Thursday, October 22, 2009

Noon Time Prayer

Tuesday night during bible study Fr. Peter asked "how many of you when you get into your car sign yourself and say a small prayer?".He went on to add that we as Orthodox Christians believe that we can do nothing with out the grace of God.
This brought to mind how many times I had tried,unsuccessfully, to remind myself to do afternoon prayer but alas never can.
Someone suggested that I pray every noon as I sit down to eat my lunch.To which Fr. and I both answered when I'm at work I eat if and when I can and most times sitting at the desk trying to write my notes.
I mentioned that I have tried to wear a small prayer rope but ended up with a very soggy cloth bracelet from multiple hand washings.
So Fr.Peter suggested that I try to wear an elastic band on my watch wrist then when I had a moment to stop and pray,switch the band to the opposite arm,to do this for one month and it should become a habit,but if I miss one day then I need to restart at day one.
Wednesday while at work I tried this and to my delight at noon time said several short prayers then switched the band.The problem became that as soon as I switched wrist I suddenly got into an angry mood for a good 30 minutes,I even snapped at the pharmacy delivery man,which is so unlike me.
After I had time to think about this I decide that maybe some one did not like the fact that I took a moment to thank and praise God,this individual feels I do not need to be so close to the creator.He's not happy about my attempt at a good habit.
Anyways not one to let this detour me today at noon time I stopped and prayed.It seemed much easier to remember and I am hoping this habit will continue.I have also resolved in my mind that no matter how much I try there is always going to be that someone trying to drive a wedge to keep you as far away from God as possible.The problem is realizing this and accepting it but doing the right thing anyways.Jesus said we will never be tempted beyond our indurance.
So tomorrow I'm hoping to make prayer day number three and maybe before I know it it will be day 30.

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