Friday, October 9, 2009

License Time

I have been lucky having had most of this week off,due to to many nurses and not enough hours.Since I have worked for this company for so many years I have lots of vacation time so I'm also getting paid to be home,has it were.
But true to form I never usually just sit around.For the past three days I have been trying to catch up on getting all of my ceus'(continual education units)before I renew my Nursing license in November(due on my birthday,now theres something to celebrate).
I go to a web site and for $14.99 I can take all the credits I need and if called by the license board can prove I really did these test.
Each test with reading material and test takes me 45 minutes to an hour to complete and you can retake the test several times if you don't like your grade or want to find out what you did not do well on.
With that said I can usually do 2 test a day and by the time I finish the second test my brain is DONE..
Every two years I'm required to renew my license and this year I got the added pleasure of giving the good gov.of mass. about $40.00 more.What makes it even better is it was a surprise,no one sent me a letter before hand to cushion the blow...
Now I plan on getting down to doing some laundry,dishes,house cleaning and maybe throw together a stew for supper.
Since its raining out and dreary it will be a good day to finish all this up.Maybe I'll play some music and make the best of the silence of it all, because that, like everything else in my life dosen't last long.

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