Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Old Is To Old ?

Today while reading the paper I came across an article about a woman who died at age 68.It happens I know, but what makes this so strange is that she was also the mother of twin boys.Not so odd,true,what if I we're to tell you the twins we're not yet three years old and she gave birth to them.
An unmarried 66 year old woman from Barcelona Spain,sold her house so she could come to California and pay a fertility clinic $50, become impregnated and have these children.
She felt that everyone should become a mother when the time was right and after taking care of her mother,who lived to be over 100,she felt longevity was on her side.unfortunately it was not.
After the twins we're born it was discovered she had a tumor,possibly from the hormone injections given to her 2 times a day for 3 weeks,to rejuvenate her uterus and carry these babies.The doctor does not believe that these treatments increased the woman's cancer risk.(Now here's a doctor I want to go to, someone who gives you doses of hormones but does not think this causes cancer.Time for him to take some hormone refresher courses.)
The fertility clinic says that this woman showed false identification claiming to be 55 years of age not 66.The doctor claims he should not have to check passports,if she's lied and shown false dated birth certificates its not his fault.
Yes it is!!We are talking about childrens lives.Don't get me wrong many older people make good and loving parents but you have to realize we are not all guaranteed long and healthy lives and who suffers in the end when these parents pass away.
I am very totally against any one over age 50 going through the fertility clinics to have children.There comes a point in your life when you has adults have to realise that you can not have everything you want.There is a reason why God created young people to be parents and older folks to be grandchildren.
We have so many children in this world looking for loving foster parents.Children who are older and need loving older people to share their lives.Children are not puppies or kittens they need at least 20 years worth of parenting and anything less is not fair.
We do not live in the old days when children turned 13 and were thought of as adult.We are an educated country who believe our children need not only a grammar school and high school education but also a college degree in order to have a decent life style
these fertility clinics have no regulations to guide them.Most say they will not do treatments on anyone over the age of 50 but I'm sure if you have the money you can find a doctor to do what you want.
We need real laws.The government sticks it's nose in less important matters why do they not start regulating these clinics.
These are children and they need not only one parent but two and they deserve to have them for a long happy lifetime.Parenting is a life time job,it dosen't last for just the first 18 years.Ask anyone with adult children.

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