Friday, October 10, 2008

adult education last night

last night my husband and i attended an adult education class at our church,St. Michael in South bridge, Fr. Peter decided it would be good to get together and speak about what our church feels about the issues of the coming elections, how we has
orthodox Christians should view both parties and make an informed decision regarding our belief has Christians. we did not speak about candidates or their views but rather the views of the church fathers.
at this time our orthodox bishops have not come forward to make these views know so Fr. read off of the views of the catholic bishops whom we accept and follow in most points of view. we spoke alot about illegal aliens and how the church views our christian position. many people seemed angry that these aliens are allowed to live in this country and receive the same if not better rights like health care,homes and jobs.
i work with many people who are legal from other countries, i used to become and still do at times,feel this anger but the more i listen to these immigrants stories about how wonderful and how bad it was for them back home the more i realize that these are all people struggling to get by with much less then i have.i have been blessed with a house a good paying job, food and heat.(yes i also worked hard for these things they were not handed to me)their are many people who work multiple jobs for little pay and little respect. i do not beleave we should open this country up to every one nor do i believe that we need any more illegal people living off the system but i do believe that the candidates running for office need to take the time to address these issues even if they only say when i get in office i will address these problems.
both candidates right now are afraid to say anything that will hurt their chances to get in.personally i would like to hear some straight talk if you want to be the leader of this country then act like a leader not like a follower.
the day i vote i will walk in vote and what ever happens the next day happens.It may not be the person i pick who gets in but i hope who ever gets in will be a leader and stand up for something.

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