Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun Day

Today my friend Laura and I went to Dayville, check out a new Michael's craft store.
Both of us excited about buying things on sale for our Community Thanksgiving Dinner and up coming Adult Christmas party .
Laura and I seem to have a good time doing most things together,although we are very different we are also very much alike.We are the two most driven people you can imagine when it comes to a project,especially for our church.
We have very similar back grounds both ex catholics,both have a French Canadian backgrounds,like values and a need to keep busy.
Its nice to have someone with whom to share our life experiences,marriages and children stories.
Last night during bible study we talked about love,its importance and how God expects us to love one another.
We belong to a church that most people,including our priest,care about each other and try to go out of our way to do for each other.I don't really know anyone in our church who would not give to someone in need.Trying to like each other is the key to running a church,not that we don't have our challenges from time to time.
Fr.Peter always says that the trouble with the English language is that we only have one word for love and we use the word to often for things its not intended for so it diminishes the value of the word.
In the Greek language their are many different words for love.
When we talk about loving one another we do not mean Eros we mean friendship and brotherly love.
So because of our church Vic and I got to meet Laura and her husband John and we have learned to care for each other in a very special sort of way.
When Jesus sent his apostles out he sent them by twos not only for support but to help each other because each had their own personality.where one was weak the other was strong.I tend to think this is the type of friendship Laura and I have,we tend to compliment each other and fill in the gaps where each of us falls short.
We always joke and say we are like Mary and Martha trying to decide when were together which is which that day.
In any event we do pretty well together ever looking for new projects and I can tell you right now watch out cause we've got new plans come January.God help us!thank godness I know he will.

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