Friday, October 23, 2009

Community Meal

For over 6 months now our church has sponsored a free community meal on the fourth Thursday of each month.
Of all the things we do at our church this is my favorite.
Normally we get around 35 to 40 people but last night we were truly blessed with over 50.
Meat loaf was on the menu along with mashed potatoes,mixed vegetables and desert.
Our Fr.Peter is quite the cook and as is the case rounds of thanks for such a well prepared meal was given out by every one in attendance.
This day we had about 8 people to lend a helping hand serving which was greatly appreciated by those of us who normally do this meal with only 4,not counting our chef the priest,who is tied to the stove preparing such enticingly good food.
Although last night got hairy,with Fr. having to leave to do last rights,we carried on and served our meal slightly on the later side.
While waiting with great anticipation,our servers became concerned about the amount of wait time,Fr. assuring us all it would be better to serve a meal well cooked then allow some one to get sick from under cooked meat.I must admit I felt sorry for our poor Fr.Peter and thought about Moses leading the people through the desert and how they constantly complained and questioned,oh yee of little faith.
But soon all was ready and our meal was serve able with so much help we were able to serve very rapidly and to our delight we had only one serving of meat loaf left.
My husband and I took our plates and went and sat near this nice elderly woman named Helen,who was eating alone, and had a very nice conversation with her.
When we were done and Helen left us a nice elderly man asked if we still had food,seems he was unable to come sooner.
I went into the kitchen and low and behold we had just enough meat loaf for him.
Fr.Peter mentioned several time how we always seem to have enough for everyone like the bread and fish in the bible,we also had enough food for all our welcomed guest.
So if you happen to be in Southbridge and are looking for a good meal on Nov.19th please stop by,St. Michael Orthodox church on Romanian Ave. we will be having turkey and all are welcome and as always God will help us provide.

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