Monday, September 28, 2009

Science and Species

Sunday after work I went to my brother-in-law Nicks' house,several weeks ago he had knee replacement surgery and needed to have an injection of his blood thinner given.Since his visiting nurse was not coming that day I stopped to do the deed and visit for an hour or so,the poor man is going stir crazy and making his wife a very tired person.
After my visit,while driving home,I decided to take the back roads to admire the scenery.suddenly I came across two very plump white ducks waddling up a driveway.I chuckled as they made their fat little bodies go side to side and up and down trying to get up this driveway,which to them must have seemed like a great mountain.
Has I continued on my way I began to think how much I have always found ducks on a pond to be rather stately creatures.Their little upper bodies just effortlessly moving forward with out a care in the world.The funny part is if you were to look under the water you would see just how much work those webbed feet are doing to keep their upper body moving.
Its strange just how many different varieties of ducks there are in world.Ranging in color,shape and sizes but all basically a duck doing duck things.
I began to think about Noah and his ark.Gathering all of the animals two by two to save them from the flood.I have always assumed that basically there were only so many types of species in the world and Noah did not take every variety into the ark,he took only one main variety.For example he did not take 5oo different breeds of dogs with him,he brought one basic variety that later would spread through out the world and become different breeds.Like the Adam and Eve of the dog species.
I think Darwin had this idea when he wrote about natural selection.He felt that when an animal came to an area the things that were needed to help with this animals survival were basically encouraged in its heirs.nature helped encourage what was needed and allowed the future heirs to adapt and continue.
I have never had a problem with most of Darwin's ideas and understand that you can not dispute what is in your face.Science and religion always tend to give friction to each other and this is a good thing because it helps keep each in checks and balances.Science is faced with ethics the church brings to them and religion with the fact that just because science can explain something does not mean its unGod like thinking.
Science and Religion have given us great things.Take for example knee replacement surgery,Which is now a very common procedure.Drugs like blood thinners used to avoid blood clots,are every day marvels.
But with this said we must always remember who gave us the mind to be able to bring great science to the world and that is God.We can do all things through him and he wants us to, has long as we remain ethical and honest and not begin to think we are smarter or greater then him.
Just because something is discovered does not mean its ethical or right and religions have to step in and make known their beliefs but in the same respects just because something is cutting edge in science and may upset the religious community does not mean it is wrong,If this was so we would have no discoveies and I would be sitting by candle light writting with a quil pen on parchment,if I was lucky enough to have survived childhood diseases or child birth.

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