Monday, September 28, 2009

Science and Species

Sunday after work I went to my brother-in-law Nicks' house,several weeks ago he had knee replacement surgery and needed to have an injection of his blood thinner given.Since his visiting nurse was not coming that day I stopped to do the deed and visit for an hour or so,the poor man is going stir crazy and making his wife a very tired person.
After my visit,while driving home,I decided to take the back roads to admire the scenery.suddenly I came across two very plump white ducks waddling up a driveway.I chuckled as they made their fat little bodies go side to side and up and down trying to get up this driveway,which to them must have seemed like a great mountain.
Has I continued on my way I began to think how much I have always found ducks on a pond to be rather stately creatures.Their little upper bodies just effortlessly moving forward with out a care in the world.The funny part is if you were to look under the water you would see just how much work those webbed feet are doing to keep their upper body moving.
Its strange just how many different varieties of ducks there are in world.Ranging in color,shape and sizes but all basically a duck doing duck things.
I began to think about Noah and his ark.Gathering all of the animals two by two to save them from the flood.I have always assumed that basically there were only so many types of species in the world and Noah did not take every variety into the ark,he took only one main variety.For example he did not take 5oo different breeds of dogs with him,he brought one basic variety that later would spread through out the world and become different breeds.Like the Adam and Eve of the dog species.
I think Darwin had this idea when he wrote about natural selection.He felt that when an animal came to an area the things that were needed to help with this animals survival were basically encouraged in its heirs.nature helped encourage what was needed and allowed the future heirs to adapt and continue.
I have never had a problem with most of Darwin's ideas and understand that you can not dispute what is in your face.Science and religion always tend to give friction to each other and this is a good thing because it helps keep each in checks and balances.Science is faced with ethics the church brings to them and religion with the fact that just because science can explain something does not mean its unGod like thinking.
Science and Religion have given us great things.Take for example knee replacement surgery,Which is now a very common procedure.Drugs like blood thinners used to avoid blood clots,are every day marvels.
But with this said we must always remember who gave us the mind to be able to bring great science to the world and that is God.We can do all things through him and he wants us to, has long as we remain ethical and honest and not begin to think we are smarter or greater then him.
Just because something is discovered does not mean its ethical or right and religions have to step in and make known their beliefs but in the same respects just because something is cutting edge in science and may upset the religious community does not mean it is wrong,If this was so we would have no discoveies and I would be sitting by candle light writting with a quil pen on parchment,if I was lucky enough to have survived childhood diseases or child birth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Saturday afternoon Vic and I went to visit our brother in law Nick,who just had knee replacement surgery.After the visit we went to our favorite restaurant The Golden Greek in Webster Mass.They make all sorts of foods but mostly Italian.
While waiting for our meal an older couple and their very young granddaughter came in and sat at the table near us.
The little girl began to sneeze and her grandmother said "Honey you need to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze."to which the child answered "OK."
A little later she sneezed again.Once again grandma reminded her of the importance of covering her mouth.Trying to inject some excitement Grandmother added "You know when you sneeze or cough you should try to either cover you mouth with your hand or you could try this new thing everyone is doing and that is cough and sneeze in your sleeve." The little girl said "grandmaaaa" and grandma said "No really,its all the rage" to which the little girl looked her in the eye and said "grandma that's just plain silly." Sensing defeat grandma changed the subject.
Sunday Morning while drinking coffee I was watching a minister who relayed this story from his childhood.When he and his sister were very young,he 3 and she 5 their next door neighbor got into a car accident.Tragically the entire family was killed including the 5 year old daughter.
When the time came for the funeral the ministers' parents decided that being so young the children would not attend the funeral.
The next Sunday after Church Service his family was in the car driving home when the 5 year old girl asked her father what had happened to her friend Sally.The father said "She's gone to see Jesus." "Well when will she be back?" the child asked.Father said "She is not coming back but because we are Christians we know that someday we will die and go to heaven and at that time you will see your friend Sally and Jesus"
The little girl thought for a minute and decided she did not like the thought of dying and said "Daddy I don't want to go to heaven." "I want to stay with you." and she began to cry.
Suddenly the 3 year old brother threw his arms around his sister and said "Don't worry Daddy is a Christian and he will go to heaven to see Jesus,but you and I were Mexican like mommy and we will never die." to which the little girl became very happy and went on playing with her doll.
Its funny how kids see the world.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday,while at work,I was talking to the nurse who works the opposite end of the hall.She seemed sad and I asked her what was wrong.She told me this weekend she was going to have to put her horse,Sundance,down and could not bear the thought of it.Seems her horse started with a grass cough which ended up causing an infection in his lungs and now he has an almost emphysema like sickness which,even with anti biotic and breathing treatments,he is unable to shake off.
She told me how awful he looks in the field being hunched over,wheezing and mouth breathing.
Sundance has been with her since he was young and now at age 19 it is time for him to suffer no more.
I spoke with her for awhile and reassured her that what she is choosing to do is probably the best for him and she should feel no guilt.
She told me that her friend up the road will dig the pit for him and get the vet to do the injection and she in turn will walk him to the friends house to have him put to sleep.
Now being the nosey person I am I asked her exactly how do you put a horse to sleep, its not like a dog or cat that you lay on a table and they inject into a vein in the leg.
She explained to me that they dig the pit to bury him in and grade it so the horse can be walked into it.The vet then injects the horse in the neck and in seconds he falls asleep then passes on. After he's pronounce dead,by the vet, they bury him in the pit.
I must admit this seemed unsettling to me,I had visions of old ww2 films of the Germans shooting people and the bodies falling into the pits.But Deb explained that this horses head alone weighs 50 pounds and that she will be in the pit with him and he can rest his head on her shoulder while the injection is being given and he passes.
The only thing I can say is I have had many cats and dogs and have had to be present several times to have them put to sleep,its always a tragic experience to lose a friend who trust you fully.
But part of being a responsible pet owner is not allowing your friend to suffer.What is done is done in love and with great thought.
The next time I see a horse in a field I will think of Sundance,a good friend and companion,and will feel grateful that God gave humanity the ability to be loved unconditionally by such a beautiful and stately animal.We are truly blessed by such has these the creatures of the earth both great and small.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night was our first bible study and it felt good to get back into it.We are discussing Corinthians,the letters of Paul to the church.I like Paul and although he's very rule oriented he was also very clear minded and responsible for the spreading of the faith and the set up of the church as we know it.
Paul was not with Jesus during his life time but he probably knew of Jesus.During the time before his conversion,He was a great persecutor of the new christian movement and those who belonged to it,not killing these new disciples but helping point them out so others could do the dirty work.
Paul allowed for the Gentiles to enter the christian faith but always hoped that the Jews would realize Jesus was the true Messiah and complete the circle of faith.
Many times in our Orthodox Icons Paul and Peter are seen either jointly holding a church in their hands or hugging each other.Peter and Paul knew each other.They were both friends and opponents.Paul calling Peter out when he refused to eat with the Gentiles at a meal that both Jews and Gentiles attended.
Paul understood the importance of the unity between Jew and Gentile.He felt that the Gentiles would help lead the Jews to the Messiah.
Belong to a small old church I have come to understand the importance of unity and tolerance.We could all use a little bit of Paul in all our churches welcoming the new people into the church but also encouraging the older members both together equals growth.We should not be an exclusive club but an inclusive faith.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week my sisters' husband,Bill asked if Vic and I would be interested in seeing his play called "Doubt".It was to be a charity event held for two nights and he said we would like it and leave the play not sure of anything.
Knowing our friends Laura and John were finishing up their vacation I took the chance of mentioning to them about this play.They consented and also mentioned we should go out to eat first then attended,since the performance did not begin until 8pm.
The play was very interesting and the sort of thing I like since Iam into mind teasers and this was truly one.
Basically the play is about a young priest who comes to St.Nicholas school,church and rectory.It is set in the 1960's after the shooting of President Kennedy.The Mother Superior feels that this priest may have a past has a deviant.She questions why he is so close to the boys in the class,playing basketball and inviting then for cookies and kool aid after practices,singling out one boy in particular.
The younger nun gets shoved into the Superiors mess and although she is a kindly person she is very young and innocent and wants to see the good in every thing and everybody.
The whole play is based on innuendo and speculation.Even the boy in questions mother leads you to believe her son is not just lonely but "That Way".
Nothing is ever clear even in the end you are never sure if this priest is messing with children or,has my brother in law later pointed out to me,was having an affair with another nun in his last assignment and now making passes at this young nun.
Anyways this is what gossip is, its words and innuendos that can be passed from one person to another causing doubt about anthers' character.Inability to confront the person openly causes a great deal of drama and pain and in the end all that is left is the question "Is what I passed on to others the truth or my version of the truth? "Was it worth destroying anthers reputation if I was wrong?"
In the play the priest talks of a lady who went to confession because she was upset about gossip she had passed.The old priest in the story tells her to go to her room get a feather pillow go up to the roof and cut it open,then come back and see him the next day.When she does he tells her now I want you to go and collect all those feathers that fell to the ground and bring them back to me.She says Father I can not do this for they are scattered everywhere.The priest said my child that is what gossip is like.
In the end there will always be doubt left in someones mind.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This week has been a time of reflection of opposites.
Saturday my husband and I decided to go to Boston for the day.It was a beautiful summer day to walk and walk we did,three hours worth.We started out at government center and ended up at the Boston Common walking by way of The Museum of Science and along the Charles River.
When we got to the Boston Common we crossed the street where St.Johns church was.It's lovely huge banners hanging from its columns proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" Unfortunately the front steps had yellow tape and signs which said "no trespassing police take notice". Kind of gave us that we love you but not that much feeling.
We then proceeded down several side streets and came to St. Anthony's' a multiple storied building with giant banners hanging from its building proclaiming "come in all are welcomed" their doors we opened to all.This building is run by the Franciscans they provide food,clothing,medical care,counseling and spiritual prayer.A little more welcoming I must admit.
On Sunday night while watching T.V.Dr.Jack Kevorkian was on.He was talking about his lack of belief in God stating he had been raised in a country were you were not allowed to practice religion and to this day does not believe in a God.He talked of how Christians claim that their bodies are so precious but if this is so why are limbs and body parts taken after surgery's and thrown into garbage cans.How much in the image of God can our bodies truly be if we treat limbs and organs this way?
To which I told my husband I think he misses the point our body is a vessel but in us is the breath of God. A limb is a part of our vessel not our whole being.
Today EWTN showed the life of Mother Theresa in remembrance of her death,she passed in Sept. of 1997 at age 87.They showed clips on mothers' teachings and her belief that we are all one family and every life is precious no matter who we are or what our make up and belief systems are.She said we are an extension of God and even one small act of kindness is like a pebble in a pond and radiates the light of God to the world.
She added we live in a world were people feel unloved.That we are more involved with our selves then with the people around us.We surround our selves with modern technologies and even when we're in the presence of another person,We are more involved with our phones and inner worries then the people in front of us,who are our brothers,the image of God,for he said "what ever you do for the least of my brothers you have done it for me."
How true.Many is the time I have gone to restaurants and watched has peopled talked on their cell phones or checked their personal messages,in spite of the fact that they have a live person in need of their company right in front of them.To be made second to a device that did not take the personal time to be with them is an insult.
We are here for each other and has such must take the time to love and care for each other.Mother said people are made to love and be loved that is why we crave and need to be touched,listened to and cared for.To do less is to turn ones back on God.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Susan Atkins

Do you remember Sharon Tate and the Manson murders? Susan Atkins,the girl who ruthlessly slashed Sharon and her baby to death and denied her the opportunity to allow her unborn child to live now wants mercy herself.
Seems Susan Atkins is dying she is unable to move over 80% of her body and is terribly blotted from the medication she has to take.They say she has about 1 month to live and she and her lawyer husband would like her to be released into the world so she can die with dignity,the dignity she refused to show Sharon and her unborn child.
The victims families see no reason for her release nor do they care much about her new found religion.
What a sad tale but you know I believe what goes around comes around.Does she deserve the right to die with dignity?I feel in the state she is in maybe she does.Maybe we should give her the one thing she is asking for her freedom.Maybe we should be more loving and allow when her time is up on this earth for the God we profess to believe in to be the judge.God says "vengeance is mine" so maybe we should let him deal with this mess.Because he truly knows what happened and what needs to be done.
Maybe I'm wrong be there is no one left to hurt here,she can't move from her bed.It seems old age and death is the great equalizer and God the great judge.