Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tiger and Milo

we have two cats at our house Tiger and Milo. Tiger is probably about 12 years old, grey in color with black stripes. he showed up on our door step half starved and every morning my husband would feed him then one day he walked into the house like he owned the place we had him fixed and he's been ours ever since.
the first time i brought him to the vets' office the receptionist asked me what his name was. up until this time we just called him kitty or cat so i opened my mouth and out came Tiger and that's been his name ever since.
i do love Tiger he is my favorite he is truly a Garfield kitty his only aim in life is to eat and sleep.he demands that his two small food bowels be kept full at all times or he will sit between the kitchen and parlor look at you and meow if this does not work he will keep taking steps forward and meow until he is in your face,he does not give up easily.the thought of physical activity or catching a mouse is a real turn off for him and he just absolutely refuses to think about such things.
on my days off after my husband gets up Tiger comes and lays with me while i read my bible and pray, all he needs is several pats on the head and he lays near me
until i get up go down stairs and -feed him of course.
Milo was my sons cat,when he decided to join the army, full time he was going to put him in a shelter
i could not let this happen so i told my son to bring him to first i did not like him he was small, scrawny and not very lovable but with time i seem to like him more.Milo is very independent, bossy and scared of most noises. he has what i call cattitude
he walks with his head and tail in the air and thinks he is quite important.he does not get along with any cat in the neighborhood and i guess being so runty he has a Napoleonic complex.
Milo does have one friend who he enjoys spending time with and that is a white resin statue of an angora cat that sits on my bench near the bird feeder and bath. Milo is very smitten with this little blue eyed vixen and they sit together for hours watching the birds fly by.I'm afraid Milo is in for heartache soon because with winter coming it will soon be time to put the bird bath and miss kitty in the cellar. alas amore has Shakespeare so eloquently put it "it is better to haved loved and losted then never to have loved at all."
but don't feel to sad because come spring when the bird bath goes back out I'm sure Milo will be pleasantly surprised by what will be sitting on the bench near the bird feeder waiting for him. isn't love just wonderful

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