Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stop And Help

Today,while on my way to the bank,I decided to take the back roads and enjoy the snowy scenery.
Not far along my travels,I noticed a silver colored Ford,a little to close to the shoulder.
Driving past,listening to my car radio,I decided to turn around and take a closer look and see if the driver was in need.
I found the car,with tires still turning, and the driver trying to dig herself out of the snow pile,with her gloved hands.
The thought came that,though I could not do much,maybe my stopping would encourage some one else,more able bodied then myself, to offer more assistance.
True to form,within a minute or two,a gentleman stopped,though he could do nothing to help,did promise to make a call while reminding her to put the car in park,then driving off.
Lisa and I continued digging her wheels out of the icy,snowy pile,she with her gloved hands and me with my car scrapper.
Five minutes later her boyfriend showed up with a shovel,digging to unpack the much snowed in car.
Next an older gentlemen and his wife stopped and we all tried to push her out,this gentleman encouraging her to turn her tires straight,but being so badly entrenched,the car would go no where.
While Lisa boyfriend,went to get sand we continued to shovel,push and throw cardboard and car mats under the tires,hoping for just a little traction.
Next to our scene came a young man and his passenger,they offered to pull the car out with their chain.
Soon the mission was accomplished and her car was set free from it snowy,icy pit.
The driver still shook up and having feelings of low blood sugar was so grateful to us all for our help.
We all clapped and went our separate ways,happy to be of assistance.
What does this whole story tell us ?
First always stop,no matter how little you can do for another,sometimes even a simple word can make the situation better.
Second If all you can do is make a phone call for help,do it.
Third always listen to your inner voice,if it says turn around and help,then do so.
Fourth if you stop and try to help,others will do the same.
My personal belief is if someone steps forward it becomes part of human nature for others to also want to help.
Try to be the good Samaritan,even if its just words of encouragement and support.