Thursday, December 31, 2009


Now the problem with living in New England is it requires you to not so much like snow but to at least come to a mutual understanding with it.It will snow and we just have to bear with it until spring arrives.
Today is December the 31st and New Years is just around the corner,so close you can almost touch it.The snow has been falling since this morning and although the accumulation at present is not allot,in my mind even a little snow is to much.
This morning started out with me heading to work to pick up my check and file a paper required by my employer,the federal and state government,on my knowledge of medicare and medicaid fraud.I had to watch a movie on line then vow I truly did watch it,so help me God. Now there's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Then it was off to pick up a prescription and to the grocery store to buy food for a party at work tomorrow. Now what fool thought up this silliness of a party? Oh yeah me...
Next on my travels I went to the gas station and off to the bank,slipping and sliding now and then on the slick roads.
Happiness came to me when I stopped in Dudley at the local Honey Dew Donuts shop and got some hot coffee and roll,oh yes there is a God and he is good....
My drive home was uneventful and when I got to my yard I decided to park near the driveway and shovel before the snow gets to deep.Now As I was walking into the driveway,kapow on the ground I found myself,caused by some ice which I forgot about that had not melted in over a week,due to the exceptionally cold days we have been having,welcome to a taste of Alaska.
Can you point me in the direction of say Florida,please?
After Righting myself and realizing no one saw me take my digger I grabbed a shovel and moved the very light,powdery white stuff to the grassy areas and yes there is grass down there somewhere,I remember mowing it two months ago.
Finishing my snowy project it was into the house for a pair of scissors to open a new bag of bird food.Much to the delight of those feathery creatures I filled both their feeders.
Next I started a load of laundry then began to pack a bag for my husband who will be going with his sister and brother to Pennsylvania for his cousins funeral on Saturday.An eight hour drive is ahead of them and I do not envy them their trek.
It seems my life is always super busy.So much to do and so little time but I think while I'm doing dishes I will open the curtains and watch the birds as they pick at the feeder and realize just how lucky I am to have so much to do.there are many people out there who wish they could fill their lives with much but instead are sad and lonely.
So let it snow,let the birds eat and sing and let life go on.
This year I am happy that I am surrounded by dear friends whom we will spend time with this evening.First its off to service,then drinks and later some food.So many things and people to see and so fortunate am I to have each and every one in my life
Happy and safe New Year to all...

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