Monday, January 31, 2011

Have Patients And Be Greatful

Recently I read on face book someone who posted about feeling their street has not been properly and fully plowed.She felt the town should come and do a better job.
Another person replied that she should called the local Town Hall and speak with the foreman to explain her whoas to him/her.
I'm not sure where people have been but this has not been a normal winter,here in New England.
We have been having excess amounts of snow and our snow removal personal,at least in my town,are doing the best they can,not just with plowing but also with removal of said offending snow,so now one may come to a stop sign and see oncoming traffic.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and we are to have at least several more days of not just snow but also rain and ice.
I know that I'm tired of shoveling and driving through this multiple weekly on slaught and can just imagine how our plow truck drivers are feeling at this point.
I may be one of those,who in the spring,when I see a town truck sitting on the side of the road,with the driver not working,am first to feel my tax dollars are being ill used,but not so this month.
I'm sure most of these folks have worked at least 60 hours this week and are looking toward another 60 in the next several days,and would like a break too.
I work at a service oriented job and understand all to well peoples lack of patience with what seems to be slowness on the part of the server,but I can assure you it is not so on my end,as the provider.
We live in an instant world that demands all peoples needs be met in full, in more then a timely manor,has if those providing a service are some how our slaves.
No one wants to be put out and absolutely no one wants to wait on anything.
We are lucky to live in a country where such rudeness on the part of the consumer is tolerated.
Not so many years ago in Russia people would be forced to wait,outside, in lines for hours to enter a store and not even know what they would be able to buy until it was their turn.
We are an ungrateful self centered nation and as such are becoming ugly Americans in our own country.
Be kind,take a minute and truly be grateful to a service person who has done for you,not only what you have asked of them,but more.
Thank the cashiers,clerks,medical attendants,food handlers and yes, town works when they do their job and do it well.
Show you appreciate all they do for you,tell them "thank you for making my life better."
No one wants to feel unappreciated and those may be the first kind words these hard working people may have heard all day.
Do to others as you would want them to do to you,because how you measure others will be how you will be measured when your day of judgement comes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's Your Hurry People?

So this morning when I got up and left the house,I had the joy of trying to figure out how to get out of my driveway and down the street.
We have so much snow here that all we have left for space on our street is an area big enough for one car.
The snow piles are so high you can not even see around them,so backing out of the drive way is a gamble,at best.
Thank God for four wheel drive and snow tires.
After doing a 10 point turn I finally made my way out of this tundra we call my street.
Once on the road things went pretty well except my gas pedal was reluctant to be pushed down,but How could I blame the vehicle,because I was in no hurry myself.
With heat on and gloves still half wet,from yesterdays shoveling,I made it to Main Street in Webster Mass.
I decided to take School Street which was to be my final destination.
Unfortunately when I turned onto said street a School Bus was trying to pass a garbage truck with no success,mostly because there was more snow piles then road.
Deciding to try my luck else where,I backed up then drove farther onto Main Street,picking up a road by the neighborhood school and grabbing a couple of secondary,or thirdary streets.
Driving was tight to say the least,with enough room for one and a half cars,not two.
Now I don't know why people are in such a rush but I was always taught in drivers education that the car on the straight away has the right of away,not those coming off a side streets.
First someone tried to run through a stop sign,but luckily my four wheel drive kept on moving,then someone tried to head on down a main road,onto this street while I was trying to get up a hill.
Putting me in the position of backing down into a small parking lot,which naturally,this person was trying to get to.
Ah well safe at work and parked behind a snow pile,taller then me,I decided to just get into my work place.
At 5 pm,on my way home I stopped at a gas station and once again had to preform my now popular ten point turn,which by the way I have perfected,just for these tight situations.
Home again,home again,how happy I was. Deciding that backing into the drive way would be good for my exit in the am.
With confidence high and only 5 tries my car was safely fitted into it's now cocoon.
Rather proud of myself I swung open the door and stepped into about 3 feet of snow, which I now navigated through to get to my front steps.
Tomorrow morning the plan is to get in on the passenger side then climb over the seat,thus missing the snow pile all together.
Oh boy two more mornings of interesting driving,since its my weekend on.
Suddenly I think I need some Excedrin I'm feeling a migraine coming on... ouch...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeding The Birds

Today I awoke to hear my neighbor and my husband talking to each other while outside shoveling.
My neighbor said "my God its like an avalanche out here,you plow the snow up on the pile and it slides down the mound back into the driveway."
With those words I decided it must have been quite the storm and when I opened the front door and saw what looked like another 8 inches,decided it was.
All right time to put on my snow clothes and head outside,to tackle what lay ahead.
In the driveway my husband stood,with shovel in hand,looking absolutely helpless,has this metal behemoth,called the town snow plow pushed its load down the street,filling in the efforts this poor man had just spend over a half hour hand shoveling.
Well this was no time to be a defeatist,I aroused my son from bed,then went back outside with my shovel,this was not a time to give up the ship,even if it felt like our spirits were sinking,like the proverbial barge itself.
The fact that there was no place to throw the stuff,since the piles now exceed five feet in height,did not detour our valiant effort.
Like a general rallying his troops to action,forward men was our cry,we will not give in to the battle ahead,we are stronger then this simple pile of snow flakes could ever be.
With in an hour we had uncovered our modest,yet thankfully small driveway,front steps and two cars,as the sun began to shine,as if by schedule.
With outdoor task finished it was time for a well deserved cup of hot coffee and some blueberry pancakes.
From the kitchen window our yard looked like a barren wasteland of whiteness.The park bench,with its beautiful metal scroll work on the back support,now all but covered except for the very top rail and our bird feeders empty,with 6 inches of snow filling each seed tray.
Very sad and very lonely indeed.
I called my dog and we decided to try and fill the feeders with seeds,this was really more my idea then hers but she seemed happy enough to follow me no matter where I led.
Has I grabbed my bag filled with seeds and walked over to the edge of the driveway, The problem of how I was to step into 3 to 4 feet of snow now became an issue.
ooh for snow shoes.
Not wanting my poor feathery friends to go hungry I decided the best way in was one foot at a time.
For most people who know me I stand about 6 feet tall,snow up to my knees and thighs,means its very much on the high side.
But the decision was made and like the first step on the moon there was no turning back from my appointed errand
Slowly moving like a tug boat through a muddy lake I was able to fill each feeder and then trudge back to the edge of the driveway for much needed safety and thankfully, firm ground.
I always worry about these poor little birds,who take such joy in these full feeders.
The sight of watching them happily stuff their little fat beaks makes me understand why Jesus spoke so lovingly of these simple creatures.
Many times I think how much God loves these small feathery creations of his.
The sounds they make can bring such peace to the world and their simple colors such brightness.
Solomon and all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.
For my small effort of feeding the least of God creatures,I gain a banquet of peace and joy.
A hand full of seeds is a small price to pay for such tranquility.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

"Little darling its been a long,long lonely winter..little darling it seems like years since its been here.Here comes the sun,here comes the sun,its alright..."
With all this white stuff everywhere I have to admit in the late morning,has I open the curtains its so nice to see the sun.
There is something just so wonderful about the sunbeams shining into our newly opened rooms,it can fool you into thinking maybe its not as cold as it all looks..
Watching the icicles drip and the driveway begin to puddle reminds us that there may soon be some let up..
Nothing makes us feel more light hearted then the look of ice sparkling in the sunshine.
I am a sun person at heart,even when its cold outside,just standing in the sun rays gives us the illusion that we are really warm,if only deep in our spiritual core.
I always think that God himself is smiling down on us and purifying our eyesight to what his real beauty is all about.
Snow can look lovely but add the sun and it almost shimmers and glows,like a diamond.
In another week we will be out of the month of January,soon February will be on our door step then the month of March,as each day goes by we will feel the warm illumination of sunlight.
Spring will be here and the crocuses will be popping their heads through the cold ground trying each day to reach their tiny leaves and petals up toward the sky,has if believing if they stretch far enough they could touch the very surface of the sun itself.
How exciting seeing the days change filled with warmth and sunshine.
My husband was born on March 1st and his birthday says that the sign of Pieces the two fish ends the winter months and starts Spring.
How beautiful to be born at the end of Winter with Spring ahead of you all sun light and promise for new life that's about to unfold.
So although we are still looking at today's' storm,with another coming by Wednesday night,we know that the sunshine brings us promise every day that spring can not be far away.
In several weeks Valentines day will be here,love in the air and red roses in the stores.The bright bold colors of reds and pinks breaking through the ever expanding stock pile of whiteness which seems to go on forever.
When you begin to feel sad,from January to March just remember...Here comes the comes the sun..its alright..dooo dooo doooo

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worst Winter....

O.K. we all know its cold here and yes we all know we may have more snow next week,but can the media please stop with the constant updates and interviews with unhappy people who have to make their way from their house to their car and vice versa.
I don't know where all these people come from,but every time we have a storm they have never, in their whole lives, seen such bad weather.
I was around during the storm of 1978 and can tell you,first hand,that was a bad storm.
We live in New England and as such we understand that snow,ice,and extreme low temperatures are what we look forward to at this time of year.
I must say it does not lift my spirits when the media has nothing better to do then cry about how cold and snowy it is.
Guess what folks buck up! and stop crying!
Be grateful you have a warm house to go to and hot food on your table.
Be glad there are plows to plow the roads to get you to work,at least you have a job to go to.
I don't mean to sound angry but stop crying already and realize we have no control over the weather so move forward.
I have lived in Connecticut all my life and yes we have snow and ice and temperatures do go below zero,its winter,not global warming ,and these things happen.
In a few months this will only be a bad memory.
The fact that we are able to complain with no thought to those who go with out, shows just how self centered and spoiled we really are.
Take a minute and be grateful that you are sleeping on the inside of a warm building and not on the outside on a street corner.
If the media wants to put some effort into something worth wild,instead of measuring the number of inches we are getting in snow every hour why don't they tally up the number of people trying to keep warm under a cardboard box of stack of newspapers,then they would truly have something to feel upset about.
I know it upsets me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Groceries And A Budget

Tonight while scanning through all the super market fliers,depression began to set in at my realization that these "sales prices" where regular prices not so many months ago.
Back when my son was small and money was very tight,I had a fixed budget and every week needed to figure out how to stretch each and every dollar to the fullest,at that time there was no such thing as extra money,so being exact was important or embarrassment would occur at the check out.
As times got better and money became more accessible,the need to budget became less and less.
With the start of this new year and the desire to spend less and bank more,I have decided to try to go back to my old habits and see if I can once again tighten up the food purse strings.
Now this is more of a challenge then it may seem because with my need to spend less also comes my desire to eat better.
Seven years ago when my mother passed away from colon cancer it became my aim to eat more organically especially when it comes to meats,vegetables and fruits.
But with all these beneficial foods comes a very large price tag.
Funny what man puts in as additives cost less then what Mother Nature refuses to incorporate.
I have heard many educated,well meaning,people say that those who are low in income need to eat better,they need to buy healthy foods not junk.
I can tell you from experience that foods high in white flours and additives are much cheaper and more easily accessible to the low income folks then fresh and organic foods,especially when you have a family to feed and other bills to pay.
Today I have determined that the time has now come for not only a budget but also a plan.
No more just going to one store to buy food,multiple stores in close proximity to each other may now be needed.
Back to reading store fliers and carefully choosing sales prices from each. Coupons,which though difficult to find with organic food stuff,are not completely impossible.
More time each week spent figuring out meal plans and desserts,buying only what is really needed and cooking with items on sale that week,not to mention making and freezing extra,while prices and supplies are available.
Time to make more things from scratch and buy less expensive premade things.
And last but not least using up what we already have on hand.
Being Orthodox comes in handy,in this area since we do not eat meat two times a week,so beans and soup may now be in our future since fish prices are very expensive this time of year and pretty much out of our reach for awhile.
So we will see how successful this new plan will be,if money can be saved or if just held close to a workable budget,that will be a good thing.
In several years I plan to retire and the more cash I can put away the sooner that dream can be realized.
Its always good to aim for the future,while living in the present.

January Joy

I must start by telling you that January is not my favorite month of the year,even though my son was born on the 12Th and our anniversary is the 8Th,it still does not rank up there with my idea of the best of months.
This morning I awoke to the sound of a snow plow rattling down our lonely dead end street,both comforting,yet annoying at the same time.
So far,this has been a very long 21 days and if weather updates hold true,the next few weeks show no mercy of letting up on us,here in New England.
Seems we have had snow since almost week one,of this frigid month and with the height of the snow banks ever growing,my joy for life seems to be quickly melting.
Will spring never show its flowery,sunny,warm face again?
Has I stumbled down the stairs to the parlor,trying not to trip over our excited Lab,I ventured to the kitchen to start my day with a cup of Java and some toast.
Looking out the window the white fluffy snow seemed to rain from the heavens like a slow avalanche starting its slide down the mountains and we,the little house at the base,just waiting for its eventual depth to entomb us,in dark whiteness.
The scattering winds swirling the light fluffiness of the flakes in tidal waves of circles, like an out of control snow globe,being repeatedly turned in all directions,more upside down then right side up.
What sort of day could this frost laden dismal wonderland bring for me.
The bird feeders empty,the steps icy,the driveway filled with snow and a wind chill factor almost Alaskan like.
From my kitchen window I spyed a neighboring tree limb with two large seemingly well fed red cardinals near the empty feeders.
Oh joy of joys.
I don't know what it is about these red little creatures that can bring a song of happiness over my being,but they do.
Suddenly the sun began to shine brighter and the green from my peace plant sitting on a nearby table,made me feel as if life had returned to what seemed,a few seconds ago like a dismal white out.
After changing into my winter clothes,my dog and I decided to venture through the ever increasing piles of snow to the empty bird feeders to fill and restock all their out door treats.
Then to the drive way and steps much in need of cleaning and shoveling,A smile came to my face has I thought about one of my resolutions to increase my activity levels,personally the thought of more walking came to mind back then,not more shoveling.
Oh well cardio is cardio.
With my out door chores complete it was time to call my friend,whom I had not spoken to in over a week and see if she had made it through the past week of snow,ice and rain.
Conversations with friends are always nice and today's was no different,we both agreed spring could not come soon enough and discussed our future plans of travel,fitness and activities.
After having lunch it caught my eye that my two miniature sunflower plants,which I planned back in the first week of this month,were now about one inch tall and seemed surprisingly healthy,soon there will be several sunny flowers in the house.
January can be a hard month,what with the snow,ice,rain,cold and just plain dreariness it requires us to be our own joy makers.
We are forced during this month to live with ourselves and think of things that can bring a simple smile to our faces.
I think as I clean today I will make plans to brighten up this beige looking place.
inspirations of yellow,greens,pinks and blues need to begin to make an appearance in this lack luster place.
Maybe its time to bring the outdoor colors and feelings indoors,what mother nature can not do for us at present we need to attempt to do for ourselves.
With the sun shining through the windows and the birds dive bombing the feeders out side it is now time to review January and make it as happy a month as any other.
This morning my husband said "I can't wait til March,this snow is ridiculous."
I told him something my mother used to say to us when we were impatient children.."stop wishing your life away,it will come soon enough".
Now that I am older and she is no longer here,those words ring so much more true to me then they ever did.
Awaken your senses to smells,sights,touches and taste and live in the present.
None of us is guaranteed a future.
Have a cup of herbal tea,light a scented candle,sit back and listen to what is around you and realize today is a perfect day,one made by God himself.
Rejoice and be Glad.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

DNA Testing

If you could have your DNA tested and find out what disease you might be susceptible to,would you? And if you did what would you do with your findings?
Would you change your diet,exercise more,seek more medical testing and care,to allow you to help avoid or decrease your chances of getting said diseases?
Today in The Telegram and Gazette,reports of a study done in New York found that most people did nothing to change their chances of getting the diseases they showed tendencies toward getting in the future
Companies have offered "direct too consumer" genetic testing for several years now by doing saliva samplings,they analyse the data and deliver a report for a series of diseases.
The study surveyed the reaction of about 2,000 customers about 5 months after the test results.
The test covered 22 conditions,including Alzheimer's disease,diabetes,glaucoma,obesity,lung and prostate cancer.
And although participants showed no anxiety about their test results,they also did not cut down on fat in their diets,nor did they boost their exercise.
Researchers also asked the participants about getting followed up medical test for conditions highlighted by their DNA reports.
Only about half the participants said they'd seek medical testing in the future because of these results.
Those that had a result for breast or colon cancer were encouraged to say they wanted to get tested for these diseases someday,but researchers were not sure if participants would really follow through the necessary test in the future.
Although many of these DNA test are not always accurate with their results it can be very helpful for those who fear certain diseases and are willing to take the test to understand what their tendencies are.
Now weather or not they choose to do anything about it is up to the individual,but these results do not seem all that promising of patients doing preventative things to help ward off what could be their future illnesses.

Dreaming Of My Garden

You wouldn't think that after spending 2 days shoveling that I would be thinking of gardening,but you,my friend, would be wrong.
Today while watching the birds at my feeders the idea of flowers and butterflies started to fill my head.
The sun sending down its warmth from the heavens above seemed to almost be in my grasp.
Several weeks ago,while at a small discount store,I bought a very tiny,probably six inch,clay pot with dirt and miniature sunflower seeds.
Today while watering it I noticed the first of my 4 flowers,popping its head up through the loam.
The excitement of this tiny gift sent my mind to thinking about a compact vegetable garden come spring.
Now it has been many years since I planted such a garden but this seems like a good time and who knows maybe a good season.
Most years that I have worked on a garden it's always great fun planting in the spring,but as the heat of August comes, the weeding tends to make me wonder why I would toil so hard when the local,air conditioned, market is just 10 minutes down the road.
I don't garden because I feel it will save me money,because most times it does not,nor do I enjoy the labor that goes into it but I do like being able to walk out side when the crops are ready and be able to taste fresh grown food.
Nothing can beat the taste of a red,juicy tomato or cool cucumber.
Storage can be an issue so this year I have decided to grow only what will yield much produce and can be stored easily,to be eaten through the winter months.
One friend of mine told me she grows zucchini then when its mature she shreds it,freezes it and uses it to make bread for the holidays.
Now that's the thinking,storing ideas I like.
So through the snowy winter days ahead I plan to go online and see what ideas are out there waiting for me.
Seed sites, planting ideas,garden designs,yields and storage.
Also,most important to me,is easy does it weeding ideas,because being a slave to a garden is no fun at all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow In new England?

Is it just me or does it seem that most people can not get the concept that if you live in New England and its January,the chances are you should not be shocked when it snows?
Every time we get reports that snow is coming,people act as if the plagues of Egypt,are upon us.
Now I for one am no snow lover and driving through it to get to my job does get me jittery,but I have come to the conclusion if its January and its not snowing we should be more shocked,then if it is.
We are "hearty New Engenders" which means we don't shake and run in fear when a snow flake falls. No we stand brave and tall,dress warm,grab our shovels and make like a snow plow.
When I was a child,playing in the snow and skating on ice was just as much fun as swimming at the lake during July.
Now that I'm older,snow seems to have lost it glitter.
To bad because its still white,wet and fun but I have grown cold to the thoughts of the work required to get around in my adult world.
Maybe we all need to grab a sled,head up to the mountains and spend a week at a ski lodge just to renew the fun of flying down an icy hill and crashing into a snow bank.
We take everything to seriously and when we do we lose sight of the joy that is around us.
Granted its no fun to drive in,but it is fun to walk in.
My dog Christy understands snow.
She jumps the hills,grabs the shovels being used to clear the driveway and basically can find full hearted joy in this fluffy white stuff,falling from the heavens.
So tomorrow morning when you get up,before grumbling about all the work ahead of you,take a minute to really look at the snow and remember when it used to be fun,then go out and clean your car off.
Keep in mind that a few months from now spring will be here.
In the mean time live for the moment and don't wish your life away.
Blue skys will soon be here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time Is Here !

Every year,for the past 10,my friend Mary,a Nurse Aid on second shift,brings in one of her granddaughter's Girl Scout Cookie forms,for each of us to pitch in and help support her troop.
Lets face it how can you not buy cookies from those cute little girls in uniform.
Today being January 10Th,Mary walked in with form in hand and made it,official cookie ordering day.
Most years I buy three boxes and when they come in,bring them home,to dole out one box at a time,so has to try to make them stretch,if we can.
This year has I sat down to order my three boxes something wonderful caught my eye.
The Girl Scouts have decided that you may now buy one box or more and have them sent to our soldiers overseas has a gift.
What A Great Idea!!!!
Got to love those giving girls in green.
My order this year was 2 boxes for my family and one box for a solider.
Now you can do 2 acts of kindness for has little has $4.00 a box.
First help a Girl Scout and her troop by buying cookies and second show a soldier you care by sending him/her a box of cookies.
Think of the weight you could save your self.
Widen your giving instead of your waist,make a difference help our Girl Scouts and remember our soldiers.
You have to admit this is certainly a win,win situation,all around.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my New Years resolutions was to create a more peaceful me,I have now decided to try and attain such peace,by means of decreasing my media news coverage listening time.
We live in a world filled with 24/7 news access and with Saturdays' Arizona killing spree I have come to realize that although the media acts has if it delivers its news with no bias,it is a ruse.
Tonight while listening to the prime time,main stream media,the words tea party and Sarah Plain were brought forward to try and link their involvement,in some way,to why this shooting may have occurred.
Each and every news media outlet on both cable and main stream,have made it their aim to continually bring this story,to our lives 24/7,since it happened.
To say they beat a dead horse would be fair at best.
Bad things happen in this world and we need to feel sorry about them,but we do not need to be constantly reminded for days on end.
It's no wonder why people get polarized and hardened to the evil in this world,the constant ex poser to the bad acts of others leaches into our very selves and seeps into our hearts and souls.
If you are a loose canon and have mental issues,or you just want to be famous,then hurt someone and you will be the new bad person idol on the media.
All lives are precious and God says every hair on our head is counted,but we live in a world where some people are just a little more important and news worthy then the rest.
Six people were killed by this man in Arizona, who at best needed some psychiatric intervention,but only one name continues to make the headlines,that of a congresswoman.
We are subjected to so much media news that we do not even understand anymore that there is more to the world then just one story,sad has that story may be.
Anger,hatred,discontent,violence,nudity and more is what we expose ourselves to everyday of every week,of every month of every year.
It is now time for me to walk away,turn the channel and live my life in the world that surrounds me.
My reality of family,friends and loved ones
It is becoming an evil addiction and me,a growing addict,with a need for more stories,from different angles.
Never filling my empty need for an ever increasing desire to be judge and jury to each and every story I hear.
Knowing whats going on in the world is important but not 24/7.
The erosion of my personality is at stake and I refuse to stand by and watch it happen.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow Up

Harry Truman said something to the effect of "I spend most of my day trying to convince people to do the jobs they were hired to do".
Amen Harry...
Last night,after our community meal,Fr.Peter was telling us how he has been trying to get the much needed kitchen permit form the Town Hall,in order for us to show verification to the food bank for our request of food assistance to help feed the poor in the community.
Oh headaches,dear headaches.
I am a nurse and can tell you up front "Fr. I feel your pain but your preaching to the choir."
Just that very same afternoon while attempting to do my work and following up on my staffs work,it came to mind,has I was chasing an aid and patient going out to a doctors visit,with the ladies 2ND tank of oxygen,she was to take with her.
Man how did I come to be every bodies mother chasing them out the door.
Are these people lazy or crazy you ask? No they are not,but they,like myself,are trying to do the work of 6 people with a staff of 4.
My job,unfortunately,is to make sure everything is done,while also handling multiple other issues from people who think its "all about them."
I spend a great deal of my day looking up information for people,who if they called the proper offices could get this information themselves,but alas they leave it in my every busy hands.
Has dear Fr.Peter pointed out "here is a person who works for the town and has no idea what sort of permit he is to issue us or how to go about getting the needed paper work.
Yes this employee may be making $70,000 a year but to follow through seems to be the issue of a poor priest trying to feed the hungry in his small community.
Paper work and red tape its what we've come down to.
Not only do we pay people to do a job,we also have to convince said people to do it completely and not to expect everyone else to pick up the pieces.
Of course if such things were said this same town funded person, may have had his nose out of joint and may decide to make things hard on our small community church and shut our food share down,like right now.
So not only are we insulted by paying this person way to much salary,but we are also required to make him feel important and loved.
Now public service to me,means paying some one to assist you not the other way around.
Once again doing the right thing requires us to turn the other check for the good of the many awaiting food.
Thank God we had Jesus,who when he walked this earth taught us how to be humble and forgiving,because some days require more forgiveness then others.
The devil is once again throwing a wrench into the works.
Just realize it,accept it and move forward.
My new motto.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bombing A Christian Church In Egypt

During the New Year weekend a Christian Church in Egypt was bombed by what could be questionable fundamentalist involvement.
Riots broke out has Christian groups took to the streets to protest the fact that their country does not protect their rights to be Christians and worship in their own church on a Sunday Morning.
To be fair I worked most of the weekend and paid very little attention to the news but I can tell you that when I did I do not remember this story coming to my attention and if it did,it was only briefly.
Some say that because we are Christian,when Jesus walked the earth,He told us we would be persecuted,because he was.
I also remember reading that we are to be peaceful has doves but sly has foxes.In other words don't cause trouble but when it comes know how to meet it head on.
We should not stand around and be the silent majority to people who would kill us,those of us who live in free countries need to stand up and make our points clear that we consider such acts of terrorism,and this is terrorism,in other unprotected parts of the world,to be wrong and unacceptable.
We live in a world were all religions have a right to peacefully practice their faith.
This is not the Roman Empire and we are not a new fringe group,to be massacred at will.
The world is suppose to be more educated then they were back in the year 70 AD.
I know it has become unfashionable to say anything against the Muslim fanatics who feel we are all the enemy and have a mind to kill us.
I personally have absolutely no problem in denouncing any Christian Church that teaches hatred and discourse has part of their fundamental belief system.
It is not only wrong,but goes against our Christian belief system of loving our neighbor and doing good.
If we the strong do not stand up for our weaker brothers/sisters in the world then we are no better then those who committed the atrocities,we have blood on our hands has well.
Things like this happen because they are allowed to.
During World War 2 the Jews went to concentration camps,not because people didn't know it was happening,but because people around the world didn't care enough to stand up and say what they knew and that it was wrong.
Would this have stopped the Germans? Maybe not but at least everyone would have been made aware.
If attacking Christian Churches in Egypt and else were around the globe,are allowed to happen and our own media,in the most powerful country in the world,can not be bothered making a big deal of it,then pray for your safety every time you enter a church in this country,because sooner or later we will be next.
When it happens who will be left to care and who will stand up for us?

Monday, January 3, 2011

A 10% Possiblity

Today was grocery day.
I don't know if its just me,but Grocery shopping is getting to be little to no fun.
Walking through the maze of people,who for some reason have a need to talk in the center of the aisle and seem oblivious to those of us who choose to get by, the inability to no longer be able to budget,due to the every weekly sky rocketing price hikes and the never ending lines at the check out,all of which have made my shopping experience,has of late,less then pleasurable.
Today was no different.
Planning on spending only what was necessary and finding my final Talley to be almost acceptable,I gazed over to the entrance,directly across from me,and noticed a sign for the Oxford food bank.
Suddenly a sense of shame came over me,here I stand with my basket of groceries and money in hand,with some left to spare,while others have little to nothing.
How could I make this a better experience and an opportunity to give to others.
Has I pushed my cart out the door toward my car the idea of 10% came to mind.
Lately I have been thinking allot about 10% giving,the Bible calls us to such things and has of late I have been very lacking.
Last week when I thought about how I would increase my charitable giving 10% seemed a great deal to ask from me,not so much because I feel I can not do it,but more because the thought of giving up such an amount,from my gross pay check each week, seemed almost,well breath taking,to say the least.
To solve this issue one of my resolutions,this year,is to start by giving 5% of my income,then every 2 to 3 months increase it by 1% at a time until the magic 10% amount is a reality and a comfortable one at that.
Now while standing at my car in the parking lot,the idea of 10% of what I just spent in total groceries could be given in food donation not only today,but every week,there after.
Being the New Year I resolved that when ever I enter a grocery store that has a food collection bin this will be my aim.
I walked back into the store bought and paid for my new 10%,which came to $12.00,and placed the bags into the collection bin.
A sense of great relief came over me,like a job well done,and happiness filled my heart.
A simple 10% of what I had,was now given to another and it did not hurt me a bit,has a matter of fact it felt pretty wonderful.
We are here to help others and we need to start where we feel comfortable.
By pushing ourselves even a small bit,we can make a great impact in another person life that we have not even met and probably never will.
Take the time to give 10% of your money,time or talent and see how it benefits both you and those you give to.

Looking Forward

The ringing in of a new year means different things to different people.
Since I spent the past three days working,today is my day to look at my own "New Year".
I am not one to look back on things,I am generally not a reviewer of my past.
Most New Years are spent trying to figure out what my future needs to be and less about what my past was about.
What is behind me is behind me,I can store up my life reviews for my elderly days.
At present I have so much ahead of me to look toward to, that if lucky,will be a much needed change for the better.
A new year to me means a clean slate and the promise of new excitement and adventure.
New targets,new arrows, new goals.
Life should be lived with your head up and your path ahead,even if the view,at present looks cloudy.
We become old when we become lazy and vision less.
Everyday should be a new dawn and we should be willing to try,win or lose,to step forward in trust.
In the Bible Jesus calls Peter out of the boat to come to him,Peter had enough faith to step over the side and walk on water.
You have a choice in life you can hold on to the wheel and cower in fear or you can take a leap of faith and step over the side.
Its all up to you.
If you are able to put your foot in the water then stand up,even just once this brand new year,then you will have gained great things.
Some day when you are to old,sick or tired you can look back and see that your life was more then you expected and the review with bring a smile to your face.
Happy New Year.
Happy new adventures.