Wednesday, October 1, 2008

our dog christi

my husband and i have a lovely Labrador retriever named Christi, she is 9 years old and has high strung now has she was the day we gother.sometimes i feel very sad for her because this is a dog who loves children and we have none for her to play with.once in awhile my neighbors daughter will come over to talk to her and pet her and she just melts from the attention.
we also do not spend has much time with her outside in the woods has she would like. she loves to chase the ducks on the river at the park in our town and is never able to catch one.but you have to give her credit for not giving up I'm sure in
her mind she feels someday she'll catch one,what she'd do with I'm not sure she knows.
several times I've tried to teach her to bring the news paper in to the house which she is not interested in. i bring her out with me try to put the paper in her
mouth, she looks up at me drops it on the ground and runs around the yard( between you and me I'm not all that thrilled about bringing the paper in myself so i don't push the point with her).
she is the mostloving,needy,sweetest tempered dog we have ever owned.she ask nothing
in return except be loved.i can relate to this many is the day when all i want to do is come home and be hugged,i guess in the end she and i are alot alike has the Beatles said in their song " all we need is love".

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