Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day For A Walk

Today seemed like one of those beautiful days to take a walk.Now living in New England and it being November you must embrace the good days because soon they will be few and far between.
I started from my house walked down to St.Joseph Church then decided to walk through the cemetery.Has I was strolling I noticed a large flat bed truck with a gold cement vault on it.Ropes and straps being tied into place in order to help the crane arm attached to the truck ,lift and place it firmly on the ground near the hole to be someones resting place.
I thought to myself how final this all is,steering into a 6 foot black hole with a cement vault waiting for its future occupant.Life on life off.
As all these things raced through my mind I looked up to realize that I was standing in front of the statue of Christ on the cross with the women and angles around him weeping.
Walking closer to where the vault was being readied,I heard a rooster crow several times and thought of St.Peter and how when Jesus was arrested he denied him three times,then the cock crowed as an omen.
Thinking how sad and final this whole scene being played out in front of me was.The words of St.Paul came to mind "if not for the resurrection what would it matter to us how we lived our lives if all there is for us is eternal death."
You know this all became so clear to me the cross,the death and the third day resurrection,all in front of me.
It always amazes me how people can not believe in a God.How sad it must be to know that once you are dead there is no more.Its no wonder so many people are so concerned about being remembered after they are gone.They need to have their names placed on everything so the world knows they were here and a legacy can be erected for them.
In my mind its not who remembers us its about the good we do for others.We are on this earth a short time,just ask the 13 who were killed last week at Ft. Hood and as such need to realize its not all about us.Its all about the greater good we have done,its God's glory not ours.
We are God's legacy not our own.

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