Monday, October 6, 2008

sinking feeling on monday

last night i awoke with a sinking feeling, its never a good thing when i get that feeling because i know its going to be a heck of a day at work and true to form it never ceases to amaze me how the big problems happen within the first hour i get there. this morning it was a patient who needed to be sent out to the hospital. needless to say this set me back almost an hour so my work day really did not start
until 9am.then the day just continued on this pattern and the worst part of it all the nurses were running like crazy.the phones were ringing one of the doctors came in and spent at least 4 hours on the floor checking on her patents and writing orders ( i like this doctor but she gets diarrhea of the pen)next to her sat her nurse practitioner who was also busy writing orders, we had one admission and one patient was going home later in the day.any minor complaints had to be put to the side and done at the end of my day along with all the notes i have to write. the lab come in to draw blood, the xray company came in to do an xray.
but by 4:20 i was out of there. i decided it was a good night for sloppy Joe's, i haven't made them in over a year and all morning long that's all i could think about,while i was sitting starting to enjoy my sandwich the phone rang, it was work i decided I'd better pick it up in case i forgot to sign something or misposted an order.after saying hello the nurse on the other end said "we have a call out for your floor your shift tomorrow do you want to come in?" i laughed and said no thank you i have plans.some days just never stop.

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