Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week my sisters' husband,Bill asked if Vic and I would be interested in seeing his play called "Doubt".It was to be a charity event held for two nights and he said we would like it and leave the play not sure of anything.
Knowing our friends Laura and John were finishing up their vacation I took the chance of mentioning to them about this play.They consented and also mentioned we should go out to eat first then attended,since the performance did not begin until 8pm.
The play was very interesting and the sort of thing I like since Iam into mind teasers and this was truly one.
Basically the play is about a young priest who comes to St.Nicholas school,church and rectory.It is set in the 1960's after the shooting of President Kennedy.The Mother Superior feels that this priest may have a past has a deviant.She questions why he is so close to the boys in the class,playing basketball and inviting then for cookies and kool aid after practices,singling out one boy in particular.
The younger nun gets shoved into the Superiors mess and although she is a kindly person she is very young and innocent and wants to see the good in every thing and everybody.
The whole play is based on innuendo and speculation.Even the boy in questions mother leads you to believe her son is not just lonely but "That Way".
Nothing is ever clear even in the end you are never sure if this priest is messing with children or,has my brother in law later pointed out to me,was having an affair with another nun in his last assignment and now making passes at this young nun.
Anyways this is what gossip is, its words and innuendos that can be passed from one person to another causing doubt about anthers' character.Inability to confront the person openly causes a great deal of drama and pain and in the end all that is left is the question "Is what I passed on to others the truth or my version of the truth? "Was it worth destroying anthers reputation if I was wrong?"
In the play the priest talks of a lady who went to confession because she was upset about gossip she had passed.The old priest in the story tells her to go to her room get a feather pillow go up to the roof and cut it open,then come back and see him the next day.When she does he tells her now I want you to go and collect all those feathers that fell to the ground and bring them back to me.She says Father I can not do this for they are scattered everywhere.The priest said my child that is what gossip is like.
In the end there will always be doubt left in someones mind.


Laura said...

Whats funny was this post. Because, it reminded me that unless things are clearly stated the subject matter is open for interpretation. We all can watch the same show and come up with different understandings. I wonder if they took a survey how many found him guilty in the end, or where they like me, in doubt.

linda said...

I'll have to mention to bill that this might be a good idea,take a vote.linda