Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doing The Right Thing

Doing the right thing is not always the easy thing,but being a Christian puts us in the position of being different,you know..the change in the world.
Several days ago I went to Lowes,in Dayville pick up multiple garden items.While preparing to cash out,it occured to me that the cashier had missed one of my bags of loom. In this position I had two choices,one tell the man or two don't tell him.
A worldly person would say its a small item,and a big company, who would know or care about a $2.00 bag of dirt? But the question here,if you are a Christian,you know the kind riding around with the metal fish on your car bumper,what should be not only the correct choice but the God choice ?
I told the cashier his error,to which he was so shocked he almost forgot how to make change. This man thanked me multiple times for my honesty and several workers came over to ask me if they could assist me with the loading up of my car.
This was the correct thing to do,not because everyone seemed greatful for my honesty but because I did what my own license plate on my car said by"living the faith".
This was an easy situation but doing what is right,is not always easy,it goes against the grain of those around us and can cause irritation in the eyes of the world.
We need to be the change,in all things both big and small.We have to try and live what we say or we are liers,to not only our selves but to Christ him self.
We are never told in the Bible to go with the world and do what everyone else is doing,we are told to be honest and truthful even if it leads to things like prison,or worse.
We need to live what we preach or we are not going to allow people around us to see how different we are.
Say what you mean,mean what you say but always do it in a loving kind way. Don't expext those around you to respect you as a Christian if you try to cut corners and look the other way.