Friday, November 27, 2009

Clean Day

Today is clean day,or at least try to clean day.
Since I had to work yesterday I spent most of Wednesday making supper for Thursday.
My husband and son where in charge of getting the turkey cooked on Thursday for my arrival.
When I got home it was take everything out of the fridge and heat it up for supper.Vic and Bobby did a great job on the turkey,has a matter of fact I could smell it when I got home,even before I opened the door.
We latter went to Vic brother Bills' house where we had desert with he and Mary.
Today when I awoke a pile of dishes sat in the kitchen sink so I put on some upbeat rock and roll music and got to them.Its hard sit still while listening to the doors.
Slowly I will start to take down and put away what few Thanksgiving decorations I have laying around.I have come to the conclusion I have way to much stuff and it is time to purge.What better time to do this then when most of the dishes are out of the cupboard.
The things I no longer want are headed to Danielson,Ct.The Salvation Army store.This way I can clean house,help a non profit make money and give some one something they can admire for a low price.Its kind of a win win situation.
So I hope every one found at least one thing to be Thankful for,I have many.
Today I read that even things that do not work out right for us are experiences to be thankful for because it allowed us to learn and grow.Kind of an optimistic way of looking at things and I'm all for optimism.There are way to many cranky people in this world.Happy is good.So is Grateful and Thankful.

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