Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today was mammogram day for me, which I must admit is the one test I wish I could do with out.
There has been so much controversy lately.Do I have one? How often do I need one? and What if they find something,is my life over?
Up until this year the standard was once a year whether you needed it or not.Now they say every several years up to a certan age then every year after that unless you have a history of breast cancer.It's all so confusing isn't it.
Some times being a patient means being a good consumer.If you and your doctor agree that once a year is right for you,then go with that,even if you have to pay for it yourself.Better safe then sorry.
I know every time I have it done fear of cancer always grips me.What do I do if they say I have it? what if they miss it? how do I tell my family? what are the steps I need to do next?
I had mine done at Hubbard Regional Hospital,which is just down the road from where I work and has such I know allot of people who work there.Doctors,Nurse Practitioners,Secretaries and Aides.
Today on my way up to the test site I ran into my sisters' husband,Bill, and a secretary that was an Aid with me many years ago.
When I had my test done they decided to do a Sonar Gram related to several cyst I have had for many years.I felt somewhat confident because the person reading the xrays and Sonar Grams was a doctor from Beth Israel. His A-OK put me at ease.
But before we got all the way to the "your ok" part we had to straighten out some in correct paper work which went something like this... No I do not have a history of breast cancer,as your paper says and no Thats not the side with the cyst its the other side...of course I'm sure...they belong to me and I'm very aware of what is where...
Things like this misinformation have given me the feeling of I know why I hate doing these things.Its not the test, well yes it is, its also the mistakes.imagine if I were not so up on my history I would have been even more scared then I was..
Anyways one more year down and maybe they won't call me with something they've missed.I understand why people hate having these things done.the misinformation could scare you to death...But then so can the cancer...

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