Friday, October 3, 2008

st.francis of assisi

October 4Th is St. Francis of Assisi feast day. i have been an admirer of him since i was 14 years old. to me this is a person who got religion right.Francis came from a very wealthy family his father was a cloth merchant. Francis tried several time to become a soldier and fight during the crusades but first he was captured then later became very ill. he was a lover of the earth, animals,nature, music and the day while walking he came across a church that was in ruins while in the church looking at the cross hanging on the wall he heard the voice of God tell him to go rebuild his church.Francis took this literally and sold some of his fathers expense material to by bricks, his father became angry and demanded his material back.Francis stripped and gave his father the clothing on his back. the priest in the near by church brought him a workers' tunic which was to become his habit.Francis was sickened by the sight of lepers and one day God moved him to hug a leper,he said he felt sick but once he kissed the man he knew he had to leave the material world and help others.francis loved all people was patient, kind and always tried to help his fellow men. he believed that all material things are on loan to us and should be passed on to those in need. he loved the holy family so much that he wanted to see
what Christmas evening must have been like by having the villagers do a live nativity.he loved birds and once did a service for them. he could never stand to see a lamb taken to slaughter and would go out of his way to buy and find a good home for lambs that were being brought to market.Francis believed in prayer through out the day, begged for the things he needed and tried to own nothing. its said he was the first saint to be given the stigmata.he started the poor Clair's for women who became cloistered and felt that not every one could be celibate so he started the third order for lay people.St.Francis died when he was about 42 he was very ill from possible diabetes and he asked to be laid naked on the floor to die so he could die has Christ did owning nothing one of his friars loaned him his tunic and ordered Francis to put it on since it was given by loan it was not personal ownership on his part.Francis left the Franciscan order which to this day is still a humanitarian order.

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