Friday, November 14, 2014

Which Baby Is Blessed

Every baby born into this world is blessed by the hand of God.
One of King David psalms says "The Lord knew and formed me in my mothers womb".
Children are a blessing,be they born from rich parents or a poor drug addicted single mother,living on the streets.
Jesus never said that any child born to material rich caring parents are more blessed then those born of a single teenage parent.
Jesus loved the child,in the Bible he spoke about their innocence and how we as Christians need to be like little children in our beliefs.
In this country people treat children like a commodity,not a gift.
We do not understand the innocence in our arms,as we hold a child,be they sick or well.
When my grandparents where alive people did not have birth control.To have 6 or 10 children was not an odd thing.
Back in the mid 1960's with the advent of birth control,coming into women lives came,the desire to have children when each chose them.
My own choice to have only one child came from a belief,back in the mid  70's and early 80's,due to the idea that we are an overpopulated world and to have one child would help the environment be able to sustain all people around the world.
I do not feel bad for having only one child,it was a choice and I felt more children would need more then I could give them.
Some children are brought into this world and have a lone teenage mom,with no way to support themselves or their baby and others are born to important people with 3 priest praying over them saying "look how blessed they are".
But in the end which one is more blessed then another?
Jesus was born in a stable with a teenage mother and a carpenter for a father,yet God more then blessed him,on the moment of his arrival.
The son of God,born poor he was loved beyond measure by his Holy Father.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ebola And Heathcare Wokers

Seems like things may be starting to die down on this whole Ebola out break.
Hospitals say they are more prepared and could handle this situation,should it arrive in their facility.
According to participating hospitals across the country,Some important out comes have been put in place such as better protective gear and garments for health care workers to use,the buddy system,which states that no garmated person working with anyone who may have Ebola,is allowed to undress with out the assistance of another medical personal,to make sure protocol is followed.
Now we have about 4 hospitals whose main job will be to handle said Ebola patients.
In Texas over 60 people where involved,in some way with coming in contact with this confirmed patient.
This was very bad procedure since this could have caused a rather size able outbreak had each allowed someone in there immediate family to also contact this disease.
Not to mention,as we found out later,of a potential bridal shop and cruise ship.
One sick patient can come into contact and spread germs to hundreds of people,not because they have personal contact with each,but because they are contributing to second and third hand passing by the people they could potently infect.
It was not so many years ago that Aids infected thousands of people because of one male stewardess,who passed his disease to hundreds of people and they in turn to thousands.
We live in an age where people travel all around the world and come into contact with many people on a day by day basis.
If I am unaware of my sickness then confining myself will not be my option,but the out come could be very tragic.
We need to take all the precautions we can,even if it means infringing on our rights as a questionable disease carrier.
Nursing personnel,of all people,should be more then willing to follow set up protocol and remain quarantined for the said 21 days,if that is what state law calls for.
To do anything else,goes against the vow, each of us read upon the day we graduated which was "To do no harm".Anything other then that is selfish and self centered,putting us above the needs of those around us,who we could spread a sickness,that could cause death and a most horrible death at that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Voting Day

My father worked at a job where he would come home for an hour at lunch time.
Every election day he and my mother would eat lunch,then go together and vote,before he had to return and finish out his shift.
My father and uncles all fought during wold war 2,and the thought of not voting was never an option,in our family.
When I turned 18 years of age,the first thing I did was register to vote.
The choice of which party to belong to came easy,since I have always had a great deal of respect for Abraham Lincoln,the Republican Party became my party.
With living in  Connecticut and not being a Democrat,I am not  afforded many wins,but vote I go, every first Tuesday of November.
This year was a high point for me,not in my own state,which followed its liberal course,but nation wide.
This year Republicans did well and hopefully,the senate can now vote on things,with Harry Reed being made minority leader.
We are so fortunate to live in the united states, where we get to choose who we want to lead us.
Many people in many countries,will never know this ability of personal power,they live by the will of their leaders and change is not possible.
So last night,weather you won or lost,feel good in knowing that you make a difference and if your candidate didn't win remember next November on the first Tuesday of the month,you will be given the opportunity to make a change, because you have the freedom to vote for the candidate of your choice.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letting Go

This as been a most trying summer.
On June 6th I went to my local emergency room for left lower abdominal pain.
While there I was asked by the on duty doctor, if I wanted to have a ct scan done .
To my surprise they found I was in need of a gallbladder removal,due to inflammation and what looked to be a cyst in my right kidney.
Several weeks past and while at the surgeon's office,it was discovered that what I thought was a cyst turned out to be a cancer in my right kidney.
Due to my need to have my gall bladder removed,then time to heal,the kidney could not be removed until October 6th.
Luckily it was found and though large in size,this cancer was very slow growing and no further treatment would be needed.
The one thing I learned through all this was "Its all in God hands".
Though I did my part by eating well and taking vitamins,to prepare for the best possible surgical out come,in the end you need to let go and let God take over.
I was most fortunate and can not even begin to tell you how many prayer lists and church masses where said for me by so many caring people and friends.
We may not understand how our one life touches so many others,but we do.
The day before I ended up in the ER.I had attended my friend Lisa, church women's group,silent action.
While there we prayed and the pastors wife came to me to put her hands on me, because she said she felt the presence of the holy spirit upon me.
God works in strange and odd ways and though frightened,I learned that there is just some things we have no control over and that includes our health.
God steps in and takes over and we have to relinquish our control.
At present my out come so far,is wonderful.
This sickness as allowed me to see my friends for who they are and how fortunate I am to have so many people take the time to just let me know how much I am loved
Letting go of the reins in faith,puts us in the postion of a freedom we can never fully understand,until we are tried by difficult situations.