Monday, July 20, 2009

Whats In A Uniform?

Whats in a uniform?
Many people who are in the working world understand the importance of being clean and well dressed.Uniforms when worn during working hours remind us that we are part of a system and it adds to our professionalism.But when our days are done and were on our own time we are free to be free.
No longer regulated by job rules but people able to enjoy our selves and the company of others.
Funny we have a joke where I work when ever some one comes in on a day off dressed in street or every day clothes we say "boy you look funny dressed like a real person."
When I was a kid in catholic school the nuns there always wore their habits and veils. On a very windy day one of the sisters' veils flew off and we as children were shocked that she had hair.We just couldn't believe she was a real person and not just an authority figure.She was a real woman.
Sometimes we forget that the people who wear uniforms are real people.The nurses,doctors,firemen,nuns and priest are all real people.They have families,cares,hobbies and friends.
During work hours they are our trusted professionals who know their jobs and carry them out but during their off time they are just normal people like you and me and are entitled to dress down and relax when out with friends or at a picnic.
Give the professional who makes your life better the same respect you expect and know that even when they are not in uniform they are still the people you can count on,Always ready to lend an ear but still an everyday person.We all have a right to be our selves even if those around us think we should dress and be someone else.
How fortunate we are that our priest is one of those real down to earth professionals.With or with out his collar he is still one of Gods chosen and aways there in our times of need.How blessed are we....


Laura said...

Good post, Linda. I guess you could say that he is a man of many hats, even the straw one.

linda said...

I like the straw hat he looks amish all he needs is a horse and buggy.nothing wrong with that in my eyes.