Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chronicle on channel 5

Sometime when there is not much on TV. at 7:30pm. my husband and I will watch Chronicle.Shown on channel five, the wbz station out of Boston.
Last night their entire show was on atheism and how wonderful these people think it is to be Godless.
I say well and good for you,if you choose to live your life with no belief in God that is your prerogative and has such more power to you.
I resent the fact that a television show which is suppose to be a simple magazine is taking the time to put forth such things as this.
This show basically is about restaurants in Boston,clothing stores and trips to multiple New England states.Things to do and places to visit.
When did this become about or not about God?
They talked with the Harvard Chaplin who is humanist,to which I say I thought a chaplains job was to be spiritual not atheistic.I don't know sometimes I feel as if I've just fell into a time warp.I think of that song "The World Turned Upside Down" played when the british surrendered to the Americans after the revolution.
Today I decided to go to the web site of the show "Chronicle" and voice my concern over such things being put on TV. but low and behold I was unable to sign in.
I checked out their poll and it seems of the over 400 people who took there poll 138 were pro religion the rest were atheistic.
I must say this does sadden me.
I feel like a minority especially when Christians will not stand up and voice their outrage over such a show.
I have decided that although "Chronicle" has had interesting things on in the past it is now up to me to move on and try other more favorable things to do with my time.

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Laura said...

proving once again, that the road less travelled is the right one, and it is a narrow path. Some need safety in numbers. Actually, it is just the oposite.