Tuesday, July 28, 2009

health care

I don't know about you but personally I have come to the point where I can not listen to the health care debate any more.
We live in one of the richest countries in the world,have more political leaders then we need and still can not come up with a plan that most Americans can agree on.
Our president has a need to pass things through the house and senate has quickly as possible.A take it or leave it "now" attitude
We all know we need reform.A person with no insurance can not possibly begin to pay for a medical debt.Every thing is to expensive and no matter if the government pays for it or we pay for it in the end no one can afford it.
Doctors spend many years going to school,not only to help the sick but make money.They send tens of thousands of dollars in medical school and educating themselves before and after becoming a doctor.
Hospitals have new machines to make our health better and once a machine is in use someone needs to know how to run it properly and safely then a doctor needs to read these results.We have the best medical teams that are efficient and ready to work on your problem at a moments notice.
Unfortunately all this cost money and most people do not have that kind of money.I am against government health care,since I deal with medicare which is one of the most inefficient payment system you can imagine,They tell the doctors what to prescribe and how much they will pay for everyone services from nurses to doctors to pharmacy.
So what do we do? Any time any one gets anything free it is abused.But people should also feel secure in the fact that when a medical emergency comes along it should not cost you years of servitude in payments,especially when money in your house hold is a premium.
It's going to be a tough row to hoe.We can't sell our health care out but then again we can not allow people to fall by the way side.Maybe we need more free clinics, charge people who use it a minimal fee and not make people wait for 6 hours to see a doctor.They may need to be run more like a regular doctors office with incentives for doctors to want to work in these places.
I don't know about you but when I'm sick I want to know my doctor knows how to make me feel better and at that point he deserves his paycheck.No matter what it cost.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Fr. Peter sermon today was about gossip,unfortunately a never ending need to be repeated.Its funny this subject should come up today because last night I listened to Mother Angelica Live,aired in 1998 and she also was talking about gossip.
Both she and Fr. Peter brought up that fact that 9 times out of 10 what you hear as gossip and pass on is incorrect.Human nature wants us to add to the facts in areas that we also have been injured allowing for false information to be spread.
To pass gossip is to cause injury to another human being and to bear false witness against our brothers according to the 10 commandments,which by the way are commandments not suggestions so they are not up for dispute.
Human beings balance between goodness and badness and because of this it's sometimes hard for us to realize that we are doing something wrong,we tend to dilute the truth so we lose sight of when we are stepping over the line.Of course sometimes we do gossip intentionally in order to hurt the victim,whom we see as less then ourselves and deserving of criticize.
Mother Angelica talked about how we live in a world were we dilute things by saying we are trying not to be judgemental of others.We excuse things that are wrong and lead ourselves to beleave in grey areas allowing our selves to lose sight of what is evil.
Its important to hear these things in church our clergy must repeat to us were our failings are so that we may understand what is acceptable by church standards.Like a parent correcting a child it must be said repeatedly especially living in a world were all things are considered alright no matter how evil or wrong they are.
The evil one is a sly one he does not push you to do the big no nos he pushes you to do the little ones hoping,at some point,you'll begin to think the big wrongs are alright too.
The world reinforces the bad things so the church needs to reinforce the good things and teach us to make corrections.If not we will begin to lose our sense of right and wrong.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is My Purpose ?

Back in the late 70s and early 80s Every one was looking for purpose and religious truth.People went to check out eastern philosophies and gurus.All in hopes of finding themselves and the reason for being here.
Why are we here? Why do we attend church? seek out God and truth?
I am told there are many atheist in New England it seems the South is having an increase in the Roman Catholics related to the increase of Hispanics while we,up north,are having a decrease.
I was recently looking through a book and the author talked about being raised with no religion.His father was a non practicing catholic who turned his back on his religion when his divorced mother was treated badly by the church, and the writers mother was a christian but promised her husband she would not instill or push her children into religion out of respect for the husbands wishes.
The author said he did not know anything about God or religion until he was 16 and his friend brought him to a baptist play about the passion,when he heard Jesus on the cross say "forgive them they know not what they do"he was hooked.He claimed he always knew their was a higher being he just had no word to describe him or name to call him.
I assume this must be that inner breath or spark that God gave us.We all know there is more to life then just living and dying.If there was not why would we have this drive or inner need to know and seek more? Why would we feel connected to each other if we had no relationship if we were not brother and sisters to each other?
Why are we here is a very large question.After reading The Purpose Driven Life I have come to understand that we are here to serve and worship God.He put us in this moment of time at this exact second because this is where he wants us to be.This is our destiny,this is why we are here and this is exactly where we are meant to be.
We were given certain gifts to use and give back to God in worship.Your gifts and talents are on loan to you and as long as you are on this earth you are expected not only to use them but to multiply them because this is you gift back to God.
There is a song that goes "Give it all back to me,I put you here to tell my story to give me glory so give it all back to me."
So basically we are not here for us but for God and each other.To strengthen our weaknesses and increase in graces.We are here to help each other climb the ladder and glorify our maker.We are the light in a world full of darkness and our mission is to help others relight their own spiritual candles.Jesus said "I must decrease in order for my father to increase".We too are ordered to follow this rule,in the end its not about us its about so much more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whats In A Uniform?

Whats in a uniform?
Many people who are in the working world understand the importance of being clean and well dressed.Uniforms when worn during working hours remind us that we are part of a system and it adds to our professionalism.But when our days are done and were on our own time we are free to be free.
No longer regulated by job rules but people able to enjoy our selves and the company of others.
Funny we have a joke where I work when ever some one comes in on a day off dressed in street or every day clothes we say "boy you look funny dressed like a real person."
When I was a kid in catholic school the nuns there always wore their habits and veils. On a very windy day one of the sisters' veils flew off and we as children were shocked that she had hair.We just couldn't believe she was a real person and not just an authority figure.She was a real woman.
Sometimes we forget that the people who wear uniforms are real people.The nurses,doctors,firemen,nuns and priest are all real people.They have families,cares,hobbies and friends.
During work hours they are our trusted professionals who know their jobs and carry them out but during their off time they are just normal people like you and me and are entitled to dress down and relax when out with friends or at a picnic.
Give the professional who makes your life better the same respect you expect and know that even when they are not in uniform they are still the people you can count on,Always ready to lend an ear but still an everyday person.We all have a right to be our selves even if those around us think we should dress and be someone else.
How fortunate we are that our priest is one of those real down to earth professionals.With or with out his collar he is still one of Gods chosen and aways there in our times of need.How blessed are we....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bring A Gun To Church

Seems a Reverend (I believe in Oklahoma)told his congregation one Sunday they we're allowed to bring an empty gun to church.
This,in his opinion,was a way to show the government that we have certain rights 1) the right to religious freedom and 2)the right to bear arms.After the service they raffled off a gun.
I know here in New England this seems all so ridiculous and unheard of but I have
relatives who live in Arkansas and about 10 years ago while we were visiting them they were raising money for their school and what do you suppose first prize was at their raffle? A shot gun.
Now where my aunt and uncle live,near the Ozark mountains,they have wild boars called razor backs,rattle snakes,cotton mouths and cougars.Not to mention other wild animals.A walk in the woods out there requires a shot gun,for protection.
Although I'm not so sure about bring a gun to church,especially at some of our
orthodox churches,But with the two shootings that took place in the past several years,one in a Colorado Mega church and Dr.Tillers killing it might not be such a bad idea.After all God helps those who help themselves,but then again people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or fire guns.
Something to think about isn't it?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Old Is To Old ?

Today while reading the paper I came across an article about a woman who died at age 68.It happens I know, but what makes this so strange is that she was also the mother of twin boys.Not so odd,true,what if I we're to tell you the twins we're not yet three years old and she gave birth to them.
An unmarried 66 year old woman from Barcelona Spain,sold her house so she could come to California and pay a fertility clinic $50,000.to become impregnated and have these children.
She felt that everyone should become a mother when the time was right and after taking care of her mother,who lived to be over 100,she felt longevity was on her side.unfortunately it was not.
After the twins we're born it was discovered she had a tumor,possibly from the hormone injections given to her 2 times a day for 3 weeks,to rejuvenate her uterus and carry these babies.The doctor does not believe that these treatments increased the woman's cancer risk.(Now here's a doctor I want to go to, someone who gives you doses of hormones but does not think this causes cancer.Time for him to take some hormone refresher courses.)
The fertility clinic says that this woman showed false identification claiming to be 55 years of age not 66.The doctor claims he should not have to check passports,if she's lied and shown false dated birth certificates its not his fault.
Yes it is!!We are talking about childrens lives.Don't get me wrong many older people make good and loving parents but you have to realize we are not all guaranteed long and healthy lives and who suffers in the end when these parents pass away.
I am very totally against any one over age 50 going through the fertility clinics to have children.There comes a point in your life when you has adults have to realise that you can not have everything you want.There is a reason why God created young people to be parents and older folks to be grandchildren.
We have so many children in this world looking for loving foster parents.Children who are older and need loving older people to share their lives.Children are not puppies or kittens they need at least 20 years worth of parenting and anything less is not fair.
We do not live in the old days when children turned 13 and were thought of as adult.We are an educated country who believe our children need not only a grammar school and high school education but also a college degree in order to have a decent life style
these fertility clinics have no regulations to guide them.Most say they will not do treatments on anyone over the age of 50 but I'm sure if you have the money you can find a doctor to do what you want.
We need real laws.The government sticks it's nose in less important matters why do they not start regulating these clinics.
These are children and they need not only one parent but two and they deserve to have them for a long happy lifetime.Parenting is a life time job,it dosen't last for just the first 18 years.Ask anyone with adult children.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Joe Liberman

Knowing me you probably know that I tend to complain about the government more then applaud it.But always willing to give credit where credit is due I need to take my hat off to our Senator from Conn. Joseph Lieberman.
This is a man I truly respect.He has no problem telling it like it is suggesting and enacting things when he feels things are wrong.
Today Sen.Lieberman was on TV talking about the embarrassment of the recent security debacle in the Washington DC.Federal Buildings.10 out of 10 times undercover people were able to bring bomb parts into these buildings and assemble said bombs. Where was security in these building? Well one guard was sleeping on the job,saying he was on powerful prescription drugs and another had a porno website which he was running during office hours.
Sen.Lieberman said this was an out rage and better over site in needed by their employers especially since they want more money.The Senator said if these people can't do better over site then they will get no more money and shake downs need to be done.
I personally have never worked at a job where I had so little to do that I could sleep at a desk or play on a computer.
This is a terrible embarrassment when you consider all the people losing their jobs every day and these people are being paid to do nothing.
Today I plan to take the time to send an email of my approval to our Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman,Who became an independent when several years ago he was thrown under the bus by the democratic party and Chris Dodd,While Sen.Lieberman was trying to run for president.
I think the reason we feel there is no one in Washington watching out for us is because the good Representatives are trying to do their jobs and not worrying how much publicity they get.Maybe its time we find these men and women and bring them out publicly,then use them to advance the good of the people.
Thanks Senator Joe Lieberman !!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breast Feeding And Alcohol

While reading the paper this morning I came across an article about a woman from North Dakota.It seems the police were called for a domestic disturbance,when they got there the woman was not just obviously drunk but breast feeding her 6 week old infant.She was brought to the police station where she pleaded guilty to child neglect and can get up to 5 years in jail if found guilty.
Now some women's groups are up in arms because they feel that just because she had been drinking does not mean she should have had child neglect tacked on because she was breast feeding when the police we're interviewing her.The question seems to be can breast feeding mothers risk criminal charges if they drink even modest amounts.One doctor ask "since when is breast feeding while drunk a crime?"
They feel that if the 26 year old woman had been bottle feeding her baby no one would have checked to see what was in the bottle.
The breast feeding advocacy group,The LaLeche League International advises women to nurse only when completely sober.After drinking one glass of wine or alcohol a women should wait 2 to 3 hours before breast feeding.
It is unclear just how much this woman had drank since the police never conducted a blood alcohol test.The police captain said that his officers handle intoxicated people so much that they pretty much have general knowledge of when someone is intoxicated.I'm thinking that one won't hold up in court.
When police came to the home on April 13 the woman,who has a criminal record,told them that she was assaulted by her boy friend.She had some facial swelling and scratch on her cheek.The boyfriend was not home and at present has not been charged.
So just how far can the police and state go before they cross the line.
29 years ago I breast fed my own child at that time you were encouraged to have a small glass of wine or beer once a day they felt then that it helped you relax and bring your milk in.
I think if this woman had more then one drink then yes she holds some guilt of neglect,since what goes through your body goes into your milk.But I do not think the police should have a right to go after you for child neglect especially when they are guessing your drunk and not doing any sort of alcohol test.My question is what about the boy friend? Why has he not been charged with assault which is,by the way,a crime.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gift Cards

How many gift cards do you have hanging around your house? How many of them are over one year old?
My husband and I always have a collection of gift cards in our car glove compartment.Some times we turn them in right away and sometimes we wait several years to use them.
Saturday morning while watching the fox financial report the guests we're talking about this new idea the government has.If you have a gift card over a year old,even if it has no expiration date on it, the government wants the right to take the unclaimed cash from your lack of use,then your card will be no good.
Now I don't know about you but most of my gift cards are just that "gifts" and as such I feel that if I do not choose to use my gift for several years that is my right.
How would you like it if someone bought you a gift and after one year your neighbors came to your house to see if you used it,if not, they would take it from you,return it to a store then keep your gift money.Why? because you chose not to use it within 365 days of purchase.
I was raised to believe that when a gift is given it no longer belongs to you nor dose it belong to the neighborhood. A gift is a gift and when the receiver decides the time is right,then they will use it.
Our government today feels they are entitled to every thing we own and now they are entitled to your gift cards.Where does this nonsense end?This is absolutely crazy and if they choose to follow through with this ridicules idea then we need to choose new elected officials.
All I can say is "Hands off my gifts!".Hey here's an idea why doesn't the government cut back on their own spending and stop trying to steal from me.Whats mine is mine unless I choose it to be other wise.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank You FR. Peter

How does one express thanks for all an individual has done to help you in times of need?
In the year 2004 my mother was diagnosed with untreatable colon cancer.Knowing she would only have a matter of six months to live Vic and I decided this would be a good time to get married,it would give her some happiness to look forward to.
Several months earlier one of Vic's friends had gotten married by a justice of the peace while at their wedding the justice come over to us to say if we we're in need of being married he would be more then happy to do it.At that time Vic and I decided we we're not the type of people who wanted to be married in that way,Besides I told Vic if we decide to get married it will be before God and everyone.
Now with the decision of being married made we needed to figure out who would marry us.Although I was Catholic at the time I was not in good standing with them,I was never divorced from my first husband through the church and Vic and I had been living together for quit some time.We needed to find a church that would not only marry us but do it before my mother was to sick to attend.
My brother in law Nick told us they had a new priest at St. Michael's he was of Scottish ancestry and spoke English.
We decided to attend church and meet Fr.Peter for our selves and see if he would be willing to marry us.He very kindly said yes but on the condition that we would make every attempt to go to services,which we happily agreed to.
Though it seemed hairy at first getting together the needed documents,my divorce decree which the Putnam court house could not locate and Vic's baptismal certificate which arrived to Fr.Peter on New Years eve,one week before our wedding,All worked out in the end.
After our marriage came more troubling times one month before my mother died my father had a stroke and needed to be in a nursing home.That first lent I spent much time at church services Fr.Peter giving words of encouragement through his sermons.
After my mother's death came my fathers sickness and death and my son being sent to Iraq.I was named executor of my parents estate during a bad economy and with the feeling that losing my mind was always only one small step away I knew father Peter was always there for me.He allowed me to barge into his house at a monents notice to talk with him and help me get myself back on track.
It has been 4 years since I've come to know this wonderful man who has helped me through both my emotional and spiritual problems.He is truly a friend whom my husband and I would do any thing he ask of us.He is a forward thinker and mover and makes me understand that stepping away from your fears is stepping toward God.Thank you Fr.Peter you are truly loved and appreciated more then you will ever know,And happy 5th year aniversary to you.

Jim Morrison

On July 3rd 1971 Jim Morrison,of the band the doors, was found dead in his hotel in Paris,he was 27 years old.
He and his band created such songs as Light My Fire,Riders On The Storm and People Are Strange.He considered himself a poet.
Born the son of a military man he was not one for rules. As a child while driving through the desert with his family he can across a car accident in which several American Indians were killed,he felt that an Indian spirit followed him for the rest of his short life.
He was a hard living,hard drinking drug abuser who was never able to find much peace in his life.He pushed the envelope and paid the price for his odd ways.While in Florida he was found exposing himself on stage.He ran off to Paris,to avoid jail time, where he was found dead in his bath tub.
For all his short comings he was a talented writer and musician who was able to capture his audience.A product of the hippie 60's he was another musician who accidentally ended his life way to early.I guess some people are just not meant to live a long life besides who could see Jim as a 60 year old man.
Well Jim on July 3rd 1971 you truly did get to break on through to the other side,hope your at peace now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

the 4th of july

Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I'll bet many people do not know that the first fire works display for this day of Independence was held in Worcester Mass. in the late 1700's.
Did you know that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson,two signers of the declaration,both died on July 4th only hours after each other and the Declaration was really signed on July 3rd,John Adams was upset for the rest of his life that Independence Day was celebrated on the 4th instead of the 3rd.
Adams felt that on Independence day fireworks,canons and bells should ring out with parades because our Independence was such a wondrous thing to behold.
So what are you doing this 4th to celebrate the greatest country in the world.Vic and I may be spending the day in Boston,we like to sit by the Charles and watch the sail boats go by.Boring? yes but what better place to be then Boston on the 4th.
And although I'm working Sunday,we are going to the Putnam fire works,they are free and quite the sight to see.
I know that these past several years have been a real strain on people.No jobs,high prices and just despair.But believe it or not we've been through worse The great depression, the civil war, world war 1 and 2.We've been through good administrations and bad,good presidents and not so good.
America is the home of the brave the land of the free and don't kid your self many people would give every thing they own just to be an American citizen.
We are a melting pot with diverse opinions and ideas and the most generous people in the world always willing to help those in need.
This weekend have fun,go to a parade,see fireworks,have a bar-b-cue and remember the people who fought for us to have the rights we do and thank them for the blood they shed to make us free.