Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Care Givers Responsiblity

Friday while at my doctors' office,having my yearly physical,he and I got to talking about our responsibility has health care workers among the sick,even those who may have a disease that can be spread thus putting our own safety at risk.
My doctor talked to me about being an intern in New York City in the 80's and how he was put in the position of treating those with aids.He told me the older doctors did not want to go into their own patients rooms so they sent the interns in instead.
Although I do not deal with many people with contagious diseases I have worked with a gentleman with aids.
At first I was very nervous working with this gentleman but once I got to know him I realized that as long as I took the needed precautions I could still enjoy being with this man.Seeing him has a worth wild,highly intelligent man who still had allot to offer to the world around him.
We as health care workers have to come to a point in our career of why we got into this field.
Most of us have taken vows to do no harm and be their for the needs of others.Can we honestly turn our backs on people who may in turn make us sick or put our lives in jeopardy?
Many doctors and nurses through out history have put themselves in harms way to do something for those who are sick or dying.Our own fears have to take second place.We can not deny the gift God has given to us to help comfort and possible heal others.
We all face this fear but this fear can not hold us back.Yes we need to take precautions but we also need to understand why we are in the field we have chosen. If we fear being among the sick then how can we be effective at our craft?

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