Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the sky is not falling

the sky is falling! the sky is falling! well that's what the market and the media wanted us to all believe but you know i woke up this morning and not only was the sky still there but the sun was shining. I'm a believer in capitalism and to me if a company is to big to fail then maybe they need to hire people who can foresee problems so they don't fail.I'm proud of the politicians who stood up and did what the people wanted and said "no". unfortunately I'm from Conn. and my senator is Chris Dodd the head of the financial board. i was listening to sen.kerry from mass. he was very angry and tried to make the republicans who voted against this bill look like they did it because of negative remarks make by the speaker of the house. i though how arrogant is this man and how little is he listening to the people who put him in office. i remember some one once telling me that politicians need to remember they are appointed not anointed. this is something every politician needs to put on his desk. we are not below these people and we the people put them in office and we can take them out if need be.

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