Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well here I am all fired up after reading,and agreeing with,Fr.Peter-Michael Preble blog entitled "Morality and Tiger Woods.
What was it about? "Adultery".
This subject just makes me angry.Most people now days supposedly marry out of love,not arrangement or mail order.but because they want to.
I have never been able to tolerate people who cheat,not only once but multiple times,Sort of serial adulterers.
Why do people feel the need to be married if they know in their personal nature they like to be with multiple partners.For some reason we now live in a country that feels to be married and cheat is no big deal.In my mind it is.
When you cheat on someone you make them a fool and you embarrass your children.Just because you feel no one knows,your wrong.
Understand that the way you treat your spouse and family says volumes about you has a person.
When someone marries they vow to love,honor and cherish the person they are with.Your suppose to be there for the good and the bad times.not just the fun parts.
Everyone makes mistakes and if your in a marriage that's a mistake then get help or get out.There is no reason to cheat on your spouse.
We in this country never want to use the word Adultery we like to say having an affair or cheating but you know it is what it is so call it by name "Adultery".
Before my husband and I were married we lived together,we were committed and monogamous to each other.I had several friends who not only thought,but told me to my face that our living together was sinful.Yet these same women had no problem openly cheating on their husbands.
Every one has to lead their own life but when your life infects another person then its time to rethink your situation and make some unselfish decisions about your future.

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