Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Men

Several days ago I decided to make gingerbread men,something I have never done.But Thursday is our community meal and I though how fun it would be to have a gingerbread man for everyone at their place setting.
Now just because I have never done something before does not mean I won't try it at least once.
My first 12 men came out pretty well and by the next dozen I thought I had it down,except I ended up burning their little bottoms,"ouch".So in the garbage can they went.
After I finished my first batch,mended some with a little emergency surgery with icing, then decorated them,I was pretty proud of my self,first for not giving up in tears then for how cute they looked. I then decided to move on to the next batch,which at present is sitting in the fridge until I can start in on cooking those little brown spicy men tonight.
Why it seems so important for me to do this is because the world is a hard place and if I can bring a little comfort and smile to someones face at Christmas it makes it all worth the frustration.
Besides by the time I get the next two batches done I should be an old pro at it and can honestly say I may never do this again,at least not this year.
You know never say never because you doom yourself to repeating past mistakes.

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Laura said...

LOL. I needed that! Making cookies is not all that it's all cracked up to be, but considering all the happy recipients, it makes it all worthwhile. Or either that, your a glutten for punishment.