Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Laid Plans

The one thing I know about life is never plan anything and if you do be flexible.
Today is my second day of vacation,as always,I try to plan to do the things I can not normally do,due to my work schedule.
Today was to be my go to the bank,then grocery shopping,home to put everything that was purchased away, work on my Connecticut tax form and update resume,day.
Everything seemed to be going as planned,clothes in the washing machine and dryer,myself in the shower and slips written up to take to the bank to move money from this account to that,in order to buy food.
Jacket on and reusable bags in hand I started for the door when I heard something hit the siding on the house and a giant crash.
Walking outside in the windy weather I saw the tree limb we had been working on several days ago,which has been hanging high up in the neighbors tree since November,almost on the ground with part of my siding hanging from the second story bedroom window.
Not knowing what to about this issue I drove to where my husband was working and had him come home to decide how to best handle this.
With electric chain saw in his hand and a prayer in my heart and mind,we spent the next half hour cutting and hauling wood into the truck.
What a day always expect the unexpected in life and everything will be fine.
Now I'm tired and my taxes and resume are not done,oh well there's always tomorrow,shh, but don't tell anyone or this plan may not work out either.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Should Pay For What ?

It's tough to be a conservative in a country that has,in most respects,become liberal.
I am very much in favor of all people being treated with equal rights and respect,but have come to believe that as Christians we get neither of the above.
To many people live a life of live and let live,but only when it encompasses their lifestyles,feeling that everyone else needs to finance their choices,even those of us who are not in agreement.
Lets take birth control,even though its a personal choice to decide when and where to have sex,we are all made to believe that this is for the benefit of the entire country.
I have been told that free birth control will allow for less children,I tend to think if 90% of people are already using birth control and still having unwanted pregnancies,that maybe free birth control will not help much anyways,since many seem to irresponsible to use it.
We are a very casual society feeling our rights to sleep with whom ever we choose to should be funded by the rest of the country.
If a law student spends $3,000.00 from freshmen year to graduation year on birth control,I have to ask my self when would said student have time to study to become a lawyer anyways?
I also have to ask if birth control is to be free,why is not also my blood pressure medication or my friends $400.00 a month insulin,is this any less important?
If the government decides that no one has to pay for any medications,then who will pay for it all? you? me?
I know how about all those rich people,who by the way do not have to be rich in this country,they could all move to a country where they pay less for everything,cause lets face it if your rich enough to live in this country just imagine how much better you could live in say Macedonia.
We can not have everything we want just simply because we want it and if you think giving free things to people will make them responsible users,your sadly mistaken.
This country is trying to run over the rights of the Religious in order to give to those who have little moral fiber to begin with.
I understand that we live in a fallen world but when our own representatives sitting in the Senate feel that the rights of the religious are below the rights of the rest of the country,then we have bigger problems on our hands then simple free contraceptives.
I recently say a show on Stalin and one of the first things he touted was rounding up the rich,taking all their money and property and distributing it to the poor,of course these rich people were sent off to prison but that's another story.
The one thing I can tell you about communism is the leaders always make off better then the little people do,some how the money and property ends up in their pockets and they lead a very nice life style.
Making a common enemy out of certain groups of people is always the way these people work,they make you think we are all equal in everything and those we do not need or like,are gotten rid of.
Stalin had the rich,Hitler had the Jews and undesirables.
In this country we are entitled to the pursuit of happiness but we are not guaranteed to be given it by the government.