Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is My Purpose ?

Back in the late 70s and early 80s Every one was looking for purpose and religious truth.People went to check out eastern philosophies and gurus.All in hopes of finding themselves and the reason for being here.
Why are we here? Why do we attend church? seek out God and truth?
I am told there are many atheist in New England it seems the South is having an increase in the Roman Catholics related to the increase of Hispanics while we,up north,are having a decrease.
I was recently looking through a book and the author talked about being raised with no religion.His father was a non practicing catholic who turned his back on his religion when his divorced mother was treated badly by the church, and the writers mother was a christian but promised her husband she would not instill or push her children into religion out of respect for the husbands wishes.
The author said he did not know anything about God or religion until he was 16 and his friend brought him to a baptist play about the passion,when he heard Jesus on the cross say "forgive them they know not what they do"he was hooked.He claimed he always knew their was a higher being he just had no word to describe him or name to call him.
I assume this must be that inner breath or spark that God gave us.We all know there is more to life then just living and dying.If there was not why would we have this drive or inner need to know and seek more? Why would we feel connected to each other if we had no relationship if we were not brother and sisters to each other?
Why are we here is a very large question.After reading The Purpose Driven Life I have come to understand that we are here to serve and worship God.He put us in this moment of time at this exact second because this is where he wants us to be.This is our destiny,this is why we are here and this is exactly where we are meant to be.
We were given certain gifts to use and give back to God in worship.Your gifts and talents are on loan to you and as long as you are on this earth you are expected not only to use them but to multiply them because this is you gift back to God.
There is a song that goes "Give it all back to me,I put you here to tell my story to give me glory so give it all back to me."
So basically we are not here for us but for God and each other.To strengthen our weaknesses and increase in graces.We are here to help each other climb the ladder and glorify our maker.We are the light in a world full of darkness and our mission is to help others relight their own spiritual candles.Jesus said "I must decrease in order for my father to increase".We too are ordered to follow this rule,in the end its not about us its about so much more.

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