Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who Is My Brother

Monday was a very busy day at work and when I left at 4:30pm I could hardly wait to get home,sit down,eat and have a cup of tea.Unfortunately it occurred to me that I needed to stop at Rite Aid in Dudley for something that could not wait until the next day.
Reluctantly I turned my car around and headed for the Drug Store.The lot was very crowded and I dragged myself out of the car.As I walked to the front door a very sad man standing by a garbage can said "please can you give me some spare change?" to which I shot back an angry glance of annoyance.He answered with "thank you anyways and Merry Christmas to you".
As I preceded into the store everything that had just happened replayed in my mind.
The worse part was that I looked into his eyes and saw sadness,almost tears.
I could not believe I had treated this poor man so badly and being tired and cranky was not an excuse.
When I found what I was looking for I went to the register,paid for my item and decided on my way out to give the man $5.00.But alas he was gone.
I checked around the store grounds and up and down the street but he was no where to be found.
On my drive drive home I thought about the Gospel reading form Sunday it was the story of the good Samaritan,which I definitely felt I had not been.
I began to think about this poor mans' near weeping eyes.His clothes neat and clean
and his reluctance to ask me for money.He spoke almost in a whisper.
I tried to put myself in his place and thought what must it be like to have to beg someone for food or money and how easy it is to be on the side that gets to say no and make judgements about whether or not you are a bum,alcoholic or drug user.
How much power a small amount of coins was too hold over another human beings despair.
Most people do not choose to be poor just as most do not choose to be out of work.I am lucky I have a job and we have a house and food.My child has never gone for want.
We live in one of the richest nations on earth and yet still some go with out the basics,be it for lack of desire or lack of luck.
This economy is bad and no matter how Rosy the government tries to make it sound we are going to see more and more people asking for change.
This has taught me that when some one is in need it is our place to help.
Today my friend told me she once had a priest say to her "it is not our place to judge why someone is asking for our help it is our place as Christians to help them.What they do with what we have given them is for them to worry about not for us."
So this holiday season take the time to help another who is in need even if it only cost you some pocket change.
My resolution is to try to give and not to judge and maybe next time some one ask for help I will not have to think about it but will just do it.
In the end I can not help but believe God knocked on my door and I turned away his call for help.How sad.

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