Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what is love?

What is love? many people now days think love is only worth wild when it is convenient.
They feel love is a 50-50,give and take kind of thing and its all about how much do you please me and how much will you do for me.
Any one who has been in either a marriage or committed relationship understands that love is nothing like the above.
Love is selfless it requires patience when your tired,forgiveness when your angry,and kindness when your not in the mood to be nice.
My mother used to tell me a story when she and my father where on their honeymoon they met an older man who told them "Never go to bed angry,try to work out you differences or agree to disagree,you don't always have to be right and watch what you say to each other because you can never fully take back what you say in anger that has wounded another person."
We live in a very self centered world,its all about my pleasures.Vows and promises seem to mean nothing any more.It's me and my happiness and it doesn't matter who gets thrown under the bus,even innocent children.With this attitude its no wonder people like Tiger Woods don't feel a whole lot of remorse when thy cheat on those they profess to love
Love requires faith,the two just seem to go hand in hand.Each day I have faith that my spouse loves me and in return I love him.
Faith makes it possible to see the good for the bad,the bigger picture for the confusion of day to day life and the hope for the future we two have together.
Love also requires work,daily affirmations and most important prayer for the strength needed when the worlds temptations arrive.
We need to stop each day and see just how important the person standing next to us truly is.Why we made the choice to be with this person and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.
No one person is perfect and no one person can ever hope to meet all our needs.
Newness is nice but the fire felt from and an old flame can be more warming and inviting then that felt from a spark which comes and goes then burns out to nothingness.

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