Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today while reading the Dear Annie section in the news paper,which is much like Dear Abbey a question and answer article to assist people with personal issues to gain answers to their problems.
Today a lady,who is 50 something is dating a gentleman 20 years her concerned because if they become serious she is not sure how she will tell her children and his parents because of their age difference.She wanted to know if we have a double standard in this country when it comes to younger men with older women compared to older men with younger women.
Now being in a younger woman older man relationship my self,my husband is 12 years older then me,all I can say is my husband and I are best friends and it works for us.
When we were first dating my husband was concerned about our age gap but it seems I was a more mature 25 year old and he was a more younger free spirit 36 year old.
By the time I meet him I had been married,divorced and had a 3 year old child.I had a job,owned a home and had a new car and although I had some debt I was able to pay all my bills and be independent.
He on the other hand had lived a free single life style,went collage and held several jobs and was ready to be with some one and settle down.
For us this worked out well and even though I had relatives who said I was looking for "a father figure" and his friends said "I'm glad you brought your daughter",the friends were kidding the relatives were not,we have endured for over 20 years.
We have grown together and seem to have a good relationship with each other,which many of my friends,who are married to people their own age, can not say.
Being with an older person is nice,its secure and even though sometimes he forgets I'm an adult and capable of making clear headed decisions,its all worth it in the end.
I have several friends who are woman married to younger men and when I meet and spend time with them I understand why their relationships work.We are all free spirits looking for the love of our life.When two people meet and it works its a wonderful thing.
A soul mate is some one who completes and full fills your empty places in your life and there is no age limit on love.
Is there a double standard? I'm sure there is.We have all these social ideas of what an ideal partner is suppose to be.We should all be a certain height or weight,have a certain look ,dress a certain way,be a certain age.But this is not realistic, God made us all in his image and he wants us to be happy with our mates.He said it is not good for man to be alone and made woman to be his companion.He didn't give any other stipulations like height,weight or hair color.He made Eve from Adams rib not from his head bone or foot bone.The rib is near the heart just were God expects us to be with our own partners,near their heart and our own.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fear in New York

I'd like to know what was in the mind of the government agency that allowed a look alike air force one with 2 fighter jets to fly into Manhattan near where the Twin Towers once stood.
Some times I think if you don't live in New England you can not even understand the amount of fear that those poor people in Manhattan under went when they saw this happen.Do they not realize that allot of those people who viewed those planes had to relive the horror of that day on 9/11,the reminder of family and friends they lost and how their lives changed,not for the good either.
We in New England can still remember that terrible day and the fear we all felt waiting for more planes to attack us as we tried to sleep those first few nights.
More then an apology needs to be given to Manhattan for the fear they injected into their day today .What happened was wrong and no one should have to live in fear because some one needed a photo op.

Swine Flu

Seems the big epidemic or possible pandemic is Swine Flu.With multiple cases in New York and through out some areas of the world,Mexico being one of them.People are becoming frightened.
We live in a country with open boarders to the world.It's no longer like it used to be where travel was confined to small areas.Now,for better or worse,the world is mobile.
The problem seems to be that medically we are not all equal.Although people complain about our health care system in this country,we are,for the most part, very healthy and our doctors are able to dispense all sorts of medicines.The rest of the world is not so lucky.
During the Black Plague,when shipping was the way of life,infected fleas from rats being carried on trading vessels,transmitted the disease from port to port.People at that time did not understand how sickness was spread or have any concept of bacteria and viruses,so it ran rampant and spread infecting and killing many individuals.
Today we have the cdc and multiple plans in place by government and communities.Does this mean we are safe?For the most part yes but then a disease is a disease and not everything is curable,especially when an epidemic starts.
So what can you do to try to steer clear of this flu? First wash your hands,more flu's and viruses are spread from touching surfaces then you can imagine,not that all germs are dangerous, many are beneficial for you immune system.But washing your hands is a simple step.Second try to stay away from infected areas like cities and countries that are reporting incidences.Third if you think you've come in contact with this flu see you practitioner,better safe then sorry and even if you do find out you have it at least you can catch the problem early.Fear of having something is worse then having it.Fourth eat well and exercise.An immunity that is high is always better then one that is low and eating good foods,taking vitamins and going for a walk is always a plus if you have to fight off an infection.
Sickness can come at any time but trying to stay rational and not letting the media scare you will keep you grounded.We can only do the best we can with out health.Take time to meditate,sleep and pray.Then leave it in the hands of the Almighty because thats where he whats you to put your concerns and fears.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have A Picmic

This morning while at work one of the aides was asking where the cheapest place around Webster was to buy hamburg,she resides in Worcester.when I asked her why she needed hamburger she told me she had a craving for a bacon burger off the grille and was calling her husband up to get the grille clean.
Today's temp was in the 80's and it was a beautiful spring day.As I was at my med cart I got to thinking its been a really long time since Vic and I went on a picnic so that's what I decided to do surprise him with a picnic.
After work I went to the deli pick up some food and other things to take with us.I walked in the door and Vic was sorting news papers to get rid of.I said "I was thinking today how about a picnic" he said "sure when" I said "now" and off we went to the lake in Thompson.
We picked a table not far from the water and watched about 20 teen boys have a great time swimming and throwing each other in the cold lake.We talked with a couple who rode in on their motor cycle and admired the beauty of the day.
My husband has always like being near water things like lakes,oceans and even ponds always brings release and relaxation to him.I tell him all the time "you can tell you were born under the sign of pieces the fish because any excuse will get you to water".
After an hour or so it was off to the movies to see Grand Tureeno with Clint Eastwood another squint with Clint movie.
Isn't it amazing what can happen with a simple thought of a picnic.If you have time this beautiful weekend in New England take an hour or two with the one you love to have a picnic.Simple things like this remind you why you love each other so much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Town Hall Of Hope

Last night our church hosted a live stream on the Internet lectured by Dave Ramsey from Oklahoma city,Oklahoma.
Mr.Ramsey talked about hope and fear and how we act and react.Fear and apathy play a big part in our decisions but in most cases we don't even realize it.Common sense has just been flushed down the toilet.We no longer feel we have to work hard but instead we want the government to do for us and make our decisions.
Part of being an adult means knowing how to live within you means and not having everything you want just because you want them.We have lost the word "No" and many times in life no is the answer whether you like it or not so move forward.
Since the economy as started to go down hill I have heard allot of people complain about all different kinds of financial issues they are faced with but last night showed me that many people complain but not so many want to take the first step which is to show up for things like we held last night in our church.We had about 12 people last night,including Fr.Peter,and all those who showed up were excited to be there and learn not just complain.Fr. Peter says showing up is one of the most important parts of life.Being there and listening allows you to make educated decisions,you may not agree with what is said but at least you showed enough interest to show up.
Many people fear looking at their bills and trying to make payment decisions.They are stuck and don't know where to turn thinking they're not smart enough to understand money matters.The truth is there are many self help books written for people just like you and me.Susie Orman is a wonderful writer and talks in terms that can be understood by rank beginners.Dave Ramsey can be found on the Fox financial network nightly and lets not forget Fr.Peter's radio shows which host many interesting and easy to understand radio personalities with good financial advice and the best part is its free.Increase you knowledge and you may increase you bank account and who knows you may have fun doing it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning/Day After Pill

the FDA has now decided to allow people who are 17 years of age or older to buy the the over the counter day after pill.They feel that 17 year olds should be given the same Rights as adults.The fact that a 17 year old is not a legal adult does not seem to matter.
In case you do not understand this morning after pill let me try to explain and forgive me if I'm wrong on my explanation but here goes.The morning/day after pill,as the name implies is taken the next morning after having intercourse when a perceived pregnancy may have occurred,it is really not one pill but several pills taken over a course of time.Its purpose is to not allow the fertilized egg to implant into the uterine lining thus not allowing pregnancy,the egg is passed through the body.
Many religious groups consider this to be an abortion because they believe in the concept of life from conception to death,from the womb to the tomb.
The fact that they now want to allow 17 year olds to buy this with out consent from a parent is just another way to under mining parental authority.Being a female and understanding the girl mind I can tell you right now that these things will end up in the hands of people under the age of 17.All a 14 year old has to do is ask a 17 year old to buy it for her.How safe,I ask you,will this be for some one who is considered a preteen?
Most medications when given to a child,have to be converted by body weight in order to be safe,then the doses have to be adjusted.How long do you think it will be before a preteen is injured or dies because of their immature body and chemistry make up?
We live in a crazy world,one that feels that children 17 year old and under have the mentality of an adult and can thus make decisions that we wont let or don't want their parents to make for them.

Earth Day/You Can Make A Difference

Earth Day was yesterday and unfortunately,being on a Wednesday and the middle of the work week,many people let it pass with out much thought.
I'm not much when it comes to global warming,I think this earth has gone through all kinds of change and will continue to go through more as the years go by.
Fr. Peter says "the Big Bang Theory could have started with a clap of God's hands" and the rest,my friend,is history.Our planet is unwinding and aging and like the rest of us with age comes change.
Now with that said this does not mean that we are not all responsible for our actions.
The government has decided that there are all kinds of things they want to do to make this world more "green".In my mind it is more important for each one of us to do the simple things that will help us help our planet,because lets face it,Although it doesn't seem that way there are more of us then government officials.
When I was in High School in the mid 70's I got introduced to a new course called "Ecology".When I looked at the book I thought "Oh great another science class." But it ended up being one of my favorite classes.We would got outside and study the soil layers,trees,ponds and animal life that made up our earth and because of that class I have always tried to be aware of my impact of daily life on the world.
Everybody can be what we called "eco friendly" and it doesn't require allot of time or money just some thought.In my town we recycle,so my kitchen always looks like a recycling center in progress.Containers for plastic,cardboard,glass,newspaper,tin cans and junk mail,which we are overwhelmed with on a daily basis.At first it was a hassle but now its a way of life and makes me quite happy to see my husband take them to the recycling center at our town dump.
Other things you can do is;take a walk not only is it good for your health and well being its good for the environment,less carbon and fossil fuel being wasted when your car is parked.Collect soda cans off the side off the road,this will give you some spare change when you turn them in and clean the ground.Use long life light bulbs,yes they are a little more expensive but if you buy them when on sale you will use less energy and save some money on your electric bill.Turn off all things that you are not using those little lights on the computer screen cost money and use energy when they are left on.This year I just started using cloth grocery bags and,when I remember to bring them to the store,I cut down the amount of plastic being thrown in the land fill,which will never break down and our neighborhood looks nicer with out plastic bags hanging off tree branches.Price Choppers,where I grocery shop credits me 3 cents for every cloth bag I use helping me pay for my initial investments.
Like the great out doors? plant a garden.Grow your own fresh vegetables.How about birds and butterflies.Plant flower gardens for them and in return they will help your vegetable garden by eating bugs and watching them fly and sing will lift your spirits.Plant a tree its great for cleaning the air and adding beauty to you back yard giving you shade to sit in while admiring your gardens.
If you live in an apartment plant in containers and you will always have beauty around you and keep your air clean.
These are just a few simple ideas that don't take allot of time but will help you make a contribution to the world and to your self. Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in others" and Confucius said "A journey begins with a single step" So be the change and take the step.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday,in Boston, a man was arrested in the murder of several New England prostitutes who advertised on Craig's list.The man is a Boston University medical student who they think is also linked with a bank robbery.They feel he did these things for money.The girl he killed in Warwick Rhode Island fought back and was killed in a horrible manner.
How responsible should a web site be about protecting the people who use them?
For those who do not know Craig's list is a web site which is an on line want ad.People advertise things they want to sell so buyers can be found for their goods.
My big question is should this site allow people to peddle themselves?I thought prostitution,in this country,was illegal.Does it stop being illegal if its published on a web site or in a news paper?
Any web site you go to needs to be safe.When you log into these sites you need to know that you are protected and measures should be taken for you by the sites owners.There are things called filters which can be used and some sites require you to use credit cards so they can track the individuals using their sites.
The owner of Craig's list,as up until yesterday,tried not to interfere with the freedom of his site.Basically he just wants what he can get out of the site but not put any responsibility into the safety of his clients.
I'm sorry but in this day and age with young people being lured by predators the selling and buying of ones body on line should be illegal and stopped and not just on Craigs list.
Freedom is one thing but when it invites criminal activity then these sites need to look out for you and your family because you never know who is on the other end and what they may want to buy may not be what you really want to sell and your life is worth a little effort on these web sites part.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Friendly Church/God is Awake

Here's a few things I read Sunday that I found interesting.

The Friendly Church

A friendly church is one where worshipers greet one another warmly and sincerely.

A friendly church is one where members seek out newcomers and make them feel welcome and important. Visitors hear that the congregation can help meet various needs: spiritual nourishment,Christian education,fellowship,friendship,service opportunities,support and comfort during difficulties and more.

A friendly church has something for everyone.It becomes a loving home where people desire to return frequently for spiritual, social, physical and emotional support.

God is Awake

One night A mother was putting her 4 year old to bed.The child was afraid of the dark.
When the light was turned off,the child caught a glimpse of the moon outside the window."Is the moon God's light?" she asked her mother.

"Yes" she replied

"Will God put out his light when we go to sleep?" asked the girl

"No,dear.God never goes to sleep."

Then the little girl said "Well as long as God is awake there's no sense in all of us staying awake."

The pair slept well not only that night but for many nights to follow.

heres a little ditty

Here's a little ditty which you might find amusing:

Everybody,Somebody,Anybody and Nobody.

This is a little story about four people:Everybody,Somebody,Anybody and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done,and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party

This has been a very busy week for me and I have not had much time to do many things let alone sit and blog.
Wednesday my son and I went to Norwich, attend the Tea Party held there.It was held on the marina and there was at least 250 people there.It was a beautiful day for such a protest.
Many people,from what I heard,seem to have not gotten what the whole protest was about.
It was not about stopping assistance to the poor,we are a generous people and if asked most people would share what they had with anyone in need.It was not about hating Obama or the Democrats,We voted allot of Republican out of office related to them being to big and self serving,which those in office now seem to have learned nothing.
The people who attended these parties are upset about the government,which feels it needs to run the lives of the people not the government,they fear socialism is around the corner and our values as a nation may be lost.
The Constitution starts with "we the people" not "we the government".This country was based on freedom of rights which are guaranteed to us and that includes; religion,speech,free assembly and the right to bear arms.
We are not children and we have a voice in the interest of this country.This is what makes us unique and special.Many people left their own countries to come here and be all they can be because that was not allowed to them back in the old country.
We believe that all people have potential and can climb the hill and grow to the that potential.When the government tries to be the nanny state then no one as to work or try to succeed there is no point in making money when they kill you with taxes.
All people have the right to realize the American dream but we as a country are not obligated to give everyone the American dream.You have the right to the pursiut of happiness but we do not grantee happiness.
Helping people who are willing to help themselves is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged but making people life long welfare recipients is not a good thing.
People think these Tea Parties are just a bunch of silly right wing red necks.Well if I'm one of those then I'm proud to be one because I stand with many great people like George Washington,John and Sam Adams,Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin.
People are angry and to be ignored is not a good thing.Like it or not our politicians and government needs to open their eyes.All movements start with a fringe group then move inward.
Some one said the original Tea Party was done because of taxation with out representation.All I can say is when you are being ignored by your representatives you are not being being represented.When they pass bills they do not read,bow down to paid lobbyist and spend most of their time raising money to run for re election then they represent themselves not their constituents.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Thursday

Last night was Holy Thursday and the reading of the twelve Gospels.At the 6th Gospel the priest takes the wooden cross puts it on his shoulder and walks down then back up the aisle,he then takes out the wooden body of Christ and nails him to the cross.The pounding of the nails into the hands and feet resonates through out the church and brings even the strongest heart to sadness.
This is my third year of attending this service and up until this morning it never really occurred to me what this whole service was about.Its about "love"
This morning I woke up with Simone,the man who was compelled to assist Jesus carry his cross.Suddenly it all made sense Simone was not just helping Jesus carry his cross bar he was helping him carry his load,his burden.He was assisting another person by picking up the load off his shoulders and carry it.Even when he knew the out come would not be good he carried the load for a broken and dying man.Its like brother helping brother.Simon did not volunteer he was made to do it but he did it any ways and God knew this when the soldiers picked him.
Simone is also humanity caring the cross beam so the innocent lamb,who out of love, bearing the sins of the world,could be nailed to the cross.
The first Gospel starts out by Jesus talking to his apostles about love in all its different forms being in God and God being in him,the greatest law of all,the good Samaritan,giving up ones lift for another.Then as all the gospels are read you see all the different forms of love and hate.A mothers love for her son,a friend turning his back,a follower selling him out,women friends following him to his death,Religious leaders gone bad,Roman soldiers lack of humanity toward a convicted innocent,a wealthy Jewish man giving up of a new grave,followers who ran away in fear.
These twelve Gospels hold so much but in the end it all amounts to love.Jesus said I am in my father and my father is in me.Really this is the way we should all live our lives because God is in us and if we truly want to live as good Christians then we must also be in God.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Today is a beautiful day.The sun is shining the birds are singing and mother nature is calling so what else could I do but take a walk.
After 15 minutes I ended up by the library walking over the foot bridge into the park.
The sky way so blue and the sounds of the water rushing by gave me the feeling that this truly was the day the Lord had made and may I say this is some of his best work
First I came across three ladies with several children all trying to fly a kite.After three or four tries,with little breeze in sight,the wind co operated and the kite flew up into the sky,the children were so excited that it got me to thinking its time to buy a kite and enjoy the freedom of flight again.The shear exultation of being lifted up into the clouds and watching as it tumbles in repeated circles.the enjoyment of letting the string in and out and watching as the kite tries to touch the clouds and feeling like maybe I too could touch those same fluffy white masses.
Further down the lane was an older woman with her 3 grandchildren,2 riding their bikes and one being pushed in a stroller.As I passed by the bench they had stopped at to rest the elderly woman and I greeted each other with a warm hello both asking each other how we were doing.On a day such as this I could tell by the tone of our voices we truly meant it when we said "have a nice day".
When I was a teenager one of my favorite bands was Chicago and as I walked home I began to think about their song "Saturday In The Park".One line in that song goes "Saturday in the park every day's the fourth of July,Saturday in the park I think was the fourth of July,people talking,people laughing a real celebration".Today was one of those happy light hearted days the kind you really have to enjoy because that's why we are here to feel the beauty of God's perfect hand at work.


Last year I spoke about my white angora cat statue which sits on my park bench during the spring and fall and how my yellow cat Milo would sit next to it for hours,it was his best buddy.During the winter I put the statue in the cellar to protect it.
About 2 weeks ago when I was getting into my car I saw Milo on the park bench watching the birds at the feeder and thought "Gee I need to get his friend out of the cellar".4 days ago when I was letting the dog out I noticed Milo siting under Vic's truck watching a bird playing in a small puddle, he looked so cute like some great hunter.
Alas my poor Milo has not been home in several days we are not sure what happened to him because he is such a home body.I have prayed for him hoping he is not suffering where ever he may be.
Last night I had a dream I was at my mothers house and opened the cellar door and Milo ran up the stairs, my deceased mother told me he had been with her and I could take him home but he would not come into the car with me so I just hugged him and my dream ended.If he has gone to the great cat house in the sky at least he is at peace and not in any pain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bride Groom Mantins

Tonight was Holy Tuesday Service,The Bride Groom Mantins.I have to admit during holy week these bride groom mantins are my favorite.I think its because they are held in the evening,the lighting in soft,there are few people in the church and this year the incense were sweet and soft smelling its just wonderful to listen to those lovely soft chants and prayers.
As the week progresses the services get slightly louder and by Friday and Saturday evening the church is really crowded and loud.
I tend to be a more quite person when it comes to prayer and enjoy these soft mantins to loud services.I have never been one who could focus well and concentrate with noise around me,my mind goes in all different directions and I miss the point.
It is sad to think that in the next few days it will be more about the responses and less about the meaning and beauty.Most of the people that attend our church have done so since childhood. Holy Friday and Saturday become more about their joy of being able to sing the chants and responses to the service,a more social event then a service. But that's OK. because we all praise God in different ways.Some people need the loud excitement of Christ being risen I guess I need the quite soothing of the soft tones to help me ease into Easter day. I need to focus on the days leading up to the Crucifixion and the death,I need to know and feel all Jesus felt and to moarn for awhile.Jumping into Easter is a slow process for me and although the resurection is a wonderous thing I need to feel the full sadness before I can feel the full joy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Tax Man Comeith

Well today is April 13Th and for another year I am finished with my tax forms and they are mailed.
Usually I have them done no later then March but this year I just could not get into it so today I went over my federal form then did my Mass. and Conn. forms.Yes I'm the lucky one since I work in Mass. and live in Conn. I get to fill out two forms then send a copy of my Mass. form to Conn. to prove I'm an honest kind of person not pulling a fast one over governor Rell.
Every year when I do these forms I always think 1)Am I nuts why didn't I just pay someone to do them for me and 2)Why can we not just pay a flat 10% to the government,let them give 1% or 2% to the state I live in and toss all the forms in the garbage.I mean their going to take it from me anyways so lets just make it simple.Every week I get paid take 10% out and in return I never have to fill out another tax form and we can both move on with our lives.
Of course people like my sister's friend Sandy, who does taxes for 250 people, would not be happy with me,especially since she just bought a new computer and soft ware but we can make it up to her some how.
I hate seeing people trying to find ways to play games to keep and get back some of their money and lets face it the richer you are the more games can you can play so in the end the people who really can't afford to lose the money are not the ones getting much back.
So tomorrow night I will be doing my son's state forms,but at least mine are done for another year.And maybe just maybe to make it up to Sandy I'll let her do my taxes next year then she and I can both be a little happier come april 15,2010.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Party

So what are you doing on April 15th?I'm trying to finish my taxes before the 15th because I'm attending a Tea Party.No not the kind where you sit around and drink tea but the kind where you go and demonstrate for your rights and show the government how important we the people are.
It seems like Washington is not all that concerned about you and I,who by the way,put them in office and don't seem to know,care or understand that we are the backbone of this country and they work for us.
In Conn. they will be having a party in Norwich,Hartford and New Haven,most starting at 3 pm.
I plan on attending either the one in Norwich or maybe Worcester Mass,because its closer to where I live.
So do something besides complain.go on line find out where the closest party is to you and if you care attend.
Also don't expect to much news coverage because the liberal media is only liberal about socialism not democracy.So lets you and I be concerned and do some thing!!!

Almost Through Lent

Last night was our last pre santified liturgy for Lent.When Sunday comes we Orthodox go into our Holy week and related to our up coming full week of all different kinds of services our Fr.Peter usually tells us he'll meet us on the other side or Easter day.
Being an ex Catholic means most of my family members are Catholic and celebrating western Easter.This year the east and west are only one week apart from each other.Last year we were about 3 weeks apart.
Fr. Peter,who also has this issue,last year said "Christ has died,Christ has risen and lets put him back in the tomb for three more week and raise him again".My friend Laura's' husband John says "Christ has died Christ has risen and Christ will come again"I have to admit I find that one not only funny but true.
So I guess I'm in the position of being fortunate enough to celebrate both Easters, although I'm working this weekend, I will still get to pre celebrate and practice for our up coming Easter next week.
It's funny this year Lent has been quite interesting,I've noticed that people,from our church family have been more touchy,feeling wise,with each other.I am not sure why but I guess the devil tries to take our minds off of what the real purpose of lent is.It seems like people start to hash out all the same issues we always do but the intensity is increased.
The other day one of our friends was telling my husband he felt like he was not missed when he didn't attend church because no one asked where he was.When my husband ask him why he felt this way he said "I don't know I've just felt this way for the past month".He was having feelings of insecurity and questioning.I am sure the evil one,who enjoys it when we doubt and question, was spending some time whispering in his ear.Isn't it Funny how we always hear the other guys' shouts yet we have so much trouble hearing Gods' small peaceful loving voice.
To be fair even when Jesus was in the desert fasting he had the other guy trying to tempt him so why would we feel he would not try to attack our weaknesses.
In the end we all made it through most of Lent and learned that its alright to discuss our issues and support each other through our times of weakness.WE also must not lose sight of what lent is about and who is whispering in our ear.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mary of Egypt

Today's sermon at St.Micheal was about Mary of Egypt.It seems Mary was a soiled dove who was very good at her business.When people would go on pilgrimages Mary took her show on the road to drum up business.At some point Mary found out about Jesus and God and converted from a lifestyle of selling her self to going into the desert and living a life of penance and prayer.They say that many years later when people would find her in her desert retreat they could not tell if she was a man or woman.
Today is the day when the orthodox church celebrates women.For far to long woman by religious status have not been seen in a good light.They were considered unclean by Jewish law and in our own church, not so many years ago, they were not even allowed to be members of the church.A bad rap given to we females by the clergy related to Eve and the apple no doubt.
Jesus loved women there are many stories in the bible when Jesus sat and talked with women and had women friends who admired and followed him.When Jesus was crucified it was the women who stood at the foot of the cross and wept,It was the women who went to the tomb on Easter morning to embalm him,A woman wept on his feet and dried them with her hair,Women feed him,learned from him and later preached his word and to reciprocate for their loyalty Jesus first appeared to the three women on Easter morning while the apostles were hiding in fear of their lives.
Woman are,in most cases,the first person a child learns religion from.Mothers teach their children to pray and tells them stories from the bible.Mothers,for the most part,are nurturing and teach empathy and values.Women bring the feminine side to a boy which combined with what his father teaches him allows him to grow to be a complete man.
Of course men don't do so well in the bible stories either.The apostles seemed to miss the point allot of the times and lets not forget the Tax Collectors,Jewish leaders and the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus.But I think women get put in the position of living up to a higher standard.The fact that many women in the bible are prostitutes seems to be one of the worst things a woman could be during that time, of course no one mentions the name of the men they were sleeping with.The fact that the bible was written by men then rewritten by monks during the middle ages probably doesn't help.Women at that time were expected to be either chaste and pure like the virgin Mary or a prostitute.Both standards definitely off the mark of what women's lives were really like during the dark ages.
So here we are all these centuries later still discussing why women can not be priest and why,some women,are still working at the oldest profession.I guess we really haven't evolved much now have we.