Thursday, September 10, 2009


This week has been a time of reflection of opposites.
Saturday my husband and I decided to go to Boston for the day.It was a beautiful summer day to walk and walk we did,three hours worth.We started out at government center and ended up at the Boston Common walking by way of The Museum of Science and along the Charles River.
When we got to the Boston Common we crossed the street where St.Johns church was.It's lovely huge banners hanging from its columns proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" Unfortunately the front steps had yellow tape and signs which said "no trespassing police take notice". Kind of gave us that we love you but not that much feeling.
We then proceeded down several side streets and came to St. Anthony's' a multiple storied building with giant banners hanging from its building proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" their doors we opened to all.This building is run by the Franciscans they provide food,clothing,medical care,counseling and spiritual prayer.A little more welcoming I must admit.
On Sunday night while watching T.V.Dr.Jack Kevorkian was on.He was talking about his lack of belief in God stating he had been raised in a country were you were not allowed to practice religion and to this day does not believe in a God.He talked of how Christians claim that their bodies are so precious but if this is so why are limbs and body parts taken after surgery's and thrown into garbage cans.How much in the image of God can our bodies truly be if we treat limbs and organs this way?
To which I told my husband I think he misses the point our body is a vessel but in us is the breath of God. A limb is a part of our vessel not our whole being.
Today EWTN showed the life of Mother Theresa in remembrance of her death,she passed in Sept. of 1997 at age 87.They showed clips on mothers' teachings and her belief that we are all one family and every life is precious no matter who we are or what our make up and belief systems are.She said we are an extension of God and even one small act of kindness is like a pebble in a pond and radiates the light of God to the world.
She added we live in a world were people feel unloved.That we are more involved with our selves then with the people around us.We surround our selves with modern technologies and even when we're in the presence of another person,We are more involved with our phones and inner worries then the people in front of us,who are our brothers,the image of God,for he said "what ever you do for the least of my brothers you have done it for me."
How true.Many is the time I have gone to restaurants and watched has peopled talked on their cell phones or checked their personal messages,in spite of the fact that they have a live person in need of their company right in front of them.To be made second to a device that did not take the personal time to be with them is an insult.
We are here for each other and has such must take the time to love and care for each other.Mother said people are made to love and be loved that is why we crave and need to be touched,listened to and cared for.To do less is to turn ones back on God.

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