Friday, October 31, 2008


today is Halloween and I've just added the finishing touches to the "Bone Yard" in front of the house,complete with yellow caution tape some small flying witches, pumpkins and skeletons. why you ask am i going through all this? first because we are Halloween people in this house,second because the kids like it and third because the dog thinks this is her private bathroom and try has we do to keep it clean you
just never see last but not least we're trying to stay on good terms with the parents of the ghost and ghouls.
my husband likes Halloween its one of his favorite holidays.we all remember being
children and trick or treating and maybe getting into a little trouble but it was all in good fun and everyone needs to blow some steam off every now and then.
when i was in catholic school the nuns did not think very highly of this holiday they wanted you to go to church at night, it was all souls day you know, and if you were to dress up to wear things that did not cojure up the demons.personally i say let kids be kids but it doesn't hurt if you do push them away from the really creepy costumes after all their only kids.
now that my son is an adult i in all honesty can say i like being home rather then dragging a bunch of kids out in the dark cold weather,its nice to be the one handing out the candy rather then worring about getting run down by passing cars.
So happy Halloween to all and watch out for the black cats and scary noises.boooo....

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Laura said...

Linda, it sounds like a cute display. I have a little house setup on a table, it looks orangie. and I light it when Nate come over. It has many windows and he likes to look inside. Sort of like the Christmas scenes we all enjoy. On the side, we have a candle shaped like a ghost holding a little pumpkin, and two orange wax candle pumpkins on the side. A cute little stuffed scarecrow sits on the bookcase. Nate does not like scary things, another thing we have in common. As you get older, it gives you pause especially the reality of it. "Maybe all souls day service is a good idea." Who should know better than those who are spiritual? Have fun with the kids, tonight.