Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bring A Gun To Church

Seems a Reverend (I believe in Oklahoma)told his congregation one Sunday they we're allowed to bring an empty gun to church.
This,in his opinion,was a way to show the government that we have certain rights 1) the right to religious freedom and 2)the right to bear arms.After the service they raffled off a gun.
I know here in New England this seems all so ridiculous and unheard of but I have
relatives who live in Arkansas and about 10 years ago while we were visiting them they were raising money for their school and what do you suppose first prize was at their raffle? A shot gun.
Now where my aunt and uncle live,near the Ozark mountains,they have wild boars called razor backs,rattle snakes,cotton mouths and cougars.Not to mention other wild animals.A walk in the woods out there requires a shot gun,for protection.
Although I'm not so sure about bring a gun to church,especially at some of our
orthodox churches,But with the two shootings that took place in the past several years,one in a Colorado Mega church and Dr.Tillers killing it might not be such a bad idea.After all God helps those who help themselves,but then again people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or fire guns.
Something to think about isn't it?

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