Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mowing The Grass

This morning I woke up to something quite odd.It was big,yellow shiny and up in the sky,I think its called the sun,its been so long I can't remember.
With great joy and no sign of rain I decided its time to mow my grass,after all it has been about three weeks since we last mowed and I fear if our dog (Christy)gets loose and wanders in the back yard we may never find her again.
To say I have missed the sun is a great understatement.Every day rain,rain and more rain only glimpses of dryness for three weeks.I was beginning to understand how Noah felt and the thought of buying a house boat was starting to peak my interest.
So with great optimism I took the mower out of the garage,carefully filled it with gas then pulled the cord.Once,twice,three times and vaaroom.
The sun was warm and the breeze on my face felt cool and as I pushed the lawn mower I thought how beautiful a day today is,it was worth the wait.
As I made my second pass,to my horror,I realized I ran over a small,black snake.Though no reptile lover,I did feel sorry for the poor thing after all we are all Gods creatures and running something over with a lawn mower is sad but being more like a hit and run then premeditated murder,I forgave my self for this horrible accident and pressed on.
Soon the bagger wasn't working,seems all the grass was just packing up under the mower and dropping big globs of wet grass all over the place.Then the motor decided to call it quits causing me to have to lift the front end up clean out the wet grass from between the blades and start over again.
Not one to be a quitter I was now determined to finish the whole 1/4 acre estate before the afternoon ended,since more rain was in our future.The sun now beat down like an unrelenting flame and the breeze lost its wonderful pleasant coolness.Running indoors repeatedly to get cool drinks of water this pleasant mowing task was now taking on the appeal of slave labor.
My son decided to come out and rake while I mowed and together we finished all but a small section on the front lawn that needs to be weed wacked.
Feeling pride swell up in our hearts at a task well done we decided to go to Friendlies for lunch and ice cream.
We arrived at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to find the restaurant completely filled with young people and children making loud noises causing me to go into migraine headache mode.After placing our order I went to CVS to buy Excedrin and hope for some relief.But alas none was to come.The service was slow and the restaurant
noisy causing my head to throb even harder.
Returning home I laid on the bed to sleep for about an hour,between the headache and heat exhaustion I was in bad need.
Upon arising I felt so much better and watched the birds as they picked through the grass looking for their treats of dead bugs and hopefully dead snake carcass.
In spite of it all it did turn out to be a lovely day and even an adventure and in another week,if it ever stops raining I will once again pull out the lawn mower but this time I think I'll take Christy out and let her run through the back yard just in case there's another snake....yuk....gross...Oh God how I hate snakes...

The Man in the Mirror

Several nights ago BET (black entertainment television)held its awards and decided to pay tribute to Michael Jackson.They sang his songs,danced his dances and his sister Janet said some words in his honor.
One entertainer said the media should not be attacking Micheal's' memory by publishing things about his questionable drug use,state of his body at the time of death and his odd background.He said that the media was "racist" and should not be trying to tear down their icon because he was a black man.
OK now I'm willing to go along with you should at least wait until the body is buried before you start tearing the person apart but this is the media and any dirt, as far as they are concerned,is good dirt and the bigger the star the bigger and better the dirt.
Now comes the part I disagree with and that is calling the media racist.The entertainer who made this remark must not watch much TV.Not so many months ago when David Carradine was found dead in a closet in Bangkok, hanging bound and naked, the media had a field day with the fact that he was into kinky sex,which I am sure we all needed to know about.They interviewed his ex wives and former lovers trying to show what a deviant he was.
How about Elvis they came right out and said he was in the bathroom dead from a drug overdose they went out of their way to talk about his doctor,handlers and family.The fact he was overweight,slept with different women,had a fishing tackle box filled with prescribed drugs and his erratic behavior were all put out there by the media.
Race has nothing to do with any of this the fact is we live in a world that likes to hear about how bad other peoples lives are,trust me if they could have dug dirt up on Mother Theresa they would have gone after her too.
Sunday while at church Fr.John gave a sermon on the fall and how we as people are always looking for the bad in the world.We want to know how bad other people are so we don't feel so bad about our selves.
One of the songs Michael sang was called "Man in the mirror" it says "I'm looking at the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his ways and no message could have been any clearer,if you want to make the world a better place you have to look at your self and make the change".
If nothing else maybe that's the message we should take away from this feeding frenzy.Realize the media prints and says what the people out there want to hear and pay to read.So before you call any one a racist take a look at the man in the mirror and see how you help contribute to this whole mess and what you can do to change it.Be the change you want to see in others and in the world.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Whats in a name?

While listening to t.v. tonight they were talking about Michael Jackson's kids and where they will be going to live.Michael's' third child's name is "blanket".Now there's a name you can live with.I told my husband maybe this child should use the name Blank-ett,which would work nicely if its a girl.
Where do these people get these names,just because your rich or a star doesn't mean you should give your kids name like Apple,Rocky or Blanket.These kids have to live with these names and cute as they may be when some one is 2 years old it loses
something when your 32.If you need to call your kid something like this then save it for a nick name.
I once heard someone say if you want to give your child an odd name then several weeks before your child's born introduce your self using this name,see how people react and realize this is the reaction your child will receive for the rest of their lives.
Names are important it can even be socially stigmatizing,it can mean the difference between being hired for a good or bad job.Employers like people with normal names.Yes your child is unique to you both special and precious but in the job world you need to fit in cute names like "star" or "candy" are not helpful in being taken seriously,no matter how you spell it.
I knew some one who had a child on Christmas day she wanted to call her new daughter "snow" her grand mother stepped in and urged her not to do it she gave in and they named her "Noel" which I must admit was much prettier and very acceptable,unfortunately when her brother had a child he named his daughter "Diamond" well to each his own I guess.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

God Works in Odd Ways

Thursday night when I got home from our churches free community meal,I decided to sit down and look at my emails.Just before I was able to pull up my mail the phone rang.Vic picked it up and said it was for me,giving me that "it must be a teller marketer look."I hesitantly took the phone and said hello.
On the other end I heard "Hello Linda its Sr. Elaine."I was stunned you see Sr. Elaine was a novice when I was in grammar school and she and my Aunt Sr. Yvette belonged to the same order.when she went on retreats if she ran into my Aunt she would tell me she said hello.
Last year I was on the hunt to find her because I had the need to know she was alright.I spent many months looking for her and when I finally found her addresss I sent her a letter asking her if she was well and telling her that I thought my Aunt had passed away last Jan.She sent me an email replying to my letter.
Now it seems she was calling me to tell me that my aunt had not passed away in Jan.but Thursday night and the nursing home could not find any family members.Sr.Elain said she was on a retreat when she found out my Aunt was not doing well and she went to see to her.After she passed away one of the sisters said "we have been trying to reach family members for 2 weeks and can not find any.I guess she has none" to which Sr.Elaine said "oh yes she does and I know how to contact her."
Imagine my surprise here we all thought she was gone and how guilty we felt that we were unable to attend her funeral.
This morning we drove to Manchester N.H. to attend her funeral although we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour,due to road work,and the bridge by the nursing home road was closed.We ended up being 15 minutes late,but made it and were treated very kindly by all the sisters. When I relayed my story about how I found Sr.Elaine and how she found me every one was amazed and said God works in mysterious ways and you must admit he certainly does.Let me tell you He also has an odd sense of humor.
Thursday night, Sr.Elaine also told me that when I was concerned about her being alright this was the time she was spending 5 weeks in rehab,seems she fell down some stairs and broke her leg.hows that for eerie

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I have finally had the time to sit and listen to some of the things about Michael Jackson.His talent was only exceeded by his odd behavior and sad lifestyle.
When I think of this man I remember how talented he was even as a child,a fabulous singer and dancer a gentle a quite man who was in such need of love that he reached out and embraced people who tried to suck the life out of him.
His abusive father,unloving mother,lack of a childhood and need to please all around him.
Some where along the line his gifts and talents became lost in a lifestyle of pain and drug abuse.
I remember him at his best with his brothers dancing and singing and his thriller years.Top in his form and able to make clear rational decisions.
He seemed to always have a sad air about him looking beyond his family members at something that the rest of us were unable to see then instantly smiling when a camera flashed his way as if on cue
This is a person who deserves to rest in peace because all his talent and money in the end never brought him the happiness he needed a sad and lonely figure with a ghoulish face that looked like something out of batman and the dark knight.
I guess in the end a person with so much talent can never live all their life in one life time.So many dimensions and so few ways to truly express them all. This was a talent whose light faded away to soon.No matter how you look at it 50 is way to young to die for any one super star or not.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freedom Of Speach

Although I was a little girl during the height of the hippies the one thing I can remember was the saying "I may not agree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it."Wow how far away from that idea have we come.
Lately I hear people being called all sorts of names because they do not hold the opinion of the right,left or middle.We seem to feel that freedom of speech encompasses freedom of speech as I feel is proper.Your speech,if it offends me, is wrong and you need to "sit down and shut up".
We are all entitled to speak our minds,that's what makes our country great,you do not need to agree with me and I do not need to agree with you but I do need to give you the respect your due as a fellow citizen.
The one thing our Fore Fathers stressed was the right of all people to be free,and let me tell you these guys had some pretty radical ideas for there times.They spoke against their king,protested,wrote letters and books and fought in skirmishes.
We tend to think our whole country was united in this war against England,they were not,many people sided with England and liked life the way it was.
We are a country of people who have spoken our minds since the beginning,be it radical or conservative, popular or unpopular,whether you ran for office or sat in a bar and voiced you grips.
In most respects you may say what you want like or dislike the government,love or hate the president and the beauty is you will not be arrested in the night by men in dark suits and thrown in prison for the rest of your life.
We need to allow our neighbors the freedom of expression that we ourselves would want.Of course with freedom of speech comes responsibility our words can not be used to incite hatred or pain on other groups.Those who live in glass houses need not throw stones.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FR.Peter Radio Program

This morning when I finally awake enough I turned on my radio to hear our own Fr.Peter talking about the weather and the rain they were having in Southbridge.Here it was not so wet but overcast.
I don't usually get to listen to Fr's radio program on a daily basis but do try to make a point on my days off to at least catch a few minutes of it before I run off to start my errands.
There is something very nice hearing a familiar voice in the morning and catching up on the latest news around not only the different towns in our area but our world at large.
Lately I have been getting pretty fed up listening to the T.V. news it all seems depressing and messy.Everything seems biased your either with the President or your against the President.The world for a time is going crazy.That's why I enjoy listening to Fr.It makes me see that there is more out there like the Thompson Speedway or the Strawberry Festival in Dudley.
All the fun things in daily life that we take for granted but that are what America is really about the pursuit of happiness in our daily lives.
Its nice to start the day with a funny story, local news and town events it reminds us that although this is a large confusing world we still have our local values and neighborhoods and we get connected to it all by things like Fr.Peter radio program.
If you live around the area or are just driving through Fr.Peter can be found on Weso AM 970 South bridge.Every morning until 9AM and on Thursday at noon time.So take the to get refreshed and hear what the locals are doing because this is the real world for us small town people and it makes for a good start to the day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Sofa

Sunday after church when we got home I sat on our very aged sofa and told my husband "I think its time to buy a new sofa?" to which he relied, as he was pushing the stuffing back into the ripped pillow cover "I think you right", causing me to almost pass out with joy.
Now with the decision to buy a new sofa settled comes the next question "Where do we go to buy one?" In our immediate area there is no longer any places to buy furniture.Due to the economy both stores in Putnam and Webster,have shut their doors.
So with no other choice off we went to the big city of Worcester to start our hunt.
You may think that shopping with my husband is a simple act but he and I are very different shoppers,he tends to check and recheck ask and re ask questions and decide and re decide, while my theory is if you like it and it fits buy it.I'm not the kind of person who needs to go to 12 different stores to be frustrated.Don't get me wrong he does have the right idea,you should never just jump into something you may regret later but I only have so many years left to my life and I don't want to waste them in a furniture store.
Every place we went to had at least one couch we could live with but Vic has a bad back so "firm" is the word and that works for me because I hate sitting on those over stuffed sofas that swallow you up and have no support.
After three stores we ended up in Natuck at Jordan's furniture store.This is not just a store this has an Imax movie theatre,ice cream shop,restaurant and cafe.I must admit this is my idea of shopping.
In less then 10 minutes we found what we wanted in our price range then spent another 20 minutes picking out the fabric,this is the part where I got to bore my husband checking and rechecking fabric swatches and trying to decided which one would be easiest to keep clean,since our yellow lab refuses to stop shedding. In the end it all worked out for the best,Thank God because between you and me I don't think I could have sat on or tried out one more sofa,my back had had it.
So what did I learn here? I learned that even though Vic and I have different shopping styles,we make a good team,its just a matter of getting on the same tracks then its full steam ahead.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Conn.And The Catholic Churches

Well once again I spent my evening emailing my good Gov.Rell about my protest of their trying to call the Bishop of Conn. a lobbyist because he rented buses and spent more then $2000.helping people from his local churches to get out and protest against several Rep. who wanted to take some financial power away from the church and give it to the parishioners.
Since the state did not win they have decided different tactics are needed to put their thumb on and punish the catholic church for standing up for their rights to freedom of speech and religion.
It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid these elected officials can be.Who are these people who think they can strike fear into the hearts of the common person.
My state has many problems like companies leaving the state with jobs,large deficits,crime and on and on they do not need to waste money on foolish law suites which this state knows it will lose,not to mention the bad publicity it gives us.We seem intolerant and inflexible.
I have lived in this state all my life and can tell you we consider our selves the quite corner.We are the state that after the revolution,came up with the Connecticut compromise,We are the constitution state.But now we are turning into an embarrassment.
Take the time to go to www.frpeterpreble.com and read his blog spot on this issue then take the time to send an email to gov.rell www.govrell.gov to voice your disapproval.If it can happen in my state it can happen in yours,nip this in the bud now or pay the consequences in the future.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wedding

This weekend we attended our nephew Peters' wedding in Cleveland.It was held in a very new, very white,very sterile Catholic Church.
The priest spent very little time in front of the couple and let them do must of the ceremony alone in front of the guest and photographer,I guess they needed those good wedding shots.
The rings were blessed in a bowl handed to the couple then the priest walked over to the side so they could exchange rings and vows alone.
At the end of the service the priest instructed every one that the receiving line would be held at the hall and not in the church.
All so modern and so very unreligious in feeling.
After the service I told my husband I was so happy we married in the Orthodox Church.So rich in formality and yes even tradition.
If it were not for the fact we were in a church I would have though these two people were being married by a justice of the peace not a priest.
There are times when services need to be formal and rich I believe weddings and funerals all need to be full of Gods' nearness.
What is more important in a persons life then being married? If the church takes the service lightly then how do they expect a young couple to take their vows seriously when times get tough.Marriage is an important step and as such should be treated with the seriousness due at the moment of professing your love to each other.
I guess every one is entitled to have their marriage done any way they want to and what makes me happy does not make everyone happy but I can now understand why people don't feel a real need to attend and raise their children with religious values or stay in marriages.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last night I caught a short,interview with two guys who wrote a book called "The perfect or almost perfect marriage".Although the interview was short these men brought up some very interesting subjects.
First they said they do not like it when their wives say they are their friends.They said they have lots of friends,whom they don't kiss,and they want a wife not a friend.
I think this comes because men and women have different ideas of what a friend is.Men consider a friend to be a person to pal around with not some you have a close person relationship with,some one you confide in.Actually when a women says her husband is her best friend she sees this as the person she feels most near to,confides in and loves dearly.this to a woman is a very great compliment.
Second they said young men today do not know how to date, they call it hanging out not going out on a date.
This I must agree with for better or worse young men do not understand the pursuit of a relationship.Going after and gaining the love and trust of a woman.They see young women as another pal and not as something special.They have never been taught that to date someone is to treat them as something special taking time to get to know them deciding if this person is worth their wild to be with.
Unfortunately this is the problem of not only young men but young women.None of them understand they are a jewel not be given to just anyone but to someone special.In the Victorian era women understood these things and did not even kiss a man unless they though this was someone special,of course they had their own issues.
Third they talked about picking your fights.The interviewer said his wife has lots and lots of shoes and it makes him crazy.One of the authors said "why do you want to fight about shoes she feels it makes her look good and is more attractive to you?" so pick you fights.
This is true most women want to look good for their spouses they wear clothes,make up,jewelry not because they want to be attractive to other men but because they want their husbands to feel attracted to them.If other men admire them then so much the better because they can't have her but her husband can.
It always strikes me funny when husbands do not want their wives dressing well because they are insecure that other men will find then beautiful.Well why did you date her if you did not think she was eye catching,she caught your eye didn't she.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Yesterday while watching the news it came to my attention that Dr.Tiller was murdered while in his church.Nice place to kill someone, how christian.
Back in the 80's I decided that abortion was a subject I would not support.I have seen to many zealots, who out of what they thought was religious mercy, taking to violence and killing nurses,doctors and Secretaries in abortion clinics because they felt they were the chosen one.
How far away from God must you be if you as a christian feel you have the right to murder another human being and justify it.I think Jesus must weep when these things happen.
We as Christians are suppose to understand that we are above this sort of thing.God says vengeance is mine not vengeance is yours.We are told we are not of this world we are heaven bound and as such evil is what we face while we live here on an evil planet.
With that said if abortion upsets, or doesn't upset you,then go out and protest but do no harm.We are to believe in non violence.Just as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr did.more is gotten from peace then violence.Gandhi said "Evil never survives,in the end it always passes away, always".