Thursday, February 12, 2015


Yesterday,while watching TV,the reporter talked about the southern poverty law center,and how it had labled Dr.Ben Carson an extremist,because of hisspoken biblical views on gay marriage.
Seems a southern group of lawyer,who was set up to help give black people the right to speak out,as now deemed it unnecessary for Dr. Carson to say what he feels as his God given right called free speech.
Since this can no be because of his race,it must then be because of his content.
I have greatly admired Dr.Carson and his contribution to pediatric neuro surgery.
He is an intelligent and seems like a thoughtful person,who is do some respect.
Raised by a single mother who put education of her children above her personal comfort,she raised two very highly intelligent worth wild men.
We as Christians have a choice,we can stand up and say what we believe,or sit back and let society run rough shod over us.
Yes its painful,because many people will not like you,but in the end,your voice is as important as the naysayers.
Dr.Carson talks about how we are coming to the point where wrong will be considered right and right will be considered wrong.
This is a quote from the bible,by Jesus himself.
We as Christians must be patient but we must also be smart enough to know we are not only the light of the world,but also the salt.
Though salt gives flavor it can also cause an open wound to burn in order to aid in healing.
Being the light we are required to bring forth the truth and even if people do not appreciate what we have to say,spoken in kindness,we need to make our views known,or will have no views left to us.