few and far between and get back to the reason we celebrate this Holiday.It is for that small child born in a manger who came to save us and unit us to God.
How can you be angry when this small baby is in your midst and is has real today has he was over 2,000 years ago.
So don't be afraid to say Merry Christmas to all...And mean it...

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