Monday, November 9, 2009

East/West--Tear Down This Wall

"President Gorbachev,Tear Down This Wall!"
Do you remember Ronald Reagan saying these words? I do.
I am part of the baby boomer generation,although not the first part but more to the middle,I was born in 1957,but lets keep that part to ourselves,anyways I can remember quite clearly the divide between East and West Germany.
How truly sad it was growing up has a young girl watching the news on t.v and seeing people trying to cross the barbed wire fences,some making it over to freedom,many being machine gunned and dragged away.
When I was in grammar school the map of the world,which hung on the wall,Had all its continents colored in red or blue.Red for the communist nations and blue for the free nations.We always feared the "Reds" invading us and as such needed to be very strong Americans,We did not want to end up like Germany with a wall.
My father and uncles all fought in WW2, most in Japan but some in Germany and France.
All this trouble because of a leader named Adolf Hitler who wanted to dominate the world.When the war ended the Russian army drove their tanks and marched their soldiers into Germany then slowly closed the East from the West.One side free and one side imprisoned like criminals.
The sadness of people trying to escape to be free.It was terrible times in Europe many countries being made communist and others trying to get by as best they could after ww2 had devastated their homes and killed off many of their friends and relatives.
One of the happiest days of my life was watching the German wall be torn down and relatives being able to see family they had not seen for to many years.
This is probably when the after effects of the war finally settled down and democracy became reality for everyone,being free is always much better then being under someones' thumb.
Today many of the people in our new Presidents government,his so called Czars,talk about how they feel people like Chairman Mao,Castro and Stalin were such great reformers,well all I can tell you is these dictators ideals on reform benefited only themselves and not their citizens.Many Innocent,hard working people were left to speak in whispers to remain free in their hearts and minds but not in their day to day lives.
Walls are never a good idea, especially when it means some people have rights and others do not.When families are torn apart from each other and religious rights are all but gone,when just speaking the name of God can have you imprisoned or worse yet killed.This is not right,this is not free.
Thank you Ronald Reagan for having the courage to stand up and order that Germany tear down its wall.We as people are entitled to be free.All men and women,rich and poor,young and old.No leader has the right to make us second class citizens or enslave us at their whim.
We are free people and the rest of the world deserves these same God given rights.Freedom comes from God,but enslavement comes from man.

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