Thursday, September 3, 2009

Susan Atkins

Do you remember Sharon Tate and the Manson murders? Susan Atkins,the girl who ruthlessly slashed Sharon and her baby to death and denied her the opportunity to allow her unborn child to live now wants mercy herself.
Seems Susan Atkins is dying she is unable to move over 80% of her body and is terribly blotted from the medication she has to take.They say she has about 1 month to live and she and her lawyer husband would like her to be released into the world so she can die with dignity,the dignity she refused to show Sharon and her unborn child.
The victims families see no reason for her release nor do they care much about her new found religion.
What a sad tale but you know I believe what goes around comes around.Does she deserve the right to die with dignity?I feel in the state she is in maybe she does.Maybe we should give her the one thing she is asking for her freedom.Maybe we should be more loving and allow when her time is up on this earth for the God we profess to believe in to be the judge.God says "vengeance is mine" so maybe we should let him deal with this mess.Because he truly knows what happened and what needs to be done.
Maybe I'm wrong be there is no one left to hurt here,she can't move from her bed.It seems old age and death is the great equalizer and God the great judge.

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