Monday, October 12, 2009

Cornucopia Weekend at UCONN

After church on Sunday, Oct.4th. Vic and I decided to go to the University of Conn. 5th annual Cornucopia Weekend.
Now for anyone who doesn't know, UCONN was originally a school for agriculture so they pride themselves on the fact that they still deal with agriculture,flowers,
plants soil,wildlife and live stock.
Each year this weekend allows the school to showcase all their agriculture related items not to mention police dog agility and polo matches.
We got there on Sunday near closing time but still had a good time.There were students there who would test your garden soil,sell you fall plants,help you with you ill plants or trees not to mention all weekend they have talks and demonstrations on how to take care of all out door and indoor plant concerns.
They had a rescue society that brought some small birds,and to my husbands delight had a small one eyed owl,my husband is an owl lover,so he got to see one up close.
For me there were baby pony's with fur so soft I could have petted them all day.
They had an electric boats used to give fish mild shocks in order to study them in a pond with out hurting them,so I'm told.
They had several old surreys,liveries and tractors from back in the late 1800's and let me tell you those things were very tiny on the inside,Its a good thing people were shorter in those days.
While there I bought some homemade pumpkin ice cream which they make fresh at their ice cream house, from the cows raised on the schools' farm.They have done this for many years and my husband tells me when he was a student there every night he would walk from his dorm to the ice cream shop,near the cow pastures,to buy their goods.
We had a wonderful time on a wonderful fall day just walking around the school ending up at the duck pond then stopping at the student union.
UCONN is a wonderful country college and although very modern it still retains some of its old flavor and charm.
Sitting in the quite corner of Storrs' it is a wonderful place to go on a Sunday to enjoy the quietness of the country,walk your dog or maybe catch the students practicing or playing soccer,basket ball and base ball both on the fields or by their dorms.
So if you get a chance and your ever in Storrs conn.stop at UCONN and if you like you can walk the back road by the barns and check out the cows,horses,sheep and multiple other farm animals that you can pet and feed grass to.It certainly makes for a wonderful afternoon,oh yeah and if its windy have the kids bring a kite because their are many wonderful hills to fly them at.

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