Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Saturday afternoon Vic and I went to visit our brother in law Nick,who just had knee replacement surgery.After the visit we went to our favorite restaurant The Golden Greek in Webster Mass.They make all sorts of foods but mostly Italian.
While waiting for our meal an older couple and their very young granddaughter came in and sat at the table near us.
The little girl began to sneeze and her grandmother said "Honey you need to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze."to which the child answered "OK."
A little later she sneezed again.Once again grandma reminded her of the importance of covering her mouth.Trying to inject some excitement Grandmother added "You know when you sneeze or cough you should try to either cover you mouth with your hand or you could try this new thing everyone is doing and that is cough and sneeze in your sleeve." The little girl said "grandmaaaa" and grandma said "No really,its all the rage" to which the little girl looked her in the eye and said "grandma that's just plain silly." Sensing defeat grandma changed the subject.
Sunday Morning while drinking coffee I was watching a minister who relayed this story from his childhood.When he and his sister were very young,he 3 and she 5 their next door neighbor got into a car accident.Tragically the entire family was killed including the 5 year old daughter.
When the time came for the funeral the ministers' parents decided that being so young the children would not attend the funeral.
The next Sunday after Church Service his family was in the car driving home when the 5 year old girl asked her father what had happened to her friend Sally.The father said "She's gone to see Jesus." "Well when will she be back?" the child asked.Father said "She is not coming back but because we are Christians we know that someday we will die and go to heaven and at that time you will see your friend Sally and Jesus"
The little girl thought for a minute and decided she did not like the thought of dying and said "Daddy I don't want to go to heaven." "I want to stay with you." and she began to cry.
Suddenly the 3 year old brother threw his arms around his sister and said "Don't worry Daddy is a Christian and he will go to heaven to see Jesus,but you and I were Mexican like mommy and we will never die." to which the little girl became very happy and went on playing with her doll.
Its funny how kids see the world.

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