Sunday, December 6, 2009

Moses The Law Giver

For several weeks now I have been reading the Old Testament.
At present I am up to Moses and how he went up to Mt.Sinai to received the Ten Commandments.
Moses was kind of our first judge and legal system.Seems he is always dealing with laws whether God is handing him commandments or his followers are expecting him to settle their daily disputes.
One day while Moses was near Mt.Sinai his father in law,Jethro,came by to bring him his wife and children,whom he had not seen since he left for Egypt to free the chosen people.
While his father in law was visiting he noticed Moses daily had to deal with long lines of people,settling their deputes and handing down judgements.
Being observant,Jethro pointed out that Moses was wasting allot of his time by being the only person able to settle issues.He pointed out Moses needed to share the load, By setting up several just men who could take over groups of peoples problems allowing them to settle small issues then Moses could deal with the really big problems.
Jethro pointed out that 1 just man could deal with 50 people,1 could deal with 100,1 with 500 people and so on,Kind of like a court of appeals.
Moses wrote all sorts of rules to help his people understand how to run their communities and be fair with each other.
Today we struggle with capital punishment,should we kill some one who takes anothers life? In Moses time he said if you accidentally killed someone you were punished and had to make amends to your victims family but if you premeditated and murdered your neighbor you were stoned to death.Even your animals could be stoned.Seems like they had issues with rocks back then.
So the next time you pass a court house remember who the original judge was,After God of course,and how our Judaical system started out.
Tough job Moses had,pretty stressful from day one.I'll bet there where days he wished he stayed off the mountain and away from the burning bush.Being a sheep herder isn't such a bad job...At least its quiet...

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